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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Flare Ups?

    Thanks guys, just trying to piece together the symptoms, it's not easy but I'm trying!
  2. Flare Ups?

    Your right, it's getting so bad I'm having time off work, so it's really hard to keep eating it, it's my anniversary this weekend so I'm going to gluten light until Monday. I'm going for a consulatation at the end of is month, then hopefully an endoscopy, but that will probably be a month later. Do you think one slice of bread is enough to show damage on an endoscopy? Basically no gluten filled meals but no worries about small amounts of gluten and cc. I will go back to gluten on Monday/Tuesday but I need a few days rest, my poor partner must be so tired of having a sick girlfriend, Thanks guys x
  3. My gp was like that with me, see another gp and push for a referral I have been sick for three years on and off. Leaving it will do you no good in the long run, there's something wrong and it's your right to get medical care for it. I tried to leave things and see what happens but ultimately it could just get worse, I hate to think of the time I have wasted just hoping things will get better on there own x
  4. Flare Ups?

    Thank you for the information, I am, but I'm in the middle of what I can only describe as a flare, headaches, nausea, fatigue, so I'm eating gluten light. I still don't know if gluten is a problem for me, but I have been feeling that ill I really don't fancy making it worse, if there's any chance eating less gluten will help I will take it. I have never gone 100% gluten free, because I know I need further tests, getting diagnosed would be a blessing tbh. I feel my life is on hold, I can never guarantee how my health is going to be from one day to the next, I just enjoy the good days, the bad days seem to be happening more and more recently. I'm thankful for this forum though, I'm not certain my problem is celiac but it's a distinct possibility. I just need some answers If it's celiac the diet doesn't worry me. I have noticed a difference on gluten light, but then I had this flare up which confuses things! Thanks again
  5. Just a quick question did anyone before they got diagnosed have symptoms that came and went, or increased and then decreased? I always don't feel "right", I know that a good week or month for me is not the same as before I got ill three years ago, but I definitely have weeks when I get far worse, the headaches get worse the joint pain gets worse, the nausea really kicks in and the heartburn starts again. This normally results in time off work, I tell my boss I have a stomach virus because I don't know what else to call it, after a week I begin to feel a bit better, during the week I will lose weight because I just dont feel like eating. I have been referred to a gastroenterologist, and I'm going to ask them for a endoscopy, my bloods were negative but I didn't have the full panel and I have been told the bloods do not paint a full picture of what's happening. Any input appreciated Tally
  6. Hello again If anyone could offer any advice I would really appreciate it, I’m exhausted both physically and mentally at this point. I have been suffering with digestive issues for around 6-7 years (I'm 24), however over the last 3 years my health has deteriorated, I am frequently fatigued and my entire body aches, as well as nausea, heartburn, stomach pain. My doctor has found that I have vitamin D and Iron deficiencies despite having a good diet. I was tested for celiac disease, I asked for the full screen but was only offered the tests below (my results are below)- Anti-tissue transglutnase- 0.1U/ml 0.00-7.00/ml IgA- 1.52g/L 0.87-4.12g/L Serum Ferritin- 10ug/L Vitamin D- 17.9 ug/L Neutrophil count- 2.01 ( just outside normal levels) Anything strike anyone from my results? I have experimented with a gluten light diet, only for 1 week after the tests came back negative and I seemed to have a positive response, my energy was much higher and I felt much better, this could be a coincidence though. I would like a full coeliac screen, and if possible the genetic test for coeliac disease. Do you think this would be a good next move? My doctors have been I'm afraid to say a little unhelpful, I really do suspect celiac disease but because the test was negative I'm struggling to get them to investigate further, I have been referred to a gastroenterologist but this won’t go through for a while yet and the tests aren’t available on the NHS anyway so I’m going private (for the tests). I'm back eating gluten now and feel awful, but I need a definite diagnosis otherwise I could risk masking the real problem and there defiantly is one. Do you think I should let it go as the result was negative? I’m more than a little lost right now Thanks Tally
  7. Thank you, that does help, I have some days were I feel ok and others where I feel awful so its hard to pinpoint what exactly is wrong, but I certainly feel less in the dark with this forum.
  8. I should say that it's not always swollen just flares up every now and then, my wrists and ankles hurt as well, but whenever these symptoms flare my stomach is also problematic. My stomach aching/bloating was the first symptom I had the joint problems followed. It might be worth noting my kneecaps have dislocated a couple of times. No idea if this relates to celiac or not? Thanks
  9. It is odd, it's the hip I get more pain in, I believe I have. My white blood cell count came back slightly lower than it should be, and my iron and vit D are much lower than they should be. So I think it's related to my stomach in some way, It's very confusing. Thanks
  10. I get allot of back pain/hip pain/neck pain, well now my right hip is noticeably swollen, its quite strange and its happened before, I was just wondering if anyone else has had this kind of symptom or if its more and IBD symptom? I'm still not sure if what's going on is more a result of and IBD or Celiac, or something else my doctors haven't been that helpful, I think the only way Im going to get treated properly is if I get drastically ill and something else flags in my bloodwork... I really hope its celiac over an IBD Thanks in advance
  11. I believe this is what you asked for Anti-tissue transglutnase 0.00-7.00/ml igA 0.87-4.12g/L I'm back at the doctors on Monday, it seems never ending at the moment Thanks for the feedback Tara
  12. Thank you so much for your comments, I know I shouldn't self diagnose but its hard not to when your doctor says you have ibs... I ate pasta and garlic bread last night, this morning I have a lot of stomach pain had to rush to the toilet and I woke up in the night with hip pain/leg aches. I will post the reverence ranges later today,I going to start a food diary as well I think.
  13. I finally got my results, negative for Celiac as I was expecting but they do seem to indicate something is wrong. Anti-tissue transglutnase- 0.1U/ml Which is very negative IgA- 1.52g/L Serum Ferritin- 10ug/L (which indicates iron deficiency) Vitamin D- 17.9 ug/L (it should be over 50 which indicates vitamin D deficiency) White cell count Neutrophil count- 2.01 ( just outside normal levels) So I'm iron and vit D deficient and my white cell count is slightly out, anyone else had results like this for celiac? My doctor thinks its just a vit D and iron deficiency combined with IBS that is making me feel so ill, I'm not so sure... Should I push for more tests do you think? This forum has been great, I feel really alone in this so I really appreciate your help Tally
  14. I am vitamin D and iron deficient, celiac screen was negative and no inflammation markers, so apparently it's just IBS... I'm going to try and get my actual results today, I think I might go mad if I get told I have IBS again...
  15. Thank you all for taking the time to feedback, the reason in many ways I suspect celiac so much is because of the negitive impact eating more gluten (working in an Italian restaurant) has had on me. I'm eating pizza probably 5 times a week, its still fairly healthy as its mainly just vegetables, no meat and very little mozzeralla, so fairly low fat but high gluten! Before working in the restaurant I ate allot of rice and vegetables, I still had stomach symptoms and I still got tired faster than others but it was nowhere near as bad. Pasta also makes things much worse, I used to eat whole grain pasta/bread but it seemed to make my stomach worse so I switched to refined. I always thought that was odd because my doctors told me to eat more fibre. My wrist and shoulder started hurting yesterday no idea why, I take pain medication most days there has to be a reason why, as soon as I get my results I will post them. Thanks again