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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Calling In Sick To Work

    I ended up getting family medical leave. It came in handy when I was first diagnosed . I missed a lot of work the first couple months after my diagnosis . I believe it's a law everywhere in the US. My doctor kinda gave me a hard time about filling out the paper work but once I explained how the company I work for has a newer we don't care policy , I have no choice but to get the FMLA . Like I said it came in handy for the learning what I could not eat stage, I haven't used it for a long time and don't abuse it . Good luck to you !
  2. Six Months Gluten Free--New Symptoms?

    I too have been having severe joint pain, not everyday but at least a couple times a week it seems to be getting worse. It shuts me down for half the day. The only thing that helps is heat. A lot of heat. I have had this going on about the same amount of time that I was diagnosed back in December . Finally got to go to my second opinion doctor at the university and she says that it is not very common for Celiacs to have such severe joint pain. She recommended that I give it a couple months and see if it goes away with my diet. If not she said to see my primary doctor for a recommendation to a arthritis specialist . It's in my knees elbows and hands bad. Just strange how it's hand in hand with the same time as the celiac. Other then this I have been feeling much better . Been gluten free since my diagnosis back in December . I wish we could find out if it's related to our Celiac. Best of luck with yours.
  3. Has anyone out there been so sick you went to the emergency room ? I almost went last night . Seems like I'm all the sudden getting reactions to eating things I ate before and was ok with eating. (Gluten free ) like I Ayer some of this cheese a few days ago, I was fine then I ate some more and just three small slices and I became so ill I thought I was going to die. Bad stomach cramping gassy abdominal pain constipation cold sweats it was so awful then I took a lactaide didn't seem to work so I took another about an hour and half later . Still nothing, then I took a gasx nothing.... Finally ended up with the runs spent most of evening in bathroom, finally was so exhausted I went to sleep , but today I feel like my inside are burning and super sensitive. I feel like someone punched me in the back over and over, my urine is really orange.. Sorry to be so vivid and know that nobody here is a doctor but if anyone has ever experienced these symptoms or like I asked gone to hospital because they were so sick please tell me... Thanks in advanced !
  4. So Sick

    I'm so tired of getting sick.... It comes and goes. I have been diagnosed with Celiacs , doctor says give it time, so I decided to get another opinion . Can't get in to see doctor until end of March. Some days good, some really bad. Light headed , dizzy, feel like I'm going to vomit but just the watery mouth thing. So constipated but linzess and others make me even more sick. Can't seem to find anything that even taste good . Just want to curl up in ball and cry... So frustrated . I hate this....
  5. Fibromyalgia Anyone?

    I too have a lot of the same symptoms as you . I have so many questions I have been writing down for when I go for my second opinion . I just have not been pleased with the answers my current GI has been giving me . She kinda has an ( this is how it is just deal with it ) attitude . My husband even says how he sees where I seem like I'm in a daze a lot and very forgetful . I have missed some work recently and I have had a great work record for many years. Because of the muscle and joint pain. The light hurts my eyes, and I have a lot of headaches . I so hope to get some answers as I hope the same for you. Hang in there !
  6. Love the Barillia pasta ! I highly recommend it !
  7. Almost died from my appendix bursting and being diagnosed with flu for five days, is there anyone out there that has had Celiacs with the same problem ? This (appendix burst ) happened in 08 just diagnosed with celiac three weeks ago. Also, is anyone with celiac experiencing a lot of joint pain. I have been in a lot of pain lately and seems to be getting worse .