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  1. Food Sensitivity?

    In regards to the post from Stephanie, "Those tests have no valid scientific backing, are expensive and often severely limit a persons diet unnecessarily. An elimination diet with slow reintroduction is the only true way to get to the bottom of food issues, esp. suspected intolerances" I am not an expert on these issues, I am just saying what worked for me. $400 may seem an excessive fee for blood testing but compared to the many prescriptions I have filled and the many creams I have purchased and probably would have continued to purchase had I not gone this route, not to mention the agony of the unrelenting itch, I consider it a bargain. The naturopath has cut out many foods that I will be able to add back in after a 9 month abstinence which seems the same as an elimination diet minus the guesswork. The testing may be unreliable but it seems to have worked for me and if it could help someone else with similar issues I think it shouldn't be discounted. Just my opinion. Elaine
  2. Possible Coeliac And Dh?

    Hi Scotty, I have also had a rash for almost an year and came to this forum with the thought that I had celiac disease. Its a long story of how I finally got help (4 or 5 doctors 2 dermatologists and 2 hospital visits, tons of steroid cream anti histamines blood tests skin biopsies etc) but in the end it has been a naturopath who pinpointed what I have. She did specific blood test to check the foods that I am sensitive to and since cutting them out I am seeing a huge improvement. Gluten is an issue for me but it is a newly acquired intolerance due to a leaky gut syndrome caused by eating foods that I have always been allergic to. It turns out that I have a lifelong intolerance to all things bovine....beef, milk (all dairy) lamb products and goat products. I have eaten beef dairy and lamb all my life but my body finally had given up fighting it and now I have intolerances to grains, legumes, some fruits, nuts, eggs, sugar, honey, yeast, etc etc. I have cut out most of these foods and have eaten very limited amounts of a couple of them....(very hard to not eat some stuff as I am allergic to almost everything ) and my rash is clearing up. It was all over me but started on my arms and legs. It spread to my hips, bum stomach, back....basically it was everywhere except my head feet and hands. I now only have it on my shins and most of the sores are almost healed there. I have scars which I hope will fade with time but thank goodness the itch is almost all gone! Consider seeking help from a naturopath it has been the answer for me! Good luck! Elaine
  3. Food Sensitivity?

    Hi, I have been dealing with a rash for almost a year now and ended up on this forum suspecting I had a gluten intolerance. I have seen several doctors and 2 dermatologists with no real answers so as a last resort I went to see a naturopath. She recommended I have blood testing done (ELISA=Enzyme Linked ImmunoSorbant Assay) to check for food sensitivities. It took 6 weeks to get my results and I had to pay 400$ but it was the best 400$ I have ever spent. She identified foods that I have always had an allergy to and also new sensitivities. I have been eating clean (well as clean as I can considering the multitude of things I have developed intolerances to) and my rash is clearing up. My rash wasn't just a small patch, it covered most of my body in the most horrible itchy sores that took forever to heal, I was miserable and even went to the hospital emergency twice because it was so awful. I would encourage anybody who is experiencing anything similar or other issues that the regular medical system isn't helping to try the naturopath route, it has been my salvation! I hope this helps someone who is suffering..... Good Luck to all Elaine
  4. I haven't been tested for celiac....my regular doctor has no clue and the dermatologist is convinced it is eczema (she keeps mentioning stress as the culprit for the eczema)....so frustrating! I will definitely know for sure if I see improvement again after eating a clean diet. I just have to stay strong around flour products....im a carb hound (not always the good carbs) E
  5. Ruth I can totally see the difference, you really look much healthier in the second picture! I am hoping for similar results: I am not swollen, in the face anyway, but my rash is bad. I will keep you all posted as to my progress. Take care and thanks so much for your support!!
