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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Does anyone else out there ever think that maybe this is going to eventually kill them even though they are gluten free? I personally am always just expecting the day to come when I find out that yes I do have cancer. I'm only 31 but my mother died of breast cancer when she was 42 (too young) and we have a long list of illness's in my family. All of which I am sure stemmed from celiacs. Too be perfectly honest, even though the gluten free diet is supposed to reverse all the problems, I really don't think I feel as well as the people around me do who don't have gluten intolerance. I never seem to have their healthy glow (unless I use the tanning salon...lol) In fact, looking back, I don't think I ever looked very well. I wonder if this is going to shorten our lives even on the diet. Any thoughts??
  3. Anyone From Toronto Canada

    A support group would be fantastic. I'm in Toronto. Is anyone else nearby??
  4. If you access the Enterolab website you will see that 6 months gluten-free is definately not too late to test for intolerance. In regards to the controversy of using Enterolab, the post I put on today mentions their position on the previous 'wary' thread. Personally I think Dr. Fine is a pioneer in gluten intolerance, and as all the medical pioneers before him experienced he is going to encounter resistance to his ideas. I believe he gives accurate results, (I was diagnosed with gluten intolerance before I went through Enterolab and his results certainly gave me a whole lot more info than my regular doctor). Dr. Fines tests also showed that I have a reaction to casein, which in my case turns out to be quite important because I sometimes feel worse after ingesting casein than gluten! But its a personal choice as to how much testing you need in order to feel okay about not eating gluten anymore. My sister has Crohns (and almost undoubtledly Celiacs), yet she tells her doctors not to test for Celiacs because she just couldn't stand to eat food without gluten. Thats her choice. I choose, or at least I'm trying, to be gluten free and healthy again. So doctor or no doctor I say, do whatever makes you feel better!!
  5. I emailed the thread 'wary of Dr Fine' Phyliss at Enterolab as she has always been interested in what people have had to say. I thought all those involved in that thread might be interested in her response. Dear Alana, Thank you so much for this information. I read it from top to bottom. Though I would love to provide my own response to many questions on that message board, I feel it would be unethical of me to do so (kind of like ambulance chasing). However, if you are supportive of Dr. Fine's research and testing methods and would like to direct visitors of that message board to my email address with questions, I would be more than happy to answer them. My direct email is <enterolab@earthlink.net>. This is the same address that is accessed from our web site. You may even give out our phone number if you wish, which is 972-686-6869. Incidentally, Dr. Fine is extremely spiritual in every aspect of his life. He began singing in his synagogue when he was younger, then directed his musical talents to uplifting messages of hope and thanks in his two previous CDs (hence, the Kenny Jude name). More recently, he has recorded 3 new CDs to help launch a new program called "Get On a Mission of Nutrition" aimed at improving nutrition and the overall health in children. Because of this and other ventures to further improve society's health, he has not written for the peer review journals until now. He plans on publishing EnteroLab's findings early in 2006, which will be a wonderful accomplishment. Since I came to the lab full time, after leaving a good position as the RN to a certified allergist/immunologist at Baylor, I have increased the accessibility of the lab to patients and physicians both by phone and email. Because we are operating under the umbrella of the Intestinal Health Institute, a non profit organization for Dr. Fine's research and education, we try to keep our operating costs down and do not have a large staff. We do work hard, however, to answer all the calls we can and return messages as soon as possible. Also, many people do not know that EnteroLab's proceeds are donated back to the Intestinal Health Institute to help fund more research, education, and programs. We are definitely not in it for the money! I'm sorry if this sounds like a lecture, but we are all very proud of Dr. Fine's work and the work that EnteroLab does for patients who have been searching for answers for years only to be ignored by their physicians. We pray that more physicians will soon see the value and practicality of EnteroLab's tests so that more people can be helped earlier in the manifestation of the disease process. Thank you, again, for providing me with this information. Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance to you. Most sincerely, Phyllis Zermeno, RN, BSN Clinical Manager, EnteroLab http://www.enterolab.com
  6. Wary...

    Well in Australia my blood tests were considered enough for my doctor to tell me to stop eating gluten. Why is America being so anal about having the endoscopy???
