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  1. Dear Internet Accounts: Thank you for making me still feel like a valid human being.

  2. Yea - I too do my research before. This, unfortunately, was a - "Hey I'm in town NOW…" no forewarning situation. I really wish people were more considerate and let me know in advance when they were coming. But again - I really also worry about being a stick in the mud for everyone around me, too. I don't mind going somewhere everyone wants to eat as long as there's a salad, at least. I think going out to eat is just tricky. In the normal person's world, with healthy GI's, it's generally not one of those activities they plan out with much advance notice. As a former waitress I think the real issue is having respect, as a restaurant owner/staff, for health issues. It's like the nut allergy example. Everyone goes out to eat and should have that luxury. If you know you're serving people - you know they aren't all identical and that some have serious allergies. I have worked with two kinds of wait staff… ones who don't care about their customer's health and, imo, should be fired. and one's who understand and respect their customer's illness. If someone tells you they're allergic to nuts you better darn well be ready to serve that person or be able to say, I am sorry. No room for a mistake there. It's also a lot like a bartender serving coke when someone specifically asks for diet coke… if you ignore it and serve coke - and they're diabetic. Then you very well might kill someone. I know it's good to be on the defense in restaurants, I am learning the strategies, but I definitely think the ones who have no respect for their customer's should be weeded out too. It's beyond a matter of principal when there are real dangers on the line.
  3. Funny this was mentioned. I had a shake with this stuff in it two-days ago and it made me feel a little sick. I bought it from a health shop within an already made smoothie so didn't know what I was really intaking. Read "Brewer's Yeast" later and flipped. I wrote them asking why they call their product Gluten Free if they include Brewer's and this was the reply: "Thank you for your email and interest in Garden of Life's products. We source yeast that is obtained from sugar and therefore it is gluten free.The yeast is also deactivated in part of the formulating process. For information on Garden of Life's New and Innovative products, please visit our websites at www.minamius.com, www.thevitamincode.com and www.gardenoflife.com! May you be blessed with Extraordinary Health, Jenna GOL, Product Support 1-866-465-0051 www.gardenoflife.com" I would be interested to know what the more knowledgeable folk on here think of this response.
  4. Alcohol

    Lol - Oh lord, don't get me started on the "Amy arguments" my poor poor boyfriend has with me after I've had too much booze. I never "feel" drunk either. I must act a fool though because often times I get the, "Go home, Amy - you're drunk." Schpiel from the sigother and then I will argue, till no end, how "sober" I actually am. That never subsides. You sound like me (except I do not drink and drive *wagging finger*.) heheh Some things to help your journey into the world of booze: 1. Orange juice is your bff for hang overs. The vitamin C will put your body's metabolism on fast forward and help you get the alcohol out of your system almost instantly. 2. Depression could be a result of anything though. Chemicals, maybe some form of alcoholism runs in your family that you're unaware of, and heck - hangovers are just the pits. It could any one, or combination of things. My suggestion is try drinking with one liquor. Get to know how it treats you. Move to another once you're familiar. 3. Know the way a liquor effects you now will be different, for better or for worse, 5-years down the road. 3.5 Colored and sugar laden liquor were chemical inventions during prohibition to mask the flavor of the grain alcohol that was the only thing that could be had, then. They've NEVER been good to drink. They will accelerate any health condition you're bound to get as you age. My best example of flavored cheap bar crap are maraschino cherries - they are so red because they have been soaked in formaldehyde. Stick with luxardo liquor/cherries. Stay away from artificial colored stuff. 4. If you suspect gluten intolerance - eliminate all gluten and reintroduce things one by one. It is possible you may be sensitive enough to be affected from gluten liquors. 5. Also know, this is very very important - know that too much alcohol damages your intestines and stomach which can help trigger all kinds of intolerance's. 6. The best way to introduce yourself into the world of liquor is to pick a spirit, read about its history - they're really fascinating histories, learn how they were originally intended to be mixed, learn the variations of that one spirit and try them all. Give yourself a few months in this science experiment and then try a new liquor. I won't lie and say I didn't know better when I was a younger person but I had a lovely father figure set me down and talk to me before telling me I was limited to learning about red wine and scotch, for a while. I spent a year only drinking those things, developed an appreciation for the spirit and their histories…and then all my friends would call on me for advice because eventually everyone wants a more fulfilling experience from spirit knowledge, other than just getting drunk. You will enjoy being an adult drinker a lot more once you become a snob of spirits. That's what's most fun about drinking… is being a snob. Good luck!
  5. Alcohol

