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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Could This Be Caused By Gluten?

    My arm pits get red from a Toms DO also. But I dont think its related to Celiac because they say their dos are gluten free (http://www.tomsofmaine.com/products/overlay/Not-In-Our-Products) and the same redness happens when I made my own do with too much baking soda.
  2. Maybe he has allergy to wheat instead of celiac. I do and it is a symptom of wheat allergy. I didn't know that food allergies can cause respiratory symptoms until I was diagnosed with wheat allergy at 28 years old. So maybe a food allergy test would tell?
  3. I have an allergy to wheat, which is different than celiac or gluten sensitivity. One of the symptoms is crazy itching. I don't get hives, but I feel itchy all over. Sometimes when exposed I will get tiny, almost unnoticeable bumps on my arms, I couldnt see them unless the lights hit a certain way but I guess they are hives but the itching is always there. I had a shampoo with wheat in it and it would cause super itchy head, dandruff, and acne all down my back. You could get an allergy test done and find out what it causing it. I find the more I avoid an allergen which I get exposed the reaction is much worse than if I am kind of exposed all the time. So if you are have recently removed gluten and the itching started an allergy could be the cause.
  4. I am 28 years old and recently had an allergy test at my immunologist and tested positive for a wheat allergy, which has been life changing once I removed it. She referred me to a gastro pursuing celiac (I tested positive on the celiac gene test and am also IGA deficient). Waiting for biopsy, but in the meantime, I am curious if anyone here has an allergy to wheat and celiac disease? I've tried looking up if it was possible to have both wheat allergy and celiac, I assume it is, but all I can find is explanations of the differences between them. Thanks!
  5. Hi Tally, You should check if your doctor tested for IGA count as well as the IGA-TTG test for celiac. My first doctor only tested for the antibodies and not the count. Immunologist tested for the count. I am IGA deficient and therefore the test for antibodies would be negative regardless of if I was celiac. Hope that helps you.