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  1. Thank you. I wish I could say that an Oreo sounded good. I def was not eating gluten everyday from October to Jan 1, but did indulge a lot over the holidays.
  2. Thank you. It's the tTG IgA and IgG. Also b12 test and a holter monitor to see if eating gluten causes heart palps that I have been having.
  3. Hi all. For the last couple of years I have been experiencing some symptoms that make me think I could have issues with gluten. I finally have a dr. Who is taking it seriously and had ordered me tests. I just want to make sure I have been eating enough gluten to get an accurate result from blood test. I tried going gluten free for 5 weeks from mid-sept to mid-oct 2013. Most of my symptoms got better or went away. I started eating gluten again and started feeling bad, so I stopped Jan 1, 2014. Now that I have the test order, I started eating it again on 1/8. Many of my symptoms have started rearing their ugly heads: headache, ab. Pain, brain fog, fatigue, bloating. Just wondering if there is likely enough gluten in my system at this point. Any thoughts would be helpful. My dr. Suggested getting tested when I felt symptoms return, but not sure how long I need to suffer through them in order to get a good test reading. Thank you!