    1. As a bartender - If I serve someone more than three times, I keep a close eye on them for the rest of the night. There's a few drinks and then there's just too many. I will refuse to serve you if you stumble up to my bar, have motor issues getting your money/credit card out, or appear in any other way "too drunk." I've been known to pour water into booze once someone gets to a certain point. Or I'll just make you drink water. If you were at a bar - your bartender should be fired. They broke a law by over serving you. 2. Don't mix your liquor. Such a rookie mistake. 2.5 Clear liquors aren't as hard on your stomach as dark liquors. Wine is the best. Any flavored or sugared liquor is just … disgusting. Bartenders shake their heads every time they have to pour blue curaçao. Sounds like you probably had yourself a L.A. water, another variation of the disgusting Long Island Ice Tea. 3. The consensus is still out on gluten and liquor. My bff is gluten intolerant and cannot drink whiskey, gin, beer or she becomes instantly narcoleptic. She does great on wines and gluten free beers and ciders. I, myself, LOVE whiskey and gin. NOT TOGETHER, btw. But I have noticed as I progress into figuring my issues out that the whiskey causes stomach upset similar to a gluten reaction. And the gin and whiskey contribute to my cystic acne. Since I haven't drank them in the last 2 weeks, I've been feeling better. And when I drink - I have one. Two at the most. So I know I wasn't ill from over drinking. 4. If you have any other questions about being a better, more refined pro at drinking - ask me. But what you listed above was very amateur. I hope you're over 21. And I am glad you didn't end up in the hospital.
  6. Thanks for the suggestion of calling these places and asking them beforehand. It would be good to know just how serious they take people's illnesses. I got a response from the juicer and it turns out they're using a protein powder that claims it's gluten free but its main bulker is brewer's yeast. So there's that. It says it's a vegetable based protein powder too but it has quinoa in it… Which I would consider a seed or grain. SO there's that too. I had a pretty uncomfortable reaction to it. The protein powder in question is called Garden of Life. I wrote them and told them I had a reaction to their product and it was probably the brewer's yeast. Very uneducated/dishonest of them. As far as the croquettes and the food at Wood Spoon, we'll see. The place is the atypical highly rated, only because it's the fashionable hipster thing to do, hole in the wall. The boundless lemming reviews do not reflect what it really is. I do question everything I ate from them. I usually don't in the DTLA area but this place, who can't be bothered to have a real website, an email to write and discuss, a Facebook page, or to even have a functioning front house and wait staff - concerns me. I need to be better about not eating places where my friends think I should go. I just feel like I need my confirmed tests to hold in hand and smack them with while saying, "No - bad friend." ;p Yea after I finally get the tests done, I'll know how bad I am. My tested and confirmed gluten intolerant friend thinks I may have extensively hurt my intestines because of my other allergies and the intensity I am experiencing symptoms, now. She says if you go long enough the damage can trigger a litney of other issues. So, we'll see. If I have to eat indoors - fine. I'll save money and such. I usually take a bag of food with me but I also do not have a car, I share my sigother's so having a go box isn't always an option for me.
  7. I'm new to this game of minding gluten and eating out and dealing with "gluten free" things from sources behind a door. A month ago I thought my gluten free pasta made me sick from some sort of contamination. Turns out, I just don't handle quinoa well. That mystery is solved. Today I had a full day of eating out. I am now broke, no moolah, and feel like poop. I had a "Pacific Love" shake from some juicer in DTLA. The only things in it that might have made me sick would be the royal jelly. I have read sometimes royal jelly is packed with gluten powder or capsules. I also added a "plant based protein." Perhaps it's quinoa based. I wrote for the answers. Here's to hoping they'll tell me. I felt unnaturally full after drinking that shake. That's usually a precursor to an episode but that feeling eventually passed leaving me feeling OK. But, again - I can't really be too sure as my symptoms come up and then hide themselves before returning. My flare-ups can be tricky to follow. What I think is most likely the issue is an overpriced dinner I got bamboozled into having with friends at some spot in DTLA that's supposed to be all the things I'd want - vegetarian, vegan, gluten free… I had potato croquettes that were ordered for the whole table. I asked the waitress if they're gluten-free and she said, yes. I just looked at the menu at home and it says they also have "salted cod?" It was just a potato ball lightly fried with what seemed like light cheese inside… so this might be a problem. For the main coarse I ate a Brazilian chicken stew with okra served with polenta and black beans… nothing seems gluten about the meal - it wasn't even a stew… HEH... but …. ugh. I feel like I just walked into a pool of allergy causing hell. I wrote them too and told them I am pretty sick after my trip to their restaurant. I usually find most restaurants don't have the decent to write me back. I am always very courteous in my initial email so IDK. So lame. I'm getting fearful of restaurants and angry at their owners. Does anyone else go through this? Can you share your experiences?
  8. Hey there - I had a conversation with a gluten intolerant Japanese trained Chef on here about this. You might find his suggestions helpful for substitutions for ramen. http://www.celiac.com/gluten-free/topic/106014-is-it-the-g-word/?p=903379
  9. Is It The "g Word?"

