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  1. They had me do all kinds of tests and everything was fine and nothing wrong. Well, I started to look at all different web sites to see why I'm gluten-free and still gaining weight and even watching my calorie intake and good healthy foods. Well, I found a doctor, that listened to me that something is wrong with copies of what web sites said was wrong with me, that said let's see if we can solve this puzzle. He did an endoscope and said that my bile duct was inflamed & blocked and there was an infection in my intestines. So, now he has me on a regimen of taking one antibiotic for one week and then for the next 3 weeks it is enzymes and probiotics (but not while on the antibiotics as they will kill the good & bad bacteria) and then a different antibiotic on the next month and then repeat every other month for the next 3 months. So far it seems to be working, as when I eat, I don't get sick and I'm not eating every 30 minutes as I wasn't able to eat anything after just a few bites without getting sick. He said that I need to take enzymes and probiotics everyday. He said that probably part of my problem was because I wasn't taking enzymes and probiotics from the start of my Celiac’s but I'm still extremely tired and find myself wanting to fall asleep at 11:30 am, even though I get a good night’s sleep. He said that all my levels are good but my body is and has been fighting this major infection in my intestines. My advice, Celiac is still so new and research your symptoms and be proactive with your doctor and don’t give up.