  7. Wary...

    I think this was probably the main reason for me to use Enterolab too. That and the fact that I just didn't want to deal with any more doctors in person. I do still wonder sometimes about Dr. Fines tests, mostly if they might be disproven oneday, however I prefer to see myself as one of the pioneers willing to try something new in order to help things change...and boy do they need changing! I mean, I wonder how much fuss would be made if people with undiagnosed heart disease were told to come back for tests only when their heart had actually stopped. I'd suspect a whole lot'a fuss! Celiacs need to make just as big a fuss so that these tests can become main stream and not so suspicious.
  8. Wary...

    Just imagine for a second that Dr Fine is not kosher, and that he doesn't exist, and that we all sent our poop off to some non-existent address while he partied in Tahiti with our money. I seriously thought about this after my positive results. I mean, its not like any of us have ever met him in person...or maybe ever will. The worst thing was when I realised I had mentioned in my questionaire that I had in fact been positively diagnosed with gluten sensitivity via bloodwork. Was this why I had been found positive?? I DOUBT IT!! I don't think I need to meet Dr Fine in person to know he is doing amazing things. Plus, if you are going to run a scam involving making money out of medical conditions, why ask people to send their poop? Of all the things a person could do as a scam, this seems the most revolting and unlikely. Plus, if you email Enterolab you can get a pretty rapid and informative response from Phyllis, and info sent to you in the mail, although it is disconcerting that the phone is very rarely answered. I'm guessing this is because it just goes directly to the lab. And I agree the CDs that Dr Fine is seen selling online are pretty strange for a specialist, however I just think he is passionate. All though, if you are reading this Dr Fine, some input from you would be helpful about now,
  9. Thanks George, I'm going to check it out now.
  10. I hear you on that one. NZ is so much quieter than Toronto and you can even park two cars outside your house if you want to! Plus there are trees and clean air, something definately lacking in Toronto. But I do like the big cities. Although you would think the bigger the city the more clued on they would be about something like celiacs, yet nope, they were actually worse. It was a small town Australian doctor who took the blood tests. Oh well, at least with this forum I am finally getting some answers to the things that have been bugging me for months. Thanks for all your help with this.
  11. Constant Fatigue - leading to anxiety as I have the feeling that I'm about to faint. Feeling light headed and dizzy - almost feeling detached from reality Very painful and sensitive teeth - although got all clear from dentist Seem to catch any bug that goes round and takes me ages to recover Pale sickly complexion with dark rings round eyes Weight loss (160lbs -> 120lbs) Explosive unformed BMs every day - usually once a day but sometimes more which cause a layer of film on the surface of the water. No abdominal pains and no immediate effect after eating any food. I have had every single one of these symptoms, especially the anxiety, and like you I am new to this forum. I got a positive result for gluten sensitivity via blood tests but I ended up getting my final results through Enterolab as I had pretty much had a gutful (literally) of doctors by then. I even have the teeth thing, which has just resulted in yet another root canal!! As for the pale face, dark eyes, yep, I have endless photos of me just like that before I went gluten-free. It turned out my lack of B12 was causing me to look like that. I am thinking of throwing them away now that I feel better, but I guess they are a good reminder. (I still cheat occasionally with the diet so they are there to remind why I must stay on it!) This forum looks to be what is going to get me through this, and hopefully it will help you too.
  12. It is so good you are doing well now too. I didn't even bother to weigh myself at the end there as I pretty much looked like a walking pencil. At 5'9" I really couldn't afford to lose the weight to start with. I am now however a healthy weight again and have actually gone back to study fulltime Interior Design at the ripe old age of 31! The way I figure it I'm still the age I was when I first got sick (27) so I'm living those lost years now. Its insane though isn't it, that doctors let things get this bad before they check the most obvious causes first. I thought the saying was 'first do no harm'. When in fact all they did to me, and by the sound of it you too, was cause harm. You were so lucky with your psychiatrist though, she sounds really clued on. When I think about it though I did have one therapist who mentioned I might be having a possible reaction to caffeine, which is definately more than any of my doctors thought about. Thank goodness for Dr Fine! By the way, my husband is bugging me to find out if you live anywhere near San Francisco. He is obsessed with the place and wants us to move there oneday. After having lived in New Zealand, Australia, England, back to Australia and now Canada whats one more stop!! Hey, maybe they have decent doctors. I have no idea of any in Toronto thats for sure.
