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  1. Well, hello everyone. After reading around on this site I decided to join and get some support of fellow comrades. I'm a married mother to a two year old who recently been diagnosed with Celiacs disease after being sick over the course of a year. It's nice to finally have an answer r to my constant pain and discomfort. All this happened around thanksgiving time. So now I'm here and trying to get use to this "gluten free" way of life. So hello everyone...I welcome any suggestions any or all of you might have.
  2. So I'm a newbie here as well and my GI doctor suggested the website: fooducate.com and it's very useful. I'm in the same boat as you learning by trial and error. My shopping trips take longer and it's hard when you have a 2yr old impatient boy to boot.
  3. So I'm a stay at home mom whom works nights 2-3x a week and need some quick dinner ideas I can make for me and my family. Any suggestions?!