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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Gemini, thanks so much, I am gonna head tomorrow to get the digestive enzymes. Are these ok even though I am already having loose bowels. I tried to come off of the cholestyramine, but I only last 2 days and then I have diarrhea again. And how do I take these. Is it before each meal? Or with the meal? I am so frustrated, I am nothing like myself. In 3 months it's like I went from super healthy to severely malnourished!, my scalp itches, my skin is dry and itchy, my eyes, my joints, my muscle is gov, just everything changed! I feel like I will never be the same person again....and of course no one around me really understands that celiac can cause any of these symptoms.
  2. Thanks for all the replies. I have been very good with removing all gluten. I was on a whole food diet for 3 years and actually didn't eat gluten except for a chest meal on Saturday. So I have a good understanding as to avoiding all gluten. All my cabinets and medicines have been checked. I'm just trying to understand when some of these strange symptoms will go away. It seems so crazy to me that all these symptoms could come from gluten!!! Lol. I was losing weight every day before I was diagnosed and I have managed to gain a lb in the week being gluten free. So I do see something is working. I just wish my small intestines would start breaking down nutrients again. I'm taking a greens drink, all vitamins that I could be lacking and a gluten free protein powder. I'm really just wondering if anyone had a similar situation to mine where they got chronic diarrhea due to no villi at all, and how they recovered. My barium X-ray study should have lasted 2-3 hours...and the barium went thru me in 10m. After the first X-ray I was done. I'm not absorbing anything.
  3. Hello, I was just diagnosed 1 week ago. Leading up to it I was losing weight and having diarrhea every day for 8 weeks. I was put on cholestyramine powder in order to be able to hold food in. After 4 hospitals, 13 doctors, and 2 GI doctors, the 2nd one finally did the colon/endoscopy and confirmed celiac disease. I am 1 week into the diet but still can't come off the cholestyramine powder. When I try, I end up having multiple bowel movements each day. My joints hurt, muscles ache badly, eyes are dry, and my scalp itches. Can anyone give me any insight as to when I should feel better and my small intestines will start breaking down food on its own again? I still have to have the capsule endoscopy on January 3rd to see how much damage was done. Leading up to this I was a weightlifter, I lost 12 lbs of muscle and am so weak. I can't even go back into the gym yet. I would really appreciate it if anyone can give me insight. I feel so lost, I never had stomach issues prior to when this happened 3 months ago. And I actually started to lose weight 1 month prior to when the diarrhea started. I would gladly give more info if needed....any help is appreciated