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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks for the replys. Sorry I didn't write back sooner but I'm not feeling too hot right now. Im so damn drained and irratible right now. Stomach isn't too bad right now but the rest of me feels not so good. I'm going to try to finish this out for the next 3 weeks. Again, thanks for the input. Joe
  2. I need a little advice from you guys. Here's the deal. Up until last year I never knew anything about Celiac but as I look back on my life I see that I have and had all the symptoms. Anyway, I was horribly sick last year with severe malabsorbtion (food was passing right through me undigested) and other gut problems. Someone mentioned to me it sounded like Celiac and should try a gluten-free diet. After starting the diet I started feeling better. Just to verify, I did Enterolabs testing and came back positive for the gene and elevated antibodies. I thought that these 2 tests were enough but after 5 months of a strict gluten-free diet I was feeling better but not 100%. I went to see my doc and he did the celiac blood test panel and it came back negative. He then referred me to a Gastro to get a upper gi. He was about to do the test (I already had the IV in my arm and was about to be sedated) and then realized I had been gluten-free for the previous 6 months. He wants me to go back on gluten for 6 - 8 weeks and come back. Well, Im on week 3 and I feel like death. Im having alternating constipation with severe D and have been doubled over with severe cramps everytime. I can't even think straight anymore. I read some posts here about brainfog and that's exactly how I feel right now. I don't know if I can go on 4 more weeks. I guess my question would be should I go on? Was the original 5 months I was gluten-free not enough time to totally get over this? If I do keep eating gluten for the next month will I do permanent damage? Also, is 6-8 weeks enough time to show damage through a biopsy? I guess the pain I'm going through right now would be worth it to get a positive diagnosis. Thanks for any input. Joe
  3. Funny Smell?!

    I can completely relate. Before going gluten-free I would smell like ammonia after I would go to the gym. I never saw a connection to the diet but now that I think about it, I haven't had this happen in about 3 months. Maybe there is a connection. Joe
  4. Depression

    I can totally relate with all of you. One book that has been a incredible help to me is "The Mood Cure". It was recommended to me by Thomas3000 (another member on this board). I was going through horrible depression and anxiety over the past year. I read this book (took me 3-4 times of rereading it for the info to "click") and am now following the protocol. I am seeing very promising results from the suppliments and am close to bieng totally cured. I can't recommend reading this enough. This book isn't one of those "alternative" health books. It has scientific real world treatments using amino acids and other suppliments. Joe
  5. Not a nice topic but I've got to ask. I've been noticing some fairly odd reactions lately. Over the last week I've been feeling horrible and also been terribly constipated. Two days before this I had gotten some gluten in my diet by mistake. Each passing day I got more constipated and felt worse and worse. Finally after a week of this I took a bunch of laxitives...after the laxitives did their thing I felt like a totally new person mentally and physically. The back ache, head ache, bags under my eyes, and mental funkyness completely went away within 10 mins. Is this common? If I could only stay feeling this way all the time. I feel like a new person. Ideas?? Joe
  6. Communion Wafers

    This is one of my concerns with celiac. I'm a Catholic and I definately get reactions when I have gotten communion. I've looked into this and the Catholic Church states that the communion wafer must be wheat with no substitutions. So basically rice or potato, etc... will not be considered the Body of Christ. I stopped taking communion and if they don't have wine I just go without. Not to sound fanatical but God made us this way right? I can't explain it....I just try to adapt. Joe
  7. Emotional Rollercoaster

    Thanks for your insight. I'm trying to do everything I can to stay gluten-free but I keep making stupid mistakes. Like during Christmas, it's a family tradition to eat these wafers with honey before dinner (an Italian thing I can't remember the name for) and I never associated it with gluten. 2 days later I'm feeling really strange but thankfully it went away after a couple of days. I just don't know how you guys do it. Thanks again, Joe
  8. Quick question for you veterans. I'm still very new to this disease (only about 3 months into it) and was wondering about the mental aspect of this disease. I've been getting these days where my emotions are totally out of whak. One hour I can feel great then the next I feel painfully depressesd and then back to normal again. It scares the hell out of me. I don't think it's clinical depression or anxiety because it doesn't last all day. Also, it's not like this all the time and usually I can trace it back to a mistake on the diet. Is this normal? I've personally never been a believer in antidepressants and don't want to take that route. I've been taking magnesium (thanks thomas3000) and that seems to help. If anyone has experience with this I'd really appreciate hearing from you. Will it ever go away? Joe
  9. Stoli Kicked My Butt

