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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I was diagnosed with Menieres almost 30 years ago. Dizziness, nausea, tinnitis, ears feeling stuffed with cotton, reduced hearing. The meds they gave me knocked me out so badly that my 3 year old climbed up the cabinets unnoticed, found the matches, and I woke up to the carpet on fire. Thank God for adrenaline. Put it out immediately and then called the doctor. He was older and said that before the moderns meds he used to prescribe alfalfa as a diuretic and niacin (not niacinamide) to open the capillaries allowing inner ear to drain properly. Worked like a charm for years. I also have not had significant hearing loss. It got bad again about 10 years ago and a doctor added Dramamine and Bonine to my regimen. If one didn't work the other one usually did. Then salt became an issue. I work on keeping the sodium low. Plus my acupuncturist suggested ginkgo biloba which promotes circulation in the head. Much better. I take it daily and highly reccomend Kroeger Herb as they use the powdered leaf with the extract instead of fillers. Then sugar became an issue. Then gluten. And forget alcohol of any kind in any amount. Instantly dizzy. Arrrrghhh. So now I use my whole bag of tricks to get thru an attack plus a new one I found in CVS, of all places. It's called DiVertigo. It's a small bottle of essential oils. You rub 1-2 drops behind each ear. It was expensive but they said I could bring it back. No way. Not only does it help the vertigo, it also has helped the tinnitus. Ingredients: lavender, peppermint, ylang ylang, frankincense, chamomile, and myrrh.
  2. I don't use the gums because I think they taste bad. I mostly use almond flour for baking and find that adding flax seed meal, chia seeds, and sometimes an extra egg give me good results for pancakes, muffins, brownies and bar cookies, coffee cake, etc. I was never much of a baker anyway so even in the flour baking days, anything I had to roll out came out awful and I invariably burned cookies so I haven't tried those. BTW. I am also sodium restricted so rarely use baking soda or powder. I think the extra egg makes up for that. Lots of great recipe blogs online. I like Rachel Cooks and All Day I Dream About Food.
  3. Cures For Constipation?

    I agree. Low thyroid can cause it. Bad food combining can. Low magnesium was my problem this time. I'm so much better. Chia seeds have been great. I bake them into and sprinkle them onto all sorts of foods, both sweet and savory. Okra is also a great one for me. Salad of fresh greens twice daily. Starting the day with half a grapefruit although sometimes I eat the whole thing Grapefruit as a late night snack. Occasionally I use a supplement called Super Colon Cleanse step 1 from Health Plus. I think they sell it at Trader Joe's still and I know you can get it at Vitacost.com. Massage also helps. Start on right just above hip bone. Go up to just below waist. Spend some time massaging the turning point. Then move across from right to left. Again massage longer at the turning point. Then down on the left side. That is following the route the large colon empties. Never forget the power of prayer. The One who made you knows your body best and will lead you to the best ways to heal or you may get a miracle. They still do happen. God Bless you all on this journey.
  4. Doc used applied kinesiology to test the cataplexy B and my body said yes. Read the ingredients after I had opened the bottle (this is a product I had used successfully years ago before I realized my son inherited his gluten sensitivity from me) Since really cleaning up my diet about 5 years ago, getting super serious 2 years ago, I have become super sensitive. So when I saw the wheat germ I added the gluten defense digestive which I keep in the house in case I think I've been cc. I live and work at a boarding school so the food issue can be super challenging. Finding this site has been hugely helpful. I'm currently on medical leave due to extreme anxiety, frightening memory loss, and depression. I've been referred for psychiatric care (taking too many Meds now as far as I am concerned) and a neurologist to explore Alzheimer's and CJD (human form of mad cow disease.) But first I went to this highly regarded chiropractor/homeopath who also thinks I've had false negative tests for Lyme. Today reading on this site has convinced me it's all gluten! (the Lyme could also easily be correct, I live on a mountain in the woods. Tick city!) calling his office now to discuss the wheat germ issue.