  6. I haven't had any blood work done for celiac, I had a hard enough time convincing my doc that I didn't have scabies!! He was convinced I had that lol. I am not sure if I even care about it at this point. If I can control this by myself with diet I will be a happy girl. I have been off the gluten for 3 days and even though that isn't long, I don't want to waste that small progress. Changing my diet is hard work for me so 3 days is huge. I love, love, love, bread, pasta, beer and did I mention beer :-)?? I don't want to give the idea that I drink beer 24/7 but my husband and I enjoy a pint socially a couple of days a week so this is hard for me. I have to stay the course now or I do the slippery slide back into gluten and we all know how sticky that is..... If my restricted diet doesn't work this time then I am at a loss. Hoping for the best.... E
  7. Hello Squirm, I have just been so busy that I haven't had time to come back...weird how you make time when your itch is raging lol. I went back to eating everything...gluten included after the derm said it was the cream and antihistamines that was improving the rash. I think I have been in a bit of denial that I could have this so I latched onto her words in the hopes that I didn't have it. I have been healthy all my life. I rarely catch colds, don't think I have ever even had the flu and even when as an adult I got chicken pox I only had 4 or 5 little spots! I haven't taken a sick day from work in over 20 yrs. I work for myself but even on days when I am feeling less than 100% I still manage to work. I was and still am having a hard time getting my head around the idea that this can just come on out of the blue. That being said I know that when I restricted my diet I improved a lot so I am going to put my energy into eating clean and accepting the idea that it is possible for even my 'superhero immune system' has its kryptonite Achilles heel: damn the DH!!!! On another note, and I will try to make this as short as I can, I have been estranged from my biological mother since I was 10 yrs old. She lives in England and my father brought my sis and I to Canada 40 ys ago (I am 50) I have had very limited contact with her over these 40 yrs. The last time we spoke would have been over 3 yrs ago. Anyway I play an online scrabble game on my phone and I have an opponent whom I play with on an ongoing basis, I had no idea who it was until the other day. Turns out it is my mother, she came clean on the chat feature and told me who she was so we started chatting. So during our chats I asked her if she has any food intolerances and I explained what is going on with me and she was shocked. Turns out she is currently dealing with a rash that she got about a month and a half ago. She hadn't been to the doctors yet thinking that it would just clear up on its own. It is exactly like mine, she itches then she scratches like mad until she bleeds and the scab takes forever to heal. She said she gets a red raised area too. She has never had any issues with rashes or eczema nor with her intestines. Is it possible we have the same thing at the same time....mine is a few months older than hers but I think it is a very strange coincidence that she has it also...........and that she contacted me at this time............ The universe works in mysterious ways E
  8. I have another appointment booked for the middle of may, (she is on vacation for the month of april....go figure!!) so I am going to stick to the hypo diet now until she comes back. I have taken pics of my newly raging rash to show her just how her cream worked . I will tell her that I am now totally gluten free and advise her to open her mind. Not all DH takes the same form nor does it land in the same places on the body on every person. She had looked at my elbows and knees and stated that it probably wasn't DH because it was in the wrong places. After I see her I will try adding back in dairy and soy. I am actually a bit scared to eat a huge variety of foods right now, the rash has totally freaked me out. My husband cant believe how much worse it is, he is totally on the side of the hypo diet and thinks the derm should update her antiquated education!! E
  9. Thank you Ruth for your support...I have a question, since you have been gluten free for 4 yrs has your rash cleared up? Elaine
  10. I am back after a few weeks hiatus from the forum and I just want to say screw the diagnosis!! I am sticking with the gluten free diet now whether the dermatologist thinks 'gluten intolerance' is just a new fad disease that is cool to have, or not. Yes that was what she said when I told her that I thought I was gluten intolerant. She looked at my rash and said it was eczematic and prescribed a compound of cortisone cream mixed with some sort of aveeno moisturizer and an antihistamine that I had already been taking which did seem to lessen the itch at night so that I could sleep. I told her that the rash had been over most of my body but that I had been doing a gluten free diet for a few weeks and it seemed to have cleared from my tummy and back. She at that point said well lets put you on a hypoallergenic diet of just lamb rice and pears as well and told me to come back in two weeks. So I went home and did her diet of lamb rice and pears and continued with the antihistamines. It took 7 days for the cream prescription to be filled as it was a special compound, so I just followed her diet for that first week. By the day that I actually got the cream from the pharmacy, my rash was looking markedly better and was not nearly as itchy. So I did the last week with the diet (I did add in some foods that I found on a list of hypoallergenic foods online) and the cream and then went for my next appointment with the derm. She looked at my rash and said it looks a lot better and told me that the antihistamines and the cream were responsible for my improvement. So like an idiot I went home and went back to eating my normal diet. What a huge mistake!!!! my rash is awful again and it came back even worse than before....my legs and arms are a complete mess and once again so itchy that I am waking up in the night even when I take two (dosage is actually only one pill) antihistamine pills before bed. My hips and butt are also starting to itch so I am nipping this in the bud. I am back on the hypoallergenic diet in the hopes that it puts a stop to this. I think the hypoallergenic diet worked so well because there is no real chance of getting cc'd. Its all homemade foods like quinoa, yams, fresh veggies, rice, lamb, wild fish, and only organic meat that is raised on no grains, it has to be grass fed. It is only day 3 of my being back on this diet so I haven't yet seen an improvement but I will keep you posted on my improvement. I am shocked at how much worse the rash is that before, my legs look like they have been burned in a fire...all red and raised tissue with scabs...so horrible!!! I would recommend the hypoallergenic diet to anyone who is struggling, it seems to have helped me once so I am hoping that it works again....... Elaine
  11. My rash is basically the same on my legs and arm, but it has flared on my tummy again and this after severely restricting my diet. I have not started using the steroid cream as the pharmacy has to send out for a compound, it is betamethasone mixed with aveeno or something like that. I am taking doxepin, an antihistamine that I think, takes the itch from an unbearable 10 down to a just tolerable 6. I have times in the day where it seems to go nuts and others when it is quiet. I know the rash wont be clear next week, so I don't know what the derm will do then. I am not staying strictly to lamb rice and pears, I just don't have that discipline in me. I have added in herbal tea, black coffee, yams, fava beans, brussel sprouts quinoa and I cook my rice in almond milk with green curry paste and kaffir lime leaves. I need some flavour!! I am not having gluten dairy or soy. I have limited my salt to almost nothing. I am using some spices but I have googled hypoallergenic diets and the only thing that is a no no is black coffee.....forgive me this small pleasure, I may be a headline if I don't have my morning java!! I am with you Ruth, the diagnostic procedure for this disease is severely lacking, I am surprised that in this day and age we cant come up with something definite and consistent to test for it. I am going to continue with the gluten free thing and see what happens. How long did it take you to be able to definitely tell that gluten was the culprit? I am still having bad days where it flares and once the scabs are there it becomes a vicious cycle of itch/scratch/scab/itch/scratch/scab.......
