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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hello Again, All! We finally met with the doctor to go over the biopsy results. They are all negative! No Celiac. Great news. She still struggles with diarrhea, but has started to gain some weight. The plan right now is to get her weight and measurements every 2 months and keep track of the growth chart. In 6 months we may do some allergy testing. Otherwise, they believe we may just be dealing with an immature digestive system. I've gotta say, I'm still skeptical. But I'm trying to take it all in as good news and move forward with cautious optimism.
  2. We are 3 days away from the scope. I'm so nervous. We had some blood work done last week and there were some abnormalities. After about a day and a half of a lot of anxiety, I've chosen to just believe that those abnormalities are due to the Celiac that we'll be getting positive diagnosis on after the scope and that a gluten-free diet will take care of them. That's all I can do for now. Poor Baby Girl has had a bad 5.5 weeks on this regular diet. There have been days of no bowel movements and days of 8-9. Most days its 4-5 mushy poops and red bottom. If this is somehow not Celiac Disease, I sure hope they can find an answer quickly. Please send positive thoughts our way as we prepare to put her under on Friday. I dread it, but am confident it's the right step for her.
  3. She doesn't go to daycare. We have pretty good control over what she eats. We're just still figuring it out. The first few days to a week she had a really red bottom, but it has cleared up. Her stool has still been pretty loose, but it's firming up. It's giving me some hope that maybe it's not celiac disease after all. Of course we need to be sure, since it's a serious thing. She loved the gingerbread (we all did). I'll keep y'all posted. The scope is at the end of Jan. Can't get here and gone fast enough for me.
  4. As you all suspected, we are back on a regular diet for the next 6 weeks in preparation for endoscopy at the end of January. Bless this baby's heart. This is the part of being a mother that is really stressful. She's loving the food, but I can see that she's uncomfortable. And all to take the food away again. I know it's the right thing to do, but I sure do hate it. On top of it all, our house has had a stomach bug and now the kids have a pretty bad cold - maybe croup. I'm going to try to look on the bright side. At least she can enjoy our family tradition of gingerbread cookies this year for Christmas.
  5. Thank you all. We are going to Ped Gastro tomorrow, so we'll see what he/she says. We have been off of the gluten for over 2 mo. When I called the office, they said go ahead and keep her off until after the appointment. I'm gathering from your input that I may end up having to put her back on it to do the endoscopy. I so dread that. I hate to do it to her - the diet and the scope, but I do understand your point about needing a formal DX. I have never heard of EE. Thanks for bringing that up. I'm going to put it on my list of questions for tomorrow. Really, I truly appreciate y'all taking a few minutes of your time to share with me. You've been extremely helpful. I'll try to get back and update after tomorrow's appointment.
  6. My 16 month old daughter went in to the pediatrician 2 months ago with an unrelated cough. He saw that she was off of her growth curve - hadn't gained an ounce since her 12 month well-child. We mentioned she'd had diarrhea for a few days and I was concerned she might have a food allergy, as her bottom was really red. He suspected celiac disease, so he ran a panel. In the meantime, we went gluten free. Diarrhea cleared up. We were told she has a mutated gene that indicates celiac disease. Other tests were negative, but could have been negated by low IgA counts. (I hope I'm recounting all of this correctly) Anyway, we are going to the pediatric gastro next week to - I assume - work on a definitive diagnosis. In the meantime, we are assuming we are dealing with celiac disease and have been gluten-free for 2 months now. Well, for the most part! There's been quite a learning curve. We didn't realize how much of a big deal cross contamination could be and we weren't being as attentive as we should have been in the beginning. I think we're doing a pretty good job now. The problem is that she's only 16 mo. and she can't tell us when she gets sick or understand what she should stay away from. So, we're still dealing with diarrhea and diaper rash. I say "rash", but it's really more than that. Her bottom will be fine, then she'll have a really bad poop and it will be immediately bright red, she will cry, it's leaving her in a lot of pain. Has anyone else had this experience? Are we still just healing? Or should I be looking for even more hidden gluten? I swear, I've combed these boards and others to learn how to do this and I think I'm being as vigilant as possible, but I guess there could still be something I'm missing.