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  1. Amazing! You should feel very optimistic! It sounds like you are doing everything right...great job!!😊😊😊😊
  2. I eat Haagen Dazs with no issues and it is delicious! I know that vanilla, vanilla bean, strawberry and chocolate are all labelled gluten free too. They have these new Trios that look amazing...my husband assures me that they are! They aren't labelled gluten free, although no gluten ingredients. They have so though and I can't have that. I also eat Breyers Natural Vanilla with no issues and it's really good too.
  3. Hi Cristiana, I was on it daily for a month. During that time I learned about acid rebound and was scared to experience it. So when my month was over, I started tapering. I didn't experience any issues coming off. I do hope you start feeling better. Maybe it would be good to stay on a very mild diet for a bit. I have lived on chicken, boiled potatoes, rice, bananas and berries for periods of time when I needed to. I'm not suggesting that you need to go that far, but maybe your body needs some foods that are gentle to your system for now. Feel better!
  4. Hi Cristiana, I'm so sorry that you are still having issues! I have been on a PPI once. I was diagnosed with h. Pylori at the same time as celiac, so my gut was a complete wreck! I was put on 2 antibiotics, a PPI and Pepto. I had read about acid rebound and decided to taper when it was time to come off. I went from taking it daily to 1 every other day for a few days. After that it was 1 every 3 days and after that I stopped. I never did get the acid rebound, thankfully. I really do hope you start feeling better!! ((((Hugs))))
  5. Hi Cristiana, I'm so sorry that you are not feeling well. (((Hugs))) I definitely had that before diagnosis and for some time after, which makes me wonder if you've been glutened. Do you keep a food diary? If so, have you checked the day or 2 before this started to see if anything stands out as the culprit? It could also be a virus. It's a good idea to go see your Dr if it persists though. In the meantime, do eat things that are gentle on your system. For me, I will put chicken breasts in the crockpot with broth and cook all day. I will eat that with boiled potatoes and butter. Bananas are another food that works well for me. Sipping on ginger tea is soothing as well. I do hope that you are feeling better...please let us know!
  6. Hi Mnburis! I have been keeping a food/symptom diary for about 3 years and have found it to be amazingly helpful! It has helped me determine things that were bothering me on a few occasions already. I brought it to a nutritionist at one point and she did look at it, which was helpful as well. I hope that your Dr will take the time to and that continuing to use one will help you with your detective work! Good luck and let us know how it goes!
  7. Hi Victoria! You are definitely hypothyroid. I'm so glad that you pushed and that your doctor listened! She is most likely starting you on levothyroxine which is a T4 replacement. Checking bloodwork again in 6-8 weeks is standard. Your Free T3 is 30% of the range and your Free T4 is 23% of the range. No wonder you feel bad! Optimally you want those to be 50-75%. You will have to be patient...it will probably take a few weeks to notice a difference. Also, getting the correct dosage dialed in can be tricky. But, this is a great start! I'm so happy for you...progress. 😀
  8. I totally get it. I hate going to Dr's...it gives me so much anxiety. I've never found a functional medicine Dr where I live that takes insurance, so I can't help there. I know that you can order your own thyroid labs online through stopthethyroidmadness. They do a full panel, it's reasonable priced. You could always try that. Hopefully your tests come back soon and mybe you wil have some answers. ((Hugs))
  9. I completely agree with Gemini! I can't understand her unwillingness to test for Hashis...makes no sense. Also, hopefully she tested Free T4 and not total T4 as that's the only one that matters. If she did Free T4, when you get your result, check to see where it is in the range. If it's below 50% of the range, along with your high in the range TSH, insist upon a trial of thyroid meds. Best wishes to you...I really hope you get some answers and feel better!
  10. Hi Victoria! Gemini is right, you need a full thyroid panel in order to really see what is going on with your thyroid. The remaining tests are Free T3, Free T4, TpoAb and TgAb. The last 2 are antibody tests. Ideally, your TSH will be around 1 and the Free #'s will be in 50-75% of the range. I feel terrible with a TSH where yours is. Mine is best very close to 1. Thankfully, my endocrinologist doses based on symptoms! Start by asking your Dr for the full panel. Give her all of your symptoms as well as your mom's history. Hopefully, she is willing to order them for you. Many Drs will only order TSH or that and Free T4, but you really do need all of them. This site is a great resource for all things thyroid: https://stopthethyroidmadness.com/recommended-labwork/ Good luck and please let us know how it goes!
  11. I had the same issue after diagnosis. I also wasn't thin at diagnosis. I lost 30 pounds very quickly.. it was kind of scary. Then I took a look at what I was eating and like you, realized I was short on calories daily. Eating good fats really helped me. Nuts and seed butters are a great source of calories. Olive oil, butter and coconut oil are great. For a long time I was putting a tablespoon of coconut oil in my coffee. Avocados and salmon are both delicious, highly caloric and full of good fats. I love Canyon bagels! Yum...so good toasted with sunbutter. For a while I tracked my calories daily to make sure I got the 1700 I needed to maintain and I did. Apparently I'm now absorbing much better. I went to the Dr today and I've gained 5 pounds. 😜
  12. Hi Booiegirl, I want to tell you not to worry, but I know that I myself would as I am a worrier. That being said, it most likely isn't lymphoma or refractory, both being so rare. I'm so glad that your Dr is being thorough and checking everything out. Hopefully you will get answers very soon as waiting often seems to be the hardest part. Please do let us know when you find out. Take some good care of yourself in the meantime. ((((Hugs))))
  13. Hi again and more ((((hugs))))! Do keep asking! I get it. The first 3-4 months I saw significant improvement and then things went a little downhill for me. I'm not completely sure why. I had a lot of anxiety as well. At one point I was only eating 6 foods just to try to figure out what might be bothering me. The good news is that 3 years later I feel a lot better. As far as anxiety goes, have you had a complete thyroid panel? Not just TSH. I ask because nothing has raised my anxiety more than having my thyroid be off. Just something to think about. I hope you are feeling better. 😊
  14. Hi Fbmb and (((hugs)))! I get it...totally. I remember doing that every day, looking at the poop to see if it was perfect! You are definitely still healing. It takes much longer for some of us than Drs lead us to believe. I still have off days after 3+ years. I'm having one today and have no idea why. I don't have perfect poops daily and don't know that it's reasonable to expect to. I do eat Breyers, but just the Natural Vanilla. The simpler the better for my body, I've found. I think you're doing great. It takes a lot of patience to get through this!
  15. Hi Galaxy! So good to hear from you! The waiting game is hard, but you should have the results soon. Please do let us know when you get them. Hugs!