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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Reactive Hypoglycemia

    It's strange and yet makes so much sense to look back at all the stuff I've been diagnosed with through my life. I was diagnosed with Reactive Hypoglycemia at age29. My blood glucose Never rose after drinking the sugar drink. Just went down, down, down til they had to stop the test, make me lie down and eat protein to bring it up again. IDK why the Drs never connected the dots to Celiac. It's crazy.
  2. JyotsnaIndu, I have trouble with dairy and have been using almond milk for cereal and coffee and it's not very good in coffee LOL, so I bought So unsweetened coconut milk today, and I think I'm having a reaction to it. I'm just itching. No bloating or anything else so far but took a benadryl. I have noticed itching in my lower legs for the past few nights in a row too. (Before the switch to coconut milk). Anyone have this???
  3. Thank you cycling lady I am on supplements D,B12, magnezium, and was on iron for a long time. I am still anemic but not as bad, partly because I realized about 6 months ago NY problems were related to food and stopped eating processed food and fast food and anything with more than a few natural whole ingredients. It was a good change. It did not help the diarrhea or fibro or the severe bone pain in my thighs and upper arms or the confusion / brain fog. I will read the newbie stuff because I know I need to be taking calcium, folate, and a general multivitamin /mineral and hope I can absorb them. Thanks for your reply and support
  4. I am under a doctors care and no I don't know what I'm doing, and being disabled I don't have access to a lot if medical care I need. Most things I've had to learn by trial and error. My reactions to wheat go back to childhood and I have been aware of the anemia since 2010 when I stopped being able to tolerate any kind of physical exertion. What treatment is available for Celiac besides Gluten-Free??? Milk, eggs, and a few other things upset me. .too. I have such bone and muscle pain (fibro) that I am very discouraged at this point. My daughter has gotten involved and is going to help me
  5. I am responding to someone that sent info about RBCs and anemia in celiac disease. My bloodcells were so out of whack IDK how I didn't keel over or something. MCV, MCH all wrong and I had 25% teardrop cells and 25% ovalocytes. Low D, low wbcs, anemic and nothing helped. I'm still anemic now and my heart pounds and I'm extremely short of breath doing minor normal things. Like I can't walk but about half a block or stand long enough to do dishes etc. Much of the rest of my bloodwork is or has been abnormal. Sodium goes low on me alotand almost had to be hospitalized for that. It's good to know finally what's going on.
  6. Fibromyalgia Anyone?

    Ive known it had something to do with food since way back. Wheat in particular because I'd have arthritic symptoms after eating it. Strangely the whole wheat (healthy) cereals, breads etc were the only kind I wanted. I'm thankful for this forum cause I really felt like a hypochondriac!!!!
  7. Fibromyalgia Anyone?

    I never got a proper diagnosis of what kind if anemia I had. It didn't respond to iron, B12, or anything else. My Dr. situation was wacko. I could never get them all on the same page, thus did my own research. Mostly by reading everything about chronic pain and digestive disorders. So by process of elimination I got it. No gluten, milk, eggs, and maybe a few other things. I have a long way to go, having been sick since childhood. Thank you for answering
  8. Fibromyalgia Anyone?

    Angie in CA, I have anxiety /panic attacks also. I've dealt with a significant amount of depression too. All this, the fibro, thebrain fog, confusion, tingling, the diarrhea and bloating, the deep bone pain and muscle pain is all related to food??? I'm a bit upset right now because I was referred to specialist after specialist for lupus and RA testing all negative, and point blank asked one of the Dr s. If any of this could be FOOD RELATED. Well she basically laughed at me. I kinda knew it all along
  9. Fibromyalgia Anyone?

    My vitamin D was 23 last time and I'm taking 1000 II daily.I'm wondering if I should be taking more. It's funny when I was 23 and began having arthritic symptoms, the Dr. put me on B6. But let. me back way up. Did anyone lose their baby teeth for no reason?? When I was 5 all my baby teeth had turned black and I lost them. Many dental problems all my life and skeletal problems. They've been trying to "fix" the anemia since 2011. Any thoughts??
  10. Fibromyalgia Anyone?

    I will be requesting the testing for celiac this Thursday as we review yet again my labwk. Does this affect anyone's heart adversely??? I have palpitations and fast heart beat, pounding sometimes after eating or taking certain medications.
  11. Fibromyalgia Anyone?

    I forgot to add I have very bad tingling in my hands, feet and lips/ tip of tongue.
  12. Fibromyalgia Anyone?

    Hello all. I have read most of your posts and like a lot of you have pretty much had to make my own diagnoses and had to do my own research. Drs seem to not know how to put it all together for me. I had my first serious illness from gluten at age 10. Eggs also seem to disagree with me as well as dairy. I have every single fibromyalgia symptom named, and arthritic symptoms going back to my early 20s. I am in constant pain, widespread, shooting pains in my head. I've made radical changes in diet already, because I had bowel cancer in 2013, but have eliminated gluten only recently. Oh yeah and vitamin d is low so supplements. Also had to take B12 and iron a long time because they couldn't figure out why I'm anemic