  12. Has Prickly posted about her experience with the naturopath? I am just wondering how I would find those posts.....I am not too savvy on finding specific info on this forum. My husband thinks the naturopath with the blood panels specifically targeting food sensitivity is the route to go so we may try that. I am curious as to what the derm will say when I show up in a week and a half and still have the rash......if it is gone by then I will eat my hat and my husbands too (as long as they are gluten free ). On the upside I have lost 6 lbs on this diet.....if I can calm the rash I may yet have hope for a bikini this summer!!!
  13. Hi I am back and no definite answers, The dermatologist says she thinks it looks eczematic. I had pictures of my tummy and back to show her from when I stopped the prednisone (it was really bad then) just to show her what the flare up looked like. I told her I had seen similar rashes that were caused from gluten sensitivity and was trying the gluten free diet to see if I saw any improvement. She said exactly what you thought she would say, that it wasn't on my knees or my scalp etc so it probably wasn't DH. She wanted to know if the lesions come as a result of my scratching or if they are there whether I scratch or not. I said my skin itches and burns with nothing apparent and then I scratch and voila a bleeding sore. Then that sore takes forever to heal because it continues to itch and be scratched. She doesn't have an answer as to what it is but said that it appears that my scratching is making it flare more and seems to think that if she can stop the itch that it should clear up. She prescribed more cortisone cream with more antihistamines and seems to feel if I put it on more often that it should work. She also put me on a diet of lamb, rice, pears, and water....yep that is all I can eat for 2 weeks....no salt, spices, sugar, caffeine, gluten, dairy soy, etc etc. She only decided on that treatment after I told her I had cut out the gluten, felt like she was 'one upping' my gluten free thing lol. I have to go back in two weeks and she is going to assess the rash. If it isn't better she said she may try a skin biopsy but says there is nothing really to biopsy. I am beyond frustrated at this point. I am not sure what the point of restricting my diet to that degree is all about, she did not elaborate on that. So I guess all I can say at this point is stay tuned! On another note, after the appointment I was at the grocery store (buying the most expensive meat on the planet...yes you guessed it baaaaaaaaaa) and I happened to start talking to a lady who was working there doing food demo's I told her I couldn't have what she was offering as I was on a restricted diet. After much Yada yada yada-ing....(she told me her tale of food woes) she suggested a naturopath. Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on going that route? She said the naturopath did blood panels that specifically screen for food sensitivities and deficiencies and after she stopped eating the things the naturopath identified as bad for her, her skin cleared and her migraines stopped. Any thoughts or experience on this would be appreciated. I live in Canada and our health is universal but doesn't cover naturopaths. The blood tests are several hundred dollars not sure if that's a good idea or not. Anyway I am no further ahead at this point except for being out of pocket for lamb chops and betamethasone ....I will climb back onto my hamster wheel and wait for a response........ E
  14. Hi Squirming, I am talking about a skin biopsy and maybe blood tests if they do them. I am not sure if I have new lesions, the rash is spreading on my arms and legs and I seem to get the sores from scratching. I dont even know if the itch would break out into sores if I didnt scratch them. Once I have the scabs they get scratched and rescratched because they are so damn itchy. This whole rash is so confusing. It fits many of the DH characteristics but it is definitely not blisters so I am not even sure of what it is. I would rather have a definite answer as to what it is than be left with a another baffled dr and 'stab in the dark' 'spin the bottle' diagnosis. Not knowing leaves me guessing at how to tackle it. I would also like to read the article mentioned in the previous posts. I am trying to gain as much knowledge and info as I can. Such a frustrating ailment....grrrrrrrrr
  15. Thank you for the information. I am not even sure I have DH, I have had a nasty rash for almost 6 months that sent me to the internet doing my own research which is how I ended up here. I've had 7 dr's appts and 4 different diagnosis' (3 of the appts only netted me baffled looks from the gps and prescriptions for cream and antihistamines). I have started a gluten free diet to see if it get any result from it. I know that it takes quite a while see an improvement so I don't expect much yet. I just wondered if I would still have gluten in my system. I will explain it all to the dermatologist and I am sure he will know whether to bother testing or if it is going to be a waste of time Thanks again! Elaine