  13. Thanks for your help Rachel and George. Yes I did have the antibody and tTg tests and they were positive. No malabsorption though. Its strange hearing you mention what you went through before you were diagnosed, I went through pretty much the same things. Anxiety, feeling terrible, not able to work. My doctors kept telling me it was all in my head and sending me to endless therapists. Each time I'd tell them I really didn't feel well and that I wasn't making it up they'd put me on another anti-depressant. I became so sick at one point that I actually looked dead! My father flew over from NZ (where I grew up) and was absolutely horrified. However they managed to convince him that I was just having some kind of breakdown and that maybe I needed drug rehab....for the drugs they put me on!!!!!. My husband however was more skeptical and really did wonder if they knew what they were doing. I mean, I was on so many drugs I don't think I ate anymore, just popped pills. So after taking zoloft, effexor, ciprimil, paxil, lexapro, lorazepam, valium, prozac, buspar, zantac and two others I can't even remember, the doctor asked if I wanted to try Xanax as well and my husband went nuts. He phoned the doctor and blew up at him. I think we were both just so fed up. In the end it was my ridiculously low B12 that triggered a fluke blood test that showed up the gluten sensitivity. However its not until reading other peoples experiences that I realise there was a connection between my anxiety etc and eating gluten. (I don't have anxiety anymore which is wonderful) however I'm still skeptical, probably because they practically beat it into me that it was all in my head. I still get pretty angry at the 3 years I lost, but I guess its just not worth it.
  14. Thanks for replying Rachel. I didn't realise there were different levels of gluten intolerance, and I am actually quite glad I have this milder version! I had been worried about intestinal damage as I have to admit I'm not exactly the strictest gluten free eater...(pizza pizza gets me everytime) however I am working on changing this bad habit as it always looks so damn good in the box, yet feels absolutely horrible 20 mins later!! I did have all the tests done (stool, casein etc) with Enterolab and they came back positive for gluten/casien sensitivity, and before that I had blood tests in Australia (where I'm from originally) to see why my B12 was so low (plus I suffered unexplainable anxiety) and it was a fluke I tested positive for gluten intolerance. My doctor told me not to eat gluten anymore, (she was really quite casual about it) but I guess once I realised what that actually meant I went into denial and needed more convincing, which is where Enterolab came in. So now I guess I'm back trying to find more reasons not be gluten sensitive. You have to give me credit for trying!! This forum is great though, I have had absolutely no support or info since being diagnosed and my current doctor here in Toronto told my pharmacist I was 'glucose' intolerant. So my last antibiotics made me horribly sick until I spoke to the pharmacist and he was pretty surprised. The tablets I were on were full of gluten! So its been a daily trial.
  15. I am brand new to this website so if I mess it up I apologise! I noticed quite a few people on this site have used Enterolab before and wondered if anyone else had had the gene tests done. I did and I am totally confused as to what they mean!! My results were; Molecular analysis: HLA-DQB1 0603, 0301 Serologic equivalent: HLA-DQ 1,3 (subtype 6,7) 'HLA gene analysis reveals that you have a genotype that predisposes to gluten sensitivity (HLA-DQ1,3 especially that involving DQB1 0301)' At first glance they seem to mean I am predisposed to gluten sensitivity, yet I was looking on the internet and if you don't have the gene type HLA-DQ2 you can't actually get celiacs....ever!! Does this mean I am actually immune to it?? If so, how can I be sensitive to gluten?? Maybe this website I was reading, which I can't even find now but was written by a bunch of specialist doctors, was rubbish. I am very confused, I hope someone out there has more knowledge on this!!