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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Has anyone had any issues with the Wings To Go franchise? I have tried contacting them through email and facebook and cannot get a response about gluten-free food there. I have heard that they have certain foods that are gluten-free, but do not know this as a fact. Just curious if anyone else has dealt with them. Thanks
  2. Im sure the doc will do blood work when I see him. Is there a certain test I should ask for? @bartfull, I am short of breath but not weak. I've been trying to eat iron rich foods. Thanks for all of y'alls advice. I use to take glutamine when I was working out all the time. I'm gonna buy some today and try it. I didn't know the gut benefits of our until recent.
  3. I'm not sure what the 6 referenced. The urgent care doc said I needed to leave then and go to er and get blood, but I didn't. I wanted to go to a celiac dr. first. Nothing against urgent care doc's, but he didn't know anything bout celiac. I tried to tell him anemia is related to celiac and he kept telling me no. I tried to explain, but no good. He kept telling me I need a colonoscopy bc I'm losing blood. I have thought bout a food journal so I could track what I eat better. I've got ther paperwork at home. How do I know the diff between ferritin and hemoglobin if I look for it?
  4. Thanks. Yeah it seems like when I get my gut in order I'll eat something and have to start over. I will look into the IgG.
  5. Over this past month I have been gluten and my gut has been damaged pretty good. Went to the Dr. to see if there was possibly an infection and he couldn't find one, but did find out that I am now anemic. He told me my number was a 6. Now this was a urgent care Dr. bc no one else could get me in. I have an appointment with my family Dr. next week to get the anemia fixed. I need to see my gastro doc, but I cannot get in until a month. Anyway back to my question...lol My stomach was constantly hurting for about a week and has slowly quit hurting bc I have been trying to eat a liquid diet. What are some things that I can eat that will allow my gut to heal? I know I have eaten things that are gluten free, but must be hard to digest bc I would hurt pretty good after eating those. I have cut out my lactose and been eating lightly. Seems like when I think something would be easy on my stomach I will eat it and then start cramping later. Anyone have any good suggestions as to what to try? I am also taking probiotic and fish oil. I have some digest gold pills, but do not take these all the time. I have been searching the internet, but I keep finding so much conflicting info. I thought I might better response from you guys since I know you live with it too.
  6. Stomach Pains

    I don't believe it is a bug. I ate something Saturday nite that got contaminated. It started out as lite bloating and then turned into this pain. I can chew pepto and get a little relief, but it comes back. Take nexium and nothing. The chills were just for a few hours and left. Just never hurt like this before. I figured I damaged myself pretty good.
  7. I've been dealing with celiac's for about 2yrs now. Starting Sat. night my stomach has been hurting. Sharp pains all over. I've never had this type of issue before, it has always been bloating issues. I noticed last night that I had chills so I was thinking maybe an infection is there. Has anyone else dealt with this before? Should I go to the dr or will it clear up its self? I've been trying to eat kinda light. This morning about 2 they were real sharp pains. Thanks
  8. Celiac Study

    Did you get to try any of the meds?
  9. I was wondering if any of you have ever tried the trial study through this website celiactionstudy.com? I started it and have pre-qualified and a local Dr. has already called and wanted me to come in to further examine me and finish qualifying me. Like most trials you have the real meds and the placebo. I was just curious if anyone tried it and glad they did or was it a big mistake. It's been a couple of weeks since they called and I haven't called back bc I am unsure about being a test subject for something they don't even know the side effects. Any thoughts?
  10. Bloating

    the both of y'alls story sounds like the same thing I'm going through. I bet it is related to stomach acid. would be nice to find out the exact cause so we could stop it.
  11. Bloating

    thanks for y'alls help!
  12. Bloating

    I have never been a morning person. even as a kid I would barely eat at breakfast just to get by until lunch. I just do not care for breakfast. I have a probiotic I take. I cannot remember the name, but it's called Flora something from Wal-Greens. It is suppose to be wheat free, dairy free and a few others and the pill has a veggie coating. I seem to have better luck with other brands I have tried. I just ordered a digestive supplement from a link I found on here. Digest Gold I think it was called. I have notice this before and not just in the morning. I have been out in the evenings and not be anywhere near food and start to get so hungry. I will start to get a build up of gas. Usually I can pass it and it will go away, but there are times it will get bad and I will get sick. I have to leave for work @ 4:45am so I try to find things that are quick to eat and that is hard to do. Hopefully once my guts heals more this will clear up.
  13. Hello everyone! I am new to this forum. I have been dealing with Celiac for about a year and a half and still having a hard time. I've been trying to do this on my own with mixed results, mostly bad... So hopefully I can get a lot of good info here and from the looks of it that shouldn't be a problem. Ok, my question is does anyone ever get bloated from getting real hungry? Like this morning for example, I got up and I was a little hungry but I am the type that has to be up for a little while before I eat. As my hunger pains got worse and worse I notice the bloating picks up more and more. I was just wondering what the cause of this is and what I could do to stop it. I know what some are going to say "eat before you get real hungry", but I want to know what causes this issue bc this is not the first time. Once I do eat something the bloating does not go away, but usually gets worse to the point I will end up getting sick. Also, when you are trying to let your gut heal what are some good foods to eat? I have noticed some foods that are gluten-free will still cause some bloating when my gut is raw. Thanks for the help and hopefully I can get all of this figured out. Jason