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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks for all the swift replies, good job I posted because I read that completely wrong aswell so I'm actually really low in the range! I've tried searching why my immunoglobulin is high, have found the same as linked above so will look further into those, have also comes across candida causing that to be high, not sure though, but it's another thing i suspect I have that's has similar symptoms to celiac and if that's the case I have to give up gluten anyway. I defiantly feel better without it and will be giving it up along with sugar from now on... Is gonna be a long road ahead I think :-(
  2. I had posted a few weeks back about my history, sorry cant link, anyway I had been mostly gluten free for around a year then when back on it for 6weeks to be rested. I called the dr surgery and they told me all normal dr said no action, I picked up a copy anyway and the receptionist said my levels were out of the range but not to worry as the dr had looked at them and taking other factors into consideration everything ok Here are the results, im in uk so hoping someone can help Immunoglobulin A - 4.06. g/l. Range 0.8-2.8 Tissue transglutaminase IgA ab 0.873. u/mL. 0-10 So the immunoglobulin is elevated, does anybody know what this means? Also the other one seems quite high within the range also?
  3. Thanks yeh I am aware I need to eat low gi complex carbs, I never really took the natural sugars in milk into account though, I've read that blueberries and strawberries are best on the gi scale which is what I normally have on my breakfast. I'm pretty good in what I eat even when eating gluten I will still Try for low gi stuff, will be seeing a dietician soon so hopefully they can help me out but not holding out much hope to be honest
  4. Symptoms

    I agree you shouldn't rule out celiac. I'm currently going through testing, have just ate gluten for 6 weeks so I could be retested as I think it's important to rule it out. I have no major digestive issues but like you do get bloated to the pregnancy look and can suffer constipation but I never suffer the opposite. I wanted to say aswell I have suffered hypoglycaemia since childhood and have just been diagnosed with reactive hypoglycaemia, however since I've been back on gluten I'm having hypos on an almost daily basis even though I'm still eating healthy low sugar etc, I'm wondering if there may be a link.
  5. Hi just thought I would give an update. I'm 6 weeks into eating gluten and plan to be retested maybe today or this week at least. I took a home test again and it was negative, however when I looked at it again about an hr later I'm sure I could see a very very thin line, but I know your not suppose to read it after the allocated time but makes me wonder.....I'm now contemplating whether to leave it a bit longer to retest or just go for it this week??. I also now have a confirmed diagnosis of reactive hypoglycaemia, and I'd already started really restricting the sugar but now I'm even more aware my skin has cleared up almost completely! So maybe it wasn't the gluten after all, I do still feel rubbish though, constantly tired, and I've had hypo's almost on a daily basis while eating like I am, even though I'm being careful with the sugar intake, so for example I'm having weetabix and berries for breakfast, brown bread for lunch and crackers for a snack or nuts, however yesterday I had gluten free pancakes for lunch and didn't have a usual hypo a few hrs later, I'm sure it's gluten related!!
  6. Hi Im also new here and from the UK. I can relate to alot of your symptoms and am currently seeking a diagnosis, I had the blood test about a year ago but had already started cutting major sources of gluten so have decided to have a re-test so am currently back on a gluten filled diet! Dr's for some reason dont seem to want to test for this condition, when I told my GP about my stomach aches and the bloated belly I was suffering alot she shrugged it off as a 'bit of IBS' when I said I wanted a test for coeliac..the look the gave me! Sent me for the bloods which came back neg but nothing more was said, no treatment for my little bit of ibs. I now see a better gp who is trying to sort all my blood sugar problems and when I mentioned about the coeliac screen he did check back and look at it for me and said it was normal. I asked if I should pursue it further he said they couldnt without a positive blood test, he ordered some more anyway and told me to eat as much as I could and see if its shows anything but again wasnt that bothered, didnt even want to hear my symptoms. If this second test comes back neg again, Im not sure where I will go from here, there is no way the gp will take it any further, even if you explain the blood test bring false negatives alot. I will cut out gluten no doubt but how easy it will be without a diagnosis I dont know, even family etc think you are talking rubbish when you talk to them about it and I cant understand why. Good luck and please let us know the results!
  7. Hi Thanks for the reply. I take it from your signature you have no been diagnosed long? How are you coping? My skin defiantly clears up when Im eating gluten free or low amounts but that may also be because I think in general you end up cutting out most highly refined sugary things anyway like cakes, biscuits etc, I never really ate much of the commercially produced gluten free products in their place. I will try the soy sauce as I like stir frys! I also noticed after being gluten-free then eating some after a while that I got a strange rash on my neck, just like a red mark that took days to go away, this happened on two occasions..never had it before...weird Now that xmas is over Ive got to try and eat gluten but also keep the sugar low. Im thinking wholemeal or seeded bread and maybe crackers and cheese. I agree protein is very important and recommended with every meal for reactive hypoclycemia. I have a appointment next week with a dietician...nothing to do with gluten intolerance but to do with my blood sugar, they want me to eat a diabetics diet basically and I have to be tested annually for diabetes. Im hoping cutting out the gluten may sort this issues amongst others.
  8. I thought I would introduce myself and tell my story so far. Im from the UK and am currently eating gluten again to be re-tested for Coeliac. I first stumbled across gluten and what it was and the intolerances people had to it whilst trying to find an answer for my acne problems which I have suffered since I was about 12, I am now 31. People on acne forums and such noted an improvement in their skin went they went gluten free, the more I read the more I realised alot of symptoms affected me. I had over the past few years suffered alot of stomach aches and bloatedness and headaches were a regular occurance aswell. I started experimenting with gluten-free and cut out major sources of it such as bread and pasta etc, I hadnt been doing this long when I decided to ask my GP for the blood test. I ate as much as I could a week before the test, but at the time didnt realise it should of been alot longer, the test came back negative. I still carried on cutting out on the major sources but was never very strict with it, but still felt alot better. In the mean time I was finally getting properly tested for my hypoglycemic problems I had suffered since I can remember, the dr's could never find anything wrong with me but my blood sugar dropped very low one day and they referred me to an endrocrinologist. I thought maybe this could also be a possible cause of my skin issues, as thats also connected to insulin rises and such, then I also discovered a link with coeliac and hypoglycemia!! Anyway Ive had some test for the low bloods but not heard anything back yet really, but they think I have reactive hypoglycemia. So Ive been mostly gluten-free for the past year and when I have had a heavy amount of gluten my symptoms seem to be alot worse now. I know worry my children may also have it and this is another reason I want to pursue a diagnosis. I have the bloodwork ordred and am on day 13. My skin has gone to pot after being good for so long..I'd actually started feeling normal, however I have also ate alot of chocolate. I now know it either the gluten or sugar that causes my acne, its just trying to figure out which, but with the stomach aches and bloateness and headches Ive started getting again I think it seems more likely the gluten? I would appreciate any opinions on this? For example I ate a normal egg sandwich on wholemeal brown bread the the other day and was bloated immediately after and for the rest of the day, but I would normally eat gluten-free bread and not have a problem, but that is still made with refined flours just not wheat flour. Maybe Im affected by both, too much sugar and gluten? I will try and eat gluten for 6wks then re-test, regardless of what the result is I will still be cutting it out,so Im glad I found this forum, it feels very strange eating rubbish again. Does anyone have any ideas of food with gluten I could eat that isnt highly refined or high in sugar? As with my hypoglycemia Im suppose to eat low gi, slow release carbs, which cuts out most major gluten filled products anyway doesnt it?