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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. After Celiac Diagnoses - Were You Angry?

    Thank you! I have physical and psychiatric symptoms from it. The psych symptoms I've struggled with my entire adult life have never felt better than they have since I cut out gluten, and my doctor just took me off of my antipsychotics for the first time since senior year of high school. I feel better than ever. The physical symptoms are clearing up too, but my darn hair is still falling out. Fortunately it's super thick, so it's not totally noticeable. It did make me crazy when I had a bald spot on the front of my head! That is gone now. Yay! I am still temper tantrumming about the gluten, but it gets better all the time. Wanted to throw a fit last night after a crappy McDonald's employee threatened to violate my food, but today I am eating delicious Panera gluten-free soup and enjoying my day. I made rice noodles the other day with red sauce, and there was almost no difference! (re: italian)
  2. So Ticked Off.

    I'm wary of fast food too, but when it's 12:30 in the morning, I'm starving and there's no food I can eat in the fridge, it's a last resort. I need to get some chicken breasts and cook them and some good dipping sauce, and just keep them in the fridge for reheating! (I love chicken! I could not survive as a celiac vegetarian. So much respect for those who do.)
  3. Oh Good Lord, My Girlfriend's Mother.

    That is true, and I totally acknowledge that it could be worse! I had a very close friend behave that way when I was dairy free (thought that was the problem). I came over for a sleepover and she was like "We're ordering pizza tonight." I replied "I can't eat that." "How is that my problem?"
  4. So Ticked Off.

    Around Passover, go to your local grocery store and look for 2 liter bottles of Coke with *yellow* caps. They are kosher for Passover, which means no corn! They are made with real sugar! (And oh, so delicious)
  5. Just Diagnosed. Kind Of In Denial About It.

    Thank you! I was wondering what I was going to do.
  6. My girlfriend's mother is easily one of the most insufferable people I have ever met. She is adding onto that currently after having found out I have Celiac. A recent conversation had her telling me that she now thinks she has a gluten sensitivity, because she just doesn't feel right when she eats rye. I pointed out that she eats gluten every day (a pita pizza, this woman eats the same foods 3 times a day. Oats with milk, curry with rice, and a pita pizza, followed by more oats), in amounts that would make me sick. She shut up. Next day, her daughter, my girlfriend, goes to eat some Doritos. "No! Don't eat those, they have gluten and I think you have a gluten sensitivity!" Her dad piped up that they are made of corn. Sheesh! I can't wait to see what she says when I bring my own food to Christmas at their house.
  7. So Ticked Off.

    The fries were good with ranch. I'm sorry you can't drink soda! If someone took away my Coke I'd cry.
  8. Just Diagnosed. Kind Of In Denial About It.

    Oh no, Advil has gluten?! I get horrible migraines (so badly that I'm on antiepileptic medication for them) and the occasional one leaks through. Only cure is 3 Advil and 3 Excedrin. Say it ain't so.
  9. So Ticked Off.

    I was super hungry and the only place open in town is McDonald's. So, off I went. I ordered a grilled chicken club, no bread, fries (which I can usually eat) and a Coke. I get my order, and check it. Crispy chicken. I politely say "I'm sorry, I ordered grilled and this is crispy, I can't eat it." The manager takes it and goes back to the cook, relaying what I said. I can hear everything they're saying through the window. After a minute, the cook goes: "Can I lick it? I bet you she'll still eat it." I told the manager when she returned that I could hear everything they said and that I didn't appreciate it. She gave some crap apology and told me there was no higher up manager during the day to report it to. I don't even want my food now. This is so stupid, and it's not my darn fault I can't eat your stupid crispy chicken. Freaking gluten.
  10. Jewish Holiday Food!

    The six year old girl I work with LOVES Passover because she gets matzoh with butter for weeks! Her mom buys a ton of it and the kids snack on it all the time, especially Sadie. I thought she was just making it her own, I didn't know other people did it too!
  11. Is Bleeding A Thing?

    My tenth grade English teacher proudly told us of a horrible nosebleed she had as a preteen and going to the hospital and having a tampon pulled up through her throat and into her nasal passage. You're SO not the only one! If it fits and it's absorbent and sterile, it's been used!
  12. Does anyone have any experience finding quality gluten-free matzoh? Everything I could possibly worry about is popping into my head, being a newbie Celiac, and one thing is that this spring will be my first Passover sans gluten. Has anyone had good luck with that in the past, and can give me ideas for the future so I can stop worrying about that one miniscule thing, and proceed to worrying about the thirty other things? Thank you! -B
  13. Could This Be Dh?

    I am now off gluten again and have been for a week. No new bumps in the last week, hooray!
  14. Could This Be Dh?

    So, I had acne as a teenager, I am now 24 and my skin finally cleared up sometime last year. Around the time I started seriously reacting to gluten, the underside of my chin and my throat started ERUPTING in these big, angry red bumps, all over. http://www.flickr.com/photos/62124774@N00/11265655705/ They started to die out when I was faithfully gluten-free, but then I went into denial and binged on gluten for two weeks and now they are back. Are they a form of DH? Thanks. -B
  15. Dominos!

    This makes sense. I got horribly glutened twice with Domino's gluten free pizza crust. Good to know why. Also the pizza was annoyingly tiny.