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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I am really sorry to hear that about your daughter. Our son was diagnosed in January as well and we are still cleaning up everything around us. He got contaminated two weeks ago at school by supposedly gluten-free cookies but baked on a cookie sheet sprayed with canola oil spray which contained glutened. From the lentils to stoneware, gluten keeps creeping up on us. I keep finding it in places we were thinking about. I hope you figure out quickly what could be the culprit.
  2. Hang in there! My son's blood results were comparable to your daughter and the doctor said the same thing to us after the biopsy "everything looked normal" but when the results came back I was told that there was a lot of villii damage. It was pretty stressful for me to hear too but we went gluten free right after the biopsy and got confirmation a couple of weeks later that indeed he had Celiac disease when the lab results came in.
  3. This makes me wonder about my other son again. He is on a gluten free diet right now because our home is gluten free and he is not in school yet. His teeth have started some discoloration( like oDS1 who is diagnosed Celiac), he's had chronic urticaria for 8 months now and tested right below the positive cutoff for Celiac. The doctor said that his teeth discoloration cannot be Celiac related because he is not old enough, not his secondary teeth. Also, his pediatrician refused to refer to pediatric GI giving same reason as original poster. Our local GI Celiac specialist are really strict on the golden standard and need both blood and positive biopsy to diagnose. In the month and half that DS2 has been gluten free he has gained 3/4 of an inch, he had not grown in the 4 and half months before and barely at all for 8 months. His pediatrician said it happens, probably not related to him being gluten-free now. How can one be sure? I am worried about starting school without a diagnosis seeing how hard it is to protect ODS1, he was just glutened this week after dodging a teacher giving him a pouch of goldfish crackers a few days before. He kept saying:'it's my fault, my fault, I did not ask' all while being sick. This is tough! I wish some docs would be more proactive when there is a family history to keep kids safe.
  4. Is All My Information Showing!?

    Ha! I had the same question. Thanks for the answer!
  5. Nope don't mind, everything was positive: tTG- IgG:46, tTG-IgA >100, EMA 1:160
  6. I had some similar thoughts. I don't want him to get sick but something is obviously not right already and he is not getting( enough?) outside signs of it. I think he might come along. We went to a work seminar last week, he had some gluten filled food and spent 2 days with severe stomach cramps and in the bathroom. I had to have him excuse from talks. he did mention yesterday, in spite of receiving the negative biopsy results, that he is starting to notice a difference when he eats gluten. I think it is also because we cut it out fully at home. So hopefully he will be more conservative soon.
  7. Thanks GFinDC! Yikes! I have given my DH many anecdotical accounts as well as some studies. I passed him the links above, including the review paper I found yesterday, it is up to him at this point. His biopsy returned negative yesterday, again I think by now he knows the stats, talked to his GI( who thinks if not Celiac 'yet' it is highly probable to be soon)so I am hoping he comes to his own conclusions about the gluten-free diet. Our home is gluten-free at this point anyway. Thanks again!
  8. Just wanted to say hang in there! We dealt with unexplained stomach pain and headaches for a while too. 3.5 years without gaining a pound is a bit scary. Has his pediatrician started anything( tests) about it? Did he go through Celiac blood panel yet? If not, as others have mentioned he needs to stay on gluten diet until after biopsy for all of it to be valid. I am so sorry you are going through this.
  9. My son had a lot of GI issues as a baby( projectile vomit, diarrhea), plus skin rashes and was a very colicky baby. I wish I had pushed the issue a bit more. He was finally diagnosed this past month after almost missing it again( I had a hint in June last year and after being told it was highly unliely he ad Celiac, then given the wrong tests, then finally the Celiac panel, then biopsy, we were finally able to put a ame on it). Now we're struggling with DS2 chronic urticaria with unknown cause, tested negative on Celiac blood panel( right below cutoff), erratic growth( doctor does not seem concerned...I am). We cut him off gluten since our house is gluten-free anyway. Still looking and trying to figure out the pieces of this puzzle. All of that to say that keep asking questions, look around and follow your intuition.
  10. Something that might be of interest to others as well. A review of the different existing studies on complications of Celiac. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2660494/
  11. I have told him all of this. Anyway, his biopsy came back negative today( don't get me started on that either) but he takes it as he is off the hook. I found a couple of papers that I passed on to him. It is his choice. Our house is gluten free though( i cleaned everything after our son's diagnosis). He did mention today that he is starting noticing that outside( read gluten- filled) food make him feel sick. Duh... He is smart but stubborn. When he decides to be gluten-free, I know he will strict about it. In the meantime, 'denial' is the key word here. I know he will repeat his blood tests in a year, hopefully nothing significantly bad will occur in between.
  12. Yes scientific papers are the way to this heart. Give him a sample description, control group, test duration, standard deviations, etc. and he will be happy( yes, evenings are fun in our household). I'm trying to find a summary of this, or may just end writing one myself if necessary.J/K( sort of?) Thanks for the link, I have read it before but looking for some more detailed infos. I have read some other study papers on different subparts of untreated Celiac but a condensed paper with sources would work better. Thanks again!
  13. Hello all, I was wondering whether you might have some ref papers about the consequences of untreated Celiac( with data, description of samples, etc.). My DH, awaiting for his biopsy results, is starting to doubt whether since he is 'asymptomatic'( according to him...), he should go on a strict gluten-free diet if he is diagnosed. His GI said, he would still recommend it, no matter outcome of biopsy, based on blood tests and family history( our DS, three of his aunts, uncle, 2 first cousins are officially diagnosed plus 2 siblings with IBS and other GI issues) but at the end of the day it will be DH's choice. If positive, obviously he( GI doctor) told DH that gluten-free is the only way to go. Well, DH is not 'convinced' that strict gluten-free is the only option...if he was not my husband, I could let him figure it out for himself but I care. So I am looking for a 'state of the art'/ review of studies kind of paper that he could go through. In particular the impact of going untreated on 'asymptomatic' Celiac sufferers, for which his hypothesis that having a minimal gluten intake( read a beer) every now and then is not going to significantly impact the outcomes( I.e. increase risk of other diseases). Thanks for any help you can provide!
  14. Eers03 if you ever find the ref for this it would be great. I am looking for numbers/ studies for asymptomatic diagnosed Celiac who go untreated. My DH just went through his biopsy and under the guide of some family members ( who have IBS and all sort of crazy GI issues btw but 'don't think they have anything') is backtracking on the gluten-free diet. Our son just got officially diagnosed( biopsy confirmed). Since DH blood levels are lower than DS( who was very symptomatic in retrospect), he thinks it can't be that bad to keep having a Guinness every now and then( among other things!).
  15. Hi Theresa, My DS had his endoscopy last month and got a confirmed diagnostic almost 2 weeks ago now. It went very quickly. The procedure itself( not counting, anesthesia, waking up period) lasted 20 min and he was not in pain at all afterwards. To us it was worth it because now everyone is enforcing it at school in particular.