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  1. 1. Once you started the Gluten Free Diet (GFD), how long did you go before your first involuntary glutening? 1.5 months 2.) How many times were you glutened your first year? 3 3.) How long do your symptoms last once you've been glutened? Gut symptoms for a week, other symptoms for a month or more. 4.) How long have you been on a GFD? 3 years today! 5.) What's your record for length of time not getting glutened? 1 year
  2. That's amazing! Good job! 😀
  3. Hi Fbmb! I lost 35 pounds in the first 6 months after diagnosis and going gluten free. I think I had so much inflammation from untreated celiac as my size did not correspond in any way to how much I ate. For a while I was happy with the weight loss, but it got to a point where I was really ready for it to stop. I looked at what I was eating.. at the time all whole foods...plugged it all in to fitnesspal.com and found I was getting about 1400-1500 calories a day and that I needed 1700-1800 a day just to maintain. I added some things in and kept track of my calories for a while. Staying in that calorie range my weight loss stopped and everything levelled out and has stayed that way for about 2 years. I hope it helps to m own that you're not alone in experiencing that! Keep eating things that work for you and feel good to your healing gut. ((((Hugs))))
  4. Hi Sara, I have Hashimotos and was on levothyroxine for years. About 2 years ago, after my celiac diagnosis, I started having lots of thyroid related issues. My endocrinologist switched me to Levoxyl and everything seemed to level out. I've done better on it overall and have even had to reduce my dosage. I hope it works for you as well!
  5. Hi Lindsey! Yes, the celiac panel is a set of blood tests...cyclinglady's link is great. If you haven't already, call your gastro doc to see if these tests were ordered. If they weren't, ask your GP to order them this week. The results should be back before your biopsy and you will have more information to determinew what's going on. Your new doc sounds great...any time a doctor really listens it's encouraging. The pain and other issues that you are feeling are not just in your head. Don't let anyone tell you that. Only you know how your body feels! Keep hanging in there and keep eating some gluten each day until your testing is complete...1-2 slices of bread or the equivalent should be sufficient. I completely understand your concerns regarding your children. I'm sure that you are a wonderful mum. Hopefully soon you'll be feeling better enough physically to be able to enjoy the time with them. Big ((((hugs))))
  6. Hi Lyndsey and (((((hugs)))))! I can identify with a lot of your symptoms. Mine got really bad after the birth of my daughter as well. Right before diagnosis I was convinced I was dying. I was in so much pain all the time, terrible vertigo and headaches daily, body aches, diarrhea all day. It was awful. Finally my doctor tested for celiac and there it was...the answer. It has taken a while...I'm almost 3 years since diagnosis...but I am so much better than I was! Do I think you could have celiac? It certainly sounds like it could be. I agree with GFinDC...if you haven't, get that celiac panel done. Perhaps your doctor could order that while you wait for your endoscopy. For the endoscopy, make sure that they plan to take several samples to biopsy...very important! Boiling ginger root in water makes a very soothing tea for me. Peppermint tea is very nice as well. A heating pad really helped my pain and an Epsom salt bath is very relaxing. Hopefully some of those things help! Keep advocating for yourself and push for complete testing...you deserve to feel good. Welcome to the forum and please update us on your testing!
  7. That sounds delicious!
  8. Goodness, this sounds tough. Big ((((hugs)))) I agree with others that for now eat very bland, easy foods. When I've been glutened I go straight to chicken cooked all day in the crockpot, boiled potatoes, very well steamed carrots or asparagus. Maybe rice and bananas. But that's it. I will eat that for days until things calm down. I also drink ginger tea (just a slice of ginger root boiled in water) or peppermint tea and find both soothing. I would wonder as well about gallbladder functionality and gallstones. Kidney stones as well. Those sent me to the ER last year...extremely painful and had chills, etc. I'm not sure what else to suggest. I hope that something gets figured out quickly so that you can feel better!
  9. I know!! I'm addicted now, unfortunately my whole family is too. I have to get more today...don't want to run out of the yummy!
  10. At the store last week I saw a new bagel...for me at least...Canyon Bakehouse plain bagels. Bought them, took them home, toasted one...omg...yummy and chewy. So much better than the other gluten free bagels I've tried. It's been almost 3 years, so maybe I've forgotten what good bagels are like? But to me, these are so good!! My 16 year old gluten eater loves them too! Had to share. 😀😀
  11. Hi Peg, Aren't mystery symptoms fun? Not! 😊 I just want to say that I've had the left sided pain as well. Mine, like Cristiana's, will sometimes continue after a BM. I think this happens when I get constipated. And then something will happen causing it to all come out and then there's pain that continues after. I hope that's not TMI. I have found that cutting back on dairy helps a lot. As much as I love it, it doesn't seem to love me. I'm actually struggling to get enough calcium. I do have peripheral neuropathy that has been helped immensely with magnesium supplementation. I don't know if that would help you or not. What I have is tingling and sometimes pain in my hands and feet. My Dr recommended 200-400mg of chelated magnesium daily. I found a good spot for me is 300mg and it has been reduced by at least 75%. I'm so thankful as I couldn't even sit and read because the tingling was driving me crazy. Finally, as Cristiana mentioned, has your thyroid been checked? Thyroid issues can mess with everything! I hope you start feeling better...(((hugs)))
  12. I'm so sorry for what you have been through, but also very glad that you shared! People need to understand how serious this disease is when left untreated. Thank you for sharing with us!
  13. I am sorry for your frustration! It certainly could be that you're getting over being glutened. But, I wouldn't take normal values as an answer on thyroid. I'd call and get those values. If they're not in the optimal range (TSH around 1 and Free T3 and Free T4 between 50-75% of the range), ask for a trial of thyroid medication. Just my opinion, of course. 😊
  14. Cyclinglady...is that true? 2/3 of adults never heal from celiac? I hadn't heard that, but find it scary!
  15. Hi there...I don't have any answers. I do want to send you ((((hugs)))) and positive thoughts. I do hope that all is ok for you. Do the follow up call quickly, if nothing else to ease your mind. I tend to worry a lot and it can be torture waiting. Please let us know how it goes. We are here for you. ((((((hugs)))))