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  1. Dark Chocolate Goji with Raspberry specifically I'm eating...currently =)
  2. My bag only says under the allergy info: "Manufactured on the same equipment that processes tree nuts". Nothing about wheat on here. Also I've been eating handfuls all week without issue and I'm pretty sensitive. If anything any stomach aches are from eating too many at once!
  3. Hey I just tested positive for this reaction and it might also be something else. After eating something with gluten i start with burps, then cramps, "bathroom symptoms" and then at night i get the shakes and cant relax. I try hard to be good, its been almost 3 weeks, but I just had about 5 days of a reaction where I drink so much Nyquil to sleep through the pain that I'm worried about waking up. I'm sick of burping all the time and having cramps. My doctor has me seeing a specialist soon to probably scope for more issues. I'm so bad at knowing what I can and can't eat and my reactions are getting worse and it takes longer to get over them. I only got tested for gluten because of having 3 reactions in 3 weeks due to work xmas parties. =(
  4. Hello, I just found out I was gluten-free and I'm still pretty bad at picking out what I can't eat. Someone gave me GNC Lean Protein Vanilla Bean flavor. On the GNC website it isn't on of the ones listed but the ingredients don't seem to have anything bad in them. Could someone help me out please? I'm still recovering from a reaction and I don't want to irritate myself more. Thanks so much.