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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. For me, next to gluten, I found I don`t digest rice well. Effects hit me up to 48 hours later sometimes. It can be confusing. I also avoid sugar.
  2. Need Support And Motivation

    Also I read the book Breaking the Vicious Cycle last March and tried the SCD diet for 1 week. It was the best week of my life and that was when it all started coming together. Maybe I`ll get tested someday but for now there are too many negatives, not to mention the horrible cystic acne that I get when I eat the stuff. I`m on a roll since Jan 1st. My only concern is Folgers coffee....it seems to bother me much more than a Tim Hortons coffee.
  3. Need Support And Motivation

    I will be going back to work in a week, even though I'm still a temp. there, I hope it will be ongoing. It's sad but my family doesn't really "get it". I just hide when I don't feel well, or sleep. I think I slept off the last of the gluten since new years. I slept 24 out of 48 hours! I am staying away now and I agree that in time it will get better and make life easier. I decided to make a list of all the things I didn't get to enjoy in childhood because I didn't feel well, and I'm going to relive them! I`m talking disney movies with popcorn or go on a ride at the fair, sleep over at a friends etc. I missed out on a lot. relationships were also hard, I never liked spending the night in fear of the sick, anxious feeling. I know it goes away when I stay away from gluten and I think posting here really did help motivate me. Thanks guys!
  4. Need Support And Motivation

    Hello all, thanks for the replies. I understand the tough love. Although these may sound like excuses to you, and probably are, it is what it is. I don't want to get a biopsy because I don't have friends of family to support me. I live an hour from a testing center and I would have to find a ride there and as for getting put under, or just given silly gas for the procedure, I won't do it. They had to force me to when I had my wisdom teeth out and I just won't do it again. Not to mention preparing for it, I can't do that in my current living situation, so for now, that's out. I still somewhat believe it's in my head considering the negative blood test even though I hear people say it can be wrong. When I can afford to buy my own groceries, I'm ok. However I live with family and honest to god, don't have a cent to my name right now. I have to eat what's in the house and as much as I try to just eat the whole Gluten-Free foods, I get hungry. Since rice and other grains hurt my stomach as well....there's not much to pick from besides fruit and veggies. They have pizza every weekend and lots of breaded food at dinner. It's just tough. I quit smoking a few years ago and that took several years as well. Guess I'm weak! BUT It's January 1st and today I'm trying again, even if I have to starve, I guess!
  5. I was sick all my life diagnosed with anxiety, depression. A friend suggest gluten free last March and I have been trying ever since. I felt better right away. It was proof to myself that it wasn't in my head and I really was depressed and anxious because of food, which I always kind of knew. I was starting to feel pretty good, able to drink coffee again but I continue to have problems with all grains, mainly rice. Lately I'm so tired of eating meat, veg and fruit that I'm giving in a lot. I am also strapped for cash and live with family who eat primarily a gluten diet, lol. I am feeling sick again and no one understands and thinks I'm just lazy. I have quit multiple jobs because I'm too embarrassed to keep calling in sick. I'm looking for some help, support and motivation to stay gluten free. My blood test was negative and I didn't have a biopsy. I won't be able to work if I have to eat gluten again to get tested so I can't do that. I usually binge when I'm off work and then sleep the whole weekend. I could use a few gluten free friends for sure.