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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Testing Done Today

    Thank you and I appreciate that you checked it out for me, I tried to google it but it was all foreign to me. Thanks, Kandi
  2. So I'm hoping someone can help me. I know a while back while I was waiting for doctor's orders I saw somewhere that said the test codes, unfortunately I cannot find those now. So, anyway, my doctor ordered these two tests, celiac: CPT 82784 gluten: CPT 83516, will these be sufficient? I had the blood drawn today, and would also like to know how long the test will take to come back. On a good note, my doctor had originally asked me to go through my allergist, but when I went in to see them, I was seen by a new doc that I really felt blew me off. Said I HAD to go see a GI before having the test done, or that I SHOULD see one prior. Anyway when I told my doc this, she said she would go ahead and order the tests and then we could discuss the results and go from there. Thanks for listening, Kandi
  3. Thanks for the responses! I will continue gluten until after the testing. I am really glad I found this group. I have had friends from work cut gluten out just due to how it made them feel and they've tried to convince me to do the same, but I just feel like having a diagnosis that gluten is bad for me then maybe I'll have a stronger will power to do it. Was it a tough transition for any of you? I am thankful that I have them to ask questions to but really they are only available at work. Being a part of this group I think will help, so much information. Thank you to those who have started and maintained this site. I hate to sound negative since I don't have a diagnosis yet, but I just have a feeling… any of you felt the same about yourself? Thanks, Kandi-feeling nervous and anxious!
  4. Thanks for the response, I did think about that after I reading through some of the posts. I have an email into my doc about getting the testing done. Her concern in the summer was the cost of the testing and that some insurance doesn't cover it. So if she orders the tests and I go later this week, will having gone one day without make any difference in the test? Should I just go ahead and eat gluten for now until after the test? After reading more of the posts on this forum I am so glad I found it! Looking forward to getting a real answer and heading down a path to feeling much better! Thanks, Kandi
  5. I am new to the forum and to a gluten-free lifestyle. I have struggled over the past several years with acid reflux and digestive issues, however they seem to have gotten worse over the last year or so. To the point where I get nauseau, bloating and an upset stomach EVERY time after I eat, along with bad reflux. I tried during the summer to go gluten-free, had made if 4 days when I ate some Rice Krispy cereal and found that it had malt in it. That's when I discovered that gluten was hidden in many things. Needless to say I was extremely frustrated with myself and gave up. I have not been tested for Celiac or a gluten intolerance (if that's even possible). I decided to try going gluten free again yesterday, and now have a question. How long after taking gluten out can you notice a slight improvement. The reason I'm asking is because Sunday we had pizza I was so sick and knew almost immediately that I would regret that decision. Then Sunday night I chose to eat Coach's Oats Oatmeal, it is not labeled gluten free but I was hoping and assuming since I'm still new to this adventure. Anyway, yesterday morning had bad diarrhea and an upset stomach, however, I made sure that everything I ate yesterday was gluten free. Something I noticed this morning is that last night I had no bloating, and no stomach ache, and as far as I knew no acid reflux. I did have a little acid reflux yesterday around noon. Is it possible that the gluten was causing the bloating, stomach ache and reflux symptoms and I could notice a difference that quickly? I wouldn't think so, but just making sure it's not in my head. Also, I do have other symptoms of celiac according to what I've read, including, migraines, fatigue, bloating, bouts of diarrhea and or constipation, joint pain, as well as anemia in the past. Thanks, Kandi