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  1. Thanks so much for this information. My 14 year old son has just had a preliminary diagnosis of Celiac's and we are just learning the Gluten Free diet to try to get him healthy and get him back in his first year of high school. His diarrhea has stopped for the most part but he is still having gas pains and does not sleep through the night....add puberty, growing pains, etc. and it all sometimes becomes overwhelming for him and us. He has missed several weeks of his first year of high school and we just want to get him back to being successful in school. He is an intelligent kid but feels overwhelmed.
  2. My son was given a preliminary diagnosis of Celiac last week and has since gone gluten free. He still experiences gas pains every day, but the diarrhea has stopped. We are just trying to get him well enough to get back to high school. He has been out since Thanksgiving looking for answers to his health issue! We are still on the learning curve trying to figure out the things he can and can not eat and he is always hungry.