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  1. has anyone ever figured out why this is happening? Not all celiac's have this issue.
  2. I might get some and try it.
  3. I do use a lot of olive oil an I try to eat an avocado at least once a week. lol I am not much of an avocado eater. but right now I am eating things I don't like to get the calorie intake. thank you.
  4. jicama! I did not think of that. thank you.
  5. I have been gluten free for almost a year. But 4 months ago I started having problems eating raw veggies, night shades and dairy. Now after going on an elimination diet and starting to add things back in I cannot eat most nuts, soy, eggs or gluten free flours. I am finding it hard to find things to eat. I have trouble with most fruits. We did another biopsy to see how the intestines were healing. They seem to be doing much better. But I am finding it hard to eat. the pain is intense when I eat. I get migraines when I eat potatoes. The nutritionist is not sure how to proceed. The diet she put me on caused muscle loss and fast weight loss. I was not able to function my body was to tired and could not even walk up stairs. my doc cannot find anything wrong with me.
  6. the first month was hard. The body detoxing is not fun. I would not have thought detoxing from gluten would be painful. It was. But keep at it don't give up. It gets better. you will start feeling better after the frustration wears off.
  7. This is a weird diet to be on. It should be basic. No gluten and you will be fine. NOPE!!!! I started my diet 6 months ago. sense then I now cannot have dairy and raw veggies kill my tummy. I can eat some night shade veggies as long as they are cooked but not all. I am very sensitive to the point of my cooking utensils. I also cannot have brown rice. Brown rice is gluten free. It is trial and error all the time. I could not take some B-12's they make me sick . I found a vegan one that is wonderful and by the afternoon after taking it I just feel better.