    Hmmmmm...I only had 3 drinks and a small glass of Champaign. The night before we went out and I had 3 Captain and cokes and was totally fine. Im assuming it was cheap cranberry juice because it came out of the gun. This was the most I drank since going gluten-free. Last week during Christmas I had a couple of gin and grapefruit juice (real juice) and also felt totally fine. It just blows me away that even a year ago I could go out and drink without any problems or notice of a hangover. The only times were when I would drink beer. Years ago, even before I knew about Celiac, I stopped drinking beer because even 1 would make me so tired and bloated I'd just want to go home and sleep. It's also wierd too that now I seem to be super sensitive to anything with gluten but I've only been aware of the problem for about 10 weeks. Thanks for all your input. Joe
  10. So I've been feeling really good now since going on the gluten-free diet. Went out with a couple of friends for New Years Eve and had a couple of Stoli and cranberry's. The next day I felt like I drank 20 of them. Extreme stomach pains, a splitting headache behind my eye that lasted 14 hrs, brainfog, etc... The only thing I could think that caused it was the Stoli or Champaign. I've never been a lightweight and I definately didn't overdo it on drinking. Anyone else ever had a reaction like this? Thanks Joe
  11. What a great topic. Just reading this today made me feel really good knowing there are other people feeling the same way I do. It really puts things into perspective by thinking of gluten foods as poisin. What seems to be helping me with the cravings is l-glutamine. The other thing that helps when the cravings get really unbearable is having a cigarette. I know it may be the worst of the 2 evils but at least when I have a smoke I don't get messed up for the next week.
  12. Extreme Hunger

    Thanks for the input. Im just starting to add fiber foods into my diet...hopefully that will help. Kevsmom, isn't the depression a major symptom of Celiac? I've only been gluten free for about 4-5 months and I'm very very slowly getting better. The worst part of this whole disease for me is the mental rollercoaster...all the physical pains are almost bareable. If I screw up on the diet I will be up and down for a week with anxiety and depression. Its really strange, I'll be horribly depressed 1 minute and then feel fine the next. For awhile I thought I had a problem with depression and/or anxiety but it's very clear to me now that it's caused by reaction to foods. Depression and anxiety are not diseases themselves, they are indicators of something else going on in your body. Thanks Joe
  13. Is it normal to be extremely hungry all the time? I can eat a really big meal and an hour later I'm totally starved again. It dosen't matter how much I eat...I'm still hungry. I'm an athletic 175lb guy and strictly sticking to the diet (but have slipped up a couple of times). Just can't figure it out. I get really hungry late at night but if I eat before I go to bed I wake up with nightmares. I thought it might be my blood sugar but all the levels have been totally normal. I've also been craving carbs in a huge way...I'd pretty much kill for a thick crust Pizza Hut pizza and a beer...(nice dream huh?). Any ideas. Thanks Joe
  14. Ok...you all make it sound so obvious but up until last week I was feeling absolutely on top of the world. I was on the gluten-free diet and it literally was the best I've felt in years. But for some mysterious reason I felt horrible again and couldn't find any source of gluten. Before this happened I was 110% convinced that this was caused by gluten. Is it possible to have a relapse without ingesting gluten? The only thing new to my diet was a qt. of Rice Dream ice cream (after I ate it I read on here it has traces of gluten but I wouldn't think that would throw me that bad). The only other things I could possibly think of would be excess sugars and butter from Thanksgiving dinner...the rest of the meal was completely gluten-free. Either way, I really appreciate the input....I guess it's just not worth getting sick over just to get test results. Thanks Joe
  15. You're right Claire. I wasn't totally convinced by Enterolabs just because it wasn't "mainstream". I'm still new to understanding the disease and if I got "official" diagnosis I could get some local support and guidence. It's totally frustrating because I've been having digestive issues ever since I was a kid and no one ever mentioned Celiac. I've literally spent thousands of dollars on Doc's and tests that all came back negative. The only things that ever came back positive were vitamin/mineral deficiencies, no growth of beneficial bacteria, and the Enterolabs results. I must be the clinically healthiest person alive but still feel miserable after eating or drinking certain foods. Thanks for your input, Joe