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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. That makes sense...I cried with relief when I got my diagnosis just because there was finally an answer. Please know that you are not weak or crazy. Keep pushing for testing. It could still be celiac, it could be Crohns. Push your Dr's to figure this out. Best wishes.
  2. Hi Galaxy, This does not mean that you don't have celiac. You need a full panel done. I only test positive on the DGP IgA test. You still need tTG IgG, DGP IgA, DGP IgG and EMA. Ask your Dr to order the rest? Do keep eating gluten until all testing is complete and definitely keep advocating for yourself! You deserve to feel good!! ((((((Hugs))))))
  3. I wish! I got the flu this winter as well as a couple of colds. I do have 3 lids, the youngest in preschool, so there's always a lot of germs around. Lol
  4. Hey again 😁 It's a start, but I so wish they'd done the whole panel. Some of us, myself included, test negative to the TTG-IgA. I was positive on the DGP only. I wonder if your insurance will only cover those 2? Regardless, get them done as soon as you can! Do you have a walk in lab where you live? If so, go tomorrow. Then you'll be a step closer to getting answers. Good luck and keep us posted!
  5. I totally agree...this board is awesome! The people on here have been there for me through everything and it has helped so much! I don't think antihistamines would affect the test at all. I take an antihistamine daily as well for horrendous allergies.
  6. It is gluten free...I eat it regularly and have had no issues and it tastes yummy. 😀
  7. Hi Galaxy! I'm so glad that you did that and that your Dr was helpful! Keep doing that for yourself...if nothing else, it helps you mentally knowing you are doing something!😁 Also, don't let anyone make you feel like you're crazy, you are not! You are the only person who knows how you feel physically and emotionally. You are definitely in a rough spot right now, but with persistence you will get answers soon! I was never anemic...just borderline. We all have different symptoms. I did have low D, but with supplementation it's in the normal range now. Make sure that you do supplement with a good D3 and some magnesium. Getting both of those up would help you too. I really hope you get the bloodwork done early next week and keep following up on that GI referral. Big ((((((hugs)))))
  8. I agree with everything cyclinglady has suggested! Having diarrhea every day is sheer misery. I hope that he doesn't make you wait 6 weeks. If these medications aren't helping, go back in and see if he's willing to schedule it earlier or do other testing....I'm not sure what. I really do feel for you. Leading up to my celiac diagnosis I had D 10-20 times a day for several months. It was horrendous. ((((Hugs))))
  9. Hi George! It is an old topic, but it's mine so I figured I'd chime in. If nothing showed on CT or MRI, I'm not sure. I do get this when I'm glutened and it's very uncomfortable. How long has it been since you had a complete celiac panel done? If it isn't very recent, I think it's time for one. Particularly with such severe D. Did you make sure the meds the Dr has you on are gluten free? Just another thought. I hope you feel better!
  10. Hi Galaxy, GI offices tend to be busy and sometimes have long wait times. I would not wait to hear from them, I'd call and say, "I've been referred to your office by Dr X and would like to get an appointment scheduled." Once you get the appointment, it could be weeks out, sometimes months (hoping that's not the case!). I've been at a point of desperation with appointments that are far out where I do the following: call and say, "I've got an appointment with Dr X on July 2nd, and am wondering if he has any earlier cancellations? Oh, June 15th. Great. I'll take it." Then I do that again every few days. I have successfully gone from having an appointment 8 weeks out to 3 and to be honest, that helped me so much emotionally. Hang in there... I'm so sorry that you're feeling so bad. Let us know how you do getting the bloodwork ordered and GI set up!
  11. Hi Galaxy and welcome! Although my worst symptom at diagnosis was D, I can completely identify with the painful gas and bloating. I remember being so painfully bloated that it felt like there was a giant lead balloon inside of me. I was so uncomfortable all the time. I can still remember getting to the point of only wearing sweats because I couldn't stand the feeling of anything against my bloated abdominal area. Ugh! Your old Dr was an idiot! People do not accidentally lose 40 pounds for no reason at all. I'm sorry that you've had to deal with that. It's great that your new Dr has referred you to a GI. While you wait for that appointment, would he be willing to get the ball rolling by ordering a celiac panel for you? Any Dr can do that. That would include: IgA, TTG-IgA, TTG-IgG, DPG-IgA, DPG-IgG and EMA. I'm so sorry that you are going through this misery! Do keep eating gluten until all testing is complete! Do keep advocating for yourself...you know that something isn't right! Keep asking questions...this board has been an amazing resource for me 😁😁. Big ((((hugs))))
  12. Hi Palmtrees and big ((((hugs))))! Although my digestive symptoms come first, I think the mental and emotional symptoms are worse after a glutening. The brain fog is absolutely horrendous and the feeling like I'm stuck in some mental pit, that I will never come out of, is the worst. It's a dark and lonely place, truth be told. Thankfully, it does get better. Hoping you feel better really soon. 😄
  13. I was just coming on to post about this...I am fascinated! I sent the link to my mom and asked her when I first had gluten. She remembered...she had trouble with breastfeeding and I was started on formula very young. At that time in Iceland, they added cereal to it for extra nutrition. She sent me the link to the cereal: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pablum It has wheat! She also remembers that around the same time I got sick for the first time. Could this be it? I've been sick my whole life...so crazy!
  14. Hi Pcooley! For my peripheral neuropathy I take magnesium. My Dr recommended 200-400 mg a day. I started with 100 and found 300 to be the magic number for me. I take a chelated magnesium. It has reduced my symptoms almost completely. It was so bad at one point that I had a hard time sitting and reading. Are you supplementing with a good D3 for your deficiency? That will help things as well. Hole that helps!
  15. Hi fbmb! I take Florajen 3 for my probiotic and I do feel like it really helps. I contacted the company and they do test to 5 ppm. I've never had any issues with it and I do feel better when I take it. I don't take a multivitamin, just a D since that was my deficiency.