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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. This is very interesting. Does it say anywhere what it would be called on the ingredient list? I personally can't handle the additive carageenan. It's added to a lot of yogurt, ice cream type things to make them creamier. For me it causes tremendous bloating. 6 months after diagnosis I was still having painful bloating daily that my Dr and I couldn't figure out. I scoured my food diary. Nothing. Then I saw an article on additives that cause issues for some and carageenan was on it. I checked and sure enough it was in the almond milk i was using to make smoothies every day. I cut that out and my bloating improved by 75%.
  2. I agree Cristiana! My nodule was 5 mm when I had been gluten free for 6 months(that was when it was discovered). A year later it was 3.5 mm. I do think that for celiacs, at least, that thyroid problems including nodules are helped by the gluten free diet.
  3. Wonderful news! I'm so glad for you and am sure you are relieved! 😀😀😀😀
  4. Absolutely! Keep advocating for yourself! I'm thinking of you today, hoping that all goes well. Hugs!!
  5. Hi again 😁 As of September, your Free T4 was at 53% of the range, so decent. It could, of course, have changed since then. Have your symptoms increased recently? I would say that with your symptoms and a palpable nodule that most likely your values would be changed now. Are you able to request having your bloodwork redone? With the nodule, is there any chance your Dr would order an antibody test just to get a better idea of what's going on? Let us know how it goes tomorrow! Hugs!
  6. Hello...can you clarify the range on Free T4? Is it .9-19, 9.0-19? You want to be between 50-75% of the range. Looking at Free T3 would be so helpful as that is the active hormone...it's your energy and healthy hair hormone. It's best to have that one at 50-75% of the range as well. Having antibodies tested is crucial. If you have high antibodies, you could have normal #'s on all of your other thyroid tests, but feel bad. That was my mom. Perfect thyroid tests, super high antibodies. Your symptoms do sound like they could be thyroid related. I know that when my thyroid has gone wonky that I feel exhausted, cold all the time and my anxiety increases. The problem here is that low ferritin can cause your issues as well. I hope that helps...any ideas when you will be getting a thyroid ultrasound? Hugs!
  7. Most likely they did TSH and Free T4. Free T3 and the 2 antibodies TPOAb and TgAb would be very helpful especially with your nodules. I have found some very helpful information on this site http://thyroidboards.com/forums/. It's kind of like celiac.com, but for thyroids. ☺ You may find some helpful information there. Here is another link to some good information on thyroid issue and testing: https://www.verywell.com/thyroid-4014636 Please let us know when you get the ultrasound and if you're able to, insist on more complete thyroid testing!
  8. Hi friend, I too have a thyroid nodule. Mine was found almost 3 years ago. I switched Dr's and my new one, upon finding that I was on thyroid medication and had never had an ultrasound sound, ordered one. Mine was 5 mm at the time. The general policy here it seems that if its over 1 cm, they do a biopsy. If it's smaller than that, they watch it. That involves a yearly repeat ultrasound for 2 years and then every 5 years if there is no change. As of last August, mine had shrunk! Seriously. I was super excited. I chalk it up to being gluten free and having the Hashis calm down. My mom on the other hand has 1 over a cm, 1.1ish. So it was biopsied and came back benign. After a year though, it had grown a little. So now its being watched more closely, don't want it to become too large. Have you ever had your thyroid antibodies done? If not, you should. You likely do have Hashis...maybe are even in need of a little thyroid medication. Are your Dr's only checking TSH? If so, that number just doesn't tell enough. I remember my mom's TSH was always perfect, but when they tested her antibodies they were around 1500, which is quite high. Try not to worry too much, dear friend. I'm sure that all will turn out great. Please let me know if you need anything. Hugs!
  9. Hi Jamie! I completely agree with Pinky. Have your thyroid fully investigated. A lot of Dr's will only test TSH and it just doesn't tell the whole story. You also need Free T3, Free T4, TPOAb andTgAb. The last 2 are antibody tests. Your TSH should be close to 1 and both Free's should be within 50-75% of the range to be optimal. When your thyroid isn't operating optimally you can have a variety of issues, including hair loss. Another thing to have checked is your ferritin, stored iron. If that's low it can cause hair loss as well. Good luck...I hope you get this figured out!
  10. Hi Peg...I'm sorry that you're experiencing so much pain...that's terrible. ((((Hugs)))) I would suggest taking magnesium daily. I take mine before bed each night, 300 mg. It has helped so much with my peripheral neuropathy. I also find Epsom salt baths to be very soothing when I have pain. Do whatever you can to relax and take care of yourself. You could try eating AIP for a while to see if reducing inflammation overall helps with these symptoms. I'd also suggest making sure that you're thyroid isn't just normal, but optimal. That would be a TSH close to 1 and free T3 and Free T4 around 50-75% of the range. Many Dr's will say you're fine with a TSH of say 4.4 with the range being .5-4.5...but I feel horrendous at that level. Just thoughts. Thank you for updating us. I hope you get some relief!
  11. I'm so glad to hear that!😀 Patience is certainly a necessity for us, but sometimes you just need to vent!
  12. Hi cyclinglady...just wanted to check on you to see how you are doing. I hope you're feeling much better!
  13. I also use and love coconut aminos...so good!
  14. I second this. I do react to oats...I so wish I didn't as I miss oatmeal. Definitely try cutting those to see if there's an improvement. Keep in mind that in terms of healing your intestine, 6 weeks is not a long time. You need a lot of patience with celiac...so much more than you anticipate at diagnosis.
  15. Hi cyclinglady...I'm so sorry you're going through this! ((((Hugs)))) I got an infection when I had my wisdom teeth out. I only had 2 wisdom teeth, which is odd anyway. But one got infected after removal and it was terrible. I remember the pain...it felt like someone was hammering inside my head. They had me on antibiotics and had to put in a drain to get it all better. I was able to take ibuprofen thankfully. I can't believe you have to tough this out. If it helps at all...I got the flu in October and have had 2 bad colds. Totally stinks. I feel you. I hope you feel better soon!