    I am jealous. I have worked in media in Tokyo ect for the last 8 years but to study food prep there is a huge honor. I used to eat udon every day but it killed me so I had to give it up. I don't know why I always thought udon was buckwheat - I think I knew about the soba noodles… which I also love so so much. Best soba experience was in Nara after being in the head all day. =/ And now with Fukushima, no more sushi - and I cherish my teas pre 2011… this is a very unfortunate and medieval time for food lovers.
  10. After further looking there are at least 5 other health/recipe books that you all may love to get for free too. Veggie recipes, gluten free paleo book, and then there are other kinds of books like history, fiction ect.… anyway - here's the link. http://hunt4freebies.com/82-free-kindle-ebook-downloads-for-1-20-14/
  11. I see amazon is giving a Paleo Diet book away… I just got it - haven't read it yet but maybe some of you would love this book to read, as well? http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00HX9DYRW/
  12. I need to vent - its nothing huge but I need to. Honestly - having food related issues/illnesses can really get me steamed. I'm in the painfully long process of figuring out what my intolerance's are but I am about 95% sure quinoa is one of them. 68% gluten. Still testing the water, I had a quinoa pasta dish - made at home, last night. Hadn't had any other gluten related food in the last few days. Was feeling like a million bucks yesterday and today I am sick. So … as per usual, I just don't eat when I'm like this. I drink water. Sometimes I'll juice something. After a whole day of this non-sense I get angry, irritable, starving! So the sigother orders from this Mediterranean spot down the street. He's gorging himself on a lasagna and decadent looking pita bread next to me. I was perfectly content with my order… at least till I opened it and realized I spent $9 on a head of lettuce. Seriously! What kind of atrocious restaurant manager believes this is an OK thing to do to their customers?! I ordered a salad that was supposed to have avocado, cucumber, tomato, basil, and romaine. I live in California where you can get an avocado for $.75 to a full dollar. You can buy two tomatoes for a dollar. A giant cucumber is a dollar. And basil is a plenty. These people put $.50 of each ingredient in the salad… so I spent $9 for MAYBE $2 of veggies. It took me literally a minute to eat the avocado and tomato in the salad. I have a football helmet's worth of romaine. Great. And to make matters worse, I'm not smart. I got tzatziki and tahini confused and ordered a bowl of milky yogurt when I was expecting a lovely sesame seed paste. Awesome. Upset stomach. Haven't eaten in over 12 hours. A bowl of lettuce and milk. Meanwhile the hubby's enjoying a delicious lasagna. So mad and hungry. Really dumb. >=|
  13. Late to the party but quinoa messes me up. Gluten is still up for debate, though I am pretty sure. Quinoa shuts my intestines down causing joint pains and back pains, though. I want to shrink down in size and beat quinoa's butt. I was reading the outer "husk" or whatever, the outer covering will perforate intentional walls the same way gluten does. I have no idea why it's as popular as it is. My reaction to quinoa is almost worse than gluten.
  14. Is It The "g Word?"

    Wowza! Infinitely useful information! Thank you. Sad - I love ramen and I don't know why I thought udon was buckwheat. You're all helping me out a lot!