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  1. Hey there. Just joined and was looking for some answers about my progressive food intolerances that has been developing over the past few years. The current list is getting really long and is so varied that I'm not sure what the underlying cause could be: Dairy Eggs Citrus Fruits Spinach Chocolate Cinnamon Tomatoes Strawberries Cucumbers Cranberries Cherries Chicken Green Apples Grapes Pork (Maybe Shellfish) The result of ingesting any of these foods is nausea, headache, some abdominal pain and a lot of fatigue after about 20 minutes. These symptoms can last up to a few hours and some of the intolerances are more severe than others (dairy, pineapples, cinnamon, spinach). Not all fruits are on the list though, (mangos and I think melons are fine) the list keeps growing and I'm running out of ideas.