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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Our Catholic Church is putting on its first St. Joseph Italian Festival and I was wondering if anyone had a gluten-free recipe to make the St. Joseph's Sfinge (its a cream puff filled with ricotta and topped with red cherries and glazed orange slices) but any other recipe would be appreciated. I would like to have some for myself (so I have a desert to eat) at the Festival. It would really be appreciated!!
  2. I have been Gluten Free since 2002 (I try). I am allergic or have a reaction to a lot of medications. The big one is Blood Pressure. I was at the Doctor's (surgeon) yesterday for an hernia and my blood pressure was high and worried I would have a stroke. Several months ago, I stopped taking my blood pressure and my s went normal and stomach stopped hurting. I take Diltiazem 24HR ER. I broke out from it last night after going back on it. My husband said take it. It is better to itch then have a "stroke". Does anyone take a blood pressure medication that they do not have a reaction to and if so what do you take. I am desperate and need help my family doctor is really no help and tells me to look on line.
  3. Several year ago I started having severe chest pains in the middle of my chest (has been confirmed not a heart issue). A doctor told me it was called nutcracker esophageal. Just lately I have been having them more frequent. I was diagnosed a celiac 10 years ago at age 54 but just recently I had an endoscopy and found that my villi is flat again. My husband and I couldn't believe it!!! I did some research work and discovered it was my blood pressure meds. I was wondering if anyone has run into this problem and what did you do? Thanks for the help....
  4. I found that Turkey Hill Natural, Perry lists if it is gluten-free on the label and Wegman's Brand. Also, there is a nice ice cream maker on the market that is very easy to use called Hamilton Beech 1/2 pint ice cream maker. This way there is no worry about what is in your ice creams because you make it yourself. They can be found at Target and Walmart. Hope this helps you.
  5. I have been a diagnosed Celiac for 10 years but the last year or two I have been having stomach issues even to the point that my celiac is not healing. Yes, I have been on a strick diet. After just recently going through lots of tests (CT Scan and Endoscopy)my doctor could not figure out my problem soooo, I did my own research only to find out it was a blood pressure medication (which I don't take and feel better). Anyway, I just called my Congressman Tom Marino of the 10th Distric of PA and found out about this Bill HR4972. Right now, it is sitting in Committee and I asked for Mr. Marino to see what he could do about pushing it along. I think if we all get together and call our Congressmen that it would help a great deal. Just google your Congressman's name and call the office. I don't think they realize how many of us have this terrible disease. Also, I would like to thank Rep. Tom Ryan of Ohio for introducing the Bill. We need to stay on top of this Bill because we don't went it to die in the Committee. So lets get to work!! Thank you!