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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thank you at the drs today for results from blood test and to see if i need more antibiotics. will let you all know what happens
  2. some one said if the immune system is down due to celiac,leaky gut. you are more likely to get things like this. they was no cut or sting about 3 years ago i was a beekeeper and got celluitis in my leg due to being up a tree catching a swarm. this only lasted 2 days with my leg up above the level of my heart. this time i was in hosp for 8 days on a drip
  3. Sorry I have been away, I got up at 6am on friday and by 7am I was in an ambulance on morphine, I was bright read and swollen around the groin area. I had cellulitis. was on 3 types of antibiotics via drip 4 times a day. and who knos how many painkillers. now im home i take 3 antibiotics 4 times a day. so I have not managed to get my blood results yet. I was wondering if this could be part of Celiac disease.
  4. I am still waiting for my blood test results but was wondering if Glucosamine and vitamins and hemp protein could effect the results.
  5. Hi KCG I will carry on but maybe just try a few gluten free things till all the tests are done. Hopefully it wont be long now
  6. I have my blood done in the morning can I then go Gluten and wheat free or do I have to wait till I get the results? I Know i felt much better when I was not eating bread and pasta, he said one of the results will take 2 weeks to come back.
  7. Hi anand the book is by Jonathan Brostoff and Linda Gamlin The complete Guide to food food allergy and intolerance get it from amazon for 1p. waiting for it to be despatched.
  8. Thanks KCG the wife has said whats one more day or do I need to wait for the results before I go gluten free. see said you now know personally what's wrong. so keep eating it till the results come throw. then we can start and maybe find you a dietitian even if we have to pay for it we will she makes sense sometimes :-)
  9. Hello!

    Welcome I only went to my GP yesterday and am having the blood test tomorrow, I am still eating gluten until they have done the tests, I really don't wona eat it now but I have eat it for 43 years so a few more weeks I will have to just Cary on. the doctors appointment goes well
  10. Thanks KCG. they do the blood tests on a wednsday, I dont know how I can keep eating gluten/wheat for 2 more days never mind weeks, now I know what its doing I just wona stop. eating it I am feeling more depressed eating it now I had cherios this morning and yea I got pain in my gut and the runs to. just what I need before i go to work driveing a van for 5 hours :-( hopefully this will all be over soon. now I know what the problem is. just need the DRs to know it to
  11. Has anyone tried Natural Hemp protein powder. I have been looking at a few could not believe how many they are out there, but came across this one and wondered if anyone had tried it. I don't wona be spending lots of money on different things.
  12. Just got back from my GP he says it souds like you defiantly have a wheat intolerance he recommended the stone age diet No wheat no dairy no egg no coffee no black tea. he has asked for blood tests for wheat intolerance and coeliacs they do blood tests on a Wednesday, he sad it might take 2 weeks to come back he also recomended a book the complete guide to food allergy.
  13. Feeling a bit nervous about going to see my GP this morning, I'm going to print out a list of things and how I feel cos my mind will go blank, I'm not going to say about food on prescription cos this might put him off, just going to tell him I told the nurse about the atkins diet and how I felt without bread or pasta (carbs) and see where we go from there. will let you all know in about 3 hours. thanks again for your suport
  14. Hi Rae I have the same with my stomach I am going to the Dr on monday and going to ask for the test I whet on the atkins with the wife and my stomach went down in about 3-5 days. I only weigh 10st but when I had bread again it was back its hard and looks like im pregnant. had pasta last night and was sweating dont know if this is anything to do with it? I really dont wona eat wheat and Gluten now I think this is whats causing me my problems but you have to to get a proper result from the tests. I have more symptoms as well. it was only when we was taliking to someone last week he said you need to talk to someone I know some one with Celiac and it could be that.
  15. I am seeing my GP on monday at 11 will let you know I think I will need to Wright everything down and tell him everything hopefully he will do the tests, i work full time so have to pay for my prescription so it might not be any cheaper we will have to see what he says