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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. sounds like you have a great doctor. I can't get my doctor to even return an email at this point (have only sent him two on the subject). I wanted to get an MMA and homocysteine test - for B12 - and I get no reply. And my Vitamin D test (that I asked to have done) came back at 28 - which I think is low . . . but he said nothing about it. OK. hmm . . . I'm supplementing with D3.
  2. Hi - me too. Just 2 months ago - ugh! A bit older than you - I'm 48. Probably had Celiac (I bet) for 15 years, easy. Never even heard of it. But was taking probiotics during that time. Interested to hear about your candida and batercial overgrowth. I've wondered about that myself - reading so much on Celiac in the last 2 months. It seems so much of functional medicine is so far out in front of this issue, but traditional medicine trails behind (and my doctor is a traditional internist). Testing, etc . . .
  3. Bacon is fine. Having recently been diagnosed, I'm learning all this, too - as is my wife. One of the things you may want to consider is to eliminate gluten altogether - for both of you. It becomes easier (if it is just the two of you, that is). Because the other thing you need to worry about is cross-contamination. That is, she'll need to have her own peanut butter jar, butter/margarine stick or tub, etc . . . this is because if you were to dip into, let's say, a peanut butter jar - spread that on wheat toast (or white toast), and then re-dip the knife - BOOM - that jar is now contaminated because even trace amounts (crumbs) can cause problems. This has been the hardest part of adherence for me (or I should say - for my wife). I know - ugh! Also - worth considering - my GI guy told me that everyone would be better off not eating gluten - because the human body does not do a good job digesting modern wheat / gluten / gliadin. You may find that you'll feel better, too. Just my 2 cents. Good Luck (Boars Head Deli Meat is ok, too . . . but, again, it's the dreaded cross-contamination that you need to worry about (e.g., did they clean the meat slicer from use with other non-gluten meats?)
  4. Thank you all for the information. I really appreciate it!! This is certainly a major undertaking so I appreciate the advice.
  5. Newly diagnosed Celiac. Depending on times, I would consider participating.
  6. Hi. Newly diagnosed Celiac here, male, 48 years old . . . just looking for direction. The diagnosis came very fast - in December. I saw my new PCP, he ordered blood tests, I had a TTGiGA blood confirmation, and a subsequent GI appt / upper endo intestinal biopsy (and colonoscopy) done and a confirmation of Celiac - all in the space of about 4 weeks! My head has been spinning ever since. My biopsy showed marsh 3, villous atrophy. I’m still just trying to let this diagnosis settle in my brain. I just got the confirmation on Jan 8th. I never even knew what Celiac was, but given my symptoms, I should have known. I knew something wasn’t right for sure. What I’m concerned about now is eating the right foods, and trying to figure out how to work the maze of all the “gluten-free” food out there . . . and what actually still has trace amounts of gluten!! I know for people dieting it’s no big deal to have trace amounts of gluten, but for me, that’s no good. Right? And, I guess, what ingredients do you need to steer clear of when reading packaging?