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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I believe nausea is actually quite common. I also believe when it goes away/how long you need to be gluten free for before it does/etc is very individual, as, are most of our symptoms For me, prior to going gluten free/my endoscopy, I was getting nauseous and having ridiculous abdominal pain several times a day. It was to the point that I'd have bile rise up my throat, but, I'd never vomit. After going gluten free, it took two days for my nausea to disappear. I don't necessarily think it's related to the amount of intestinal damage you possess (my test results were pretty bad/high), more likely individual makeup and genetics. Supposedly 70% of people feel better after two weeks on a gluten free diet (according to some literature I was given from my physician). Additionally, I'm not sure if anyone mentioned, dairy, in some people with celiac disease, can elicit a glutened-type response. Some people suggest to refrain from dairy until you've healed a bit and then try to put it back into your diet. But again, not every celiac has issues with dairy. Anyhow! WIth any luck it'll go away soon
  2. So… bulletproof coffee? ( http://www.bulletproofexec.com/how-to-make-your-coffee-bulletproof-and-your-morning-too/ ) I also enjoyed Robb Wolf's book, Sission's was good too. I agree with the not making yourself crazy… although, I'm pretty sure I've already hit that point and beyond with celiac and research and some of the studies/projections for mucosal repair in the long term, etc. Sigh. But I really gelled with eating Primally (which is what I did for 6 months and then stopped due to life… and hopefully will start here again, soon.) Your food sounds delicious! I'm sure it'll all pay off soon (also, yes, seriously, not nearly as convenient as other eating styles, it really pays off to preplan/make in bulk and freeze/store)
  3. So you recommend reading the book, is it overly dense/wordy? I've been meaning to read it. It's interesting that science proves the high fat, low carb way of eating to be healthy, and actually, superior to both the low fat and the mediterranean diet. As I'm sure Dr Perlmutter discusses in his book. (I've heard him lecture but have yet to read the book). Actually what really freaked me out, and made a lot of sense, in his lecture was that 54% of the worldwide healthcare usage/strain caused by people diagnosed with Alzheimer's was preventable through lifestyle change. I mean… I knew that inflammation = bad… but 54% is a huge number. He estimated that to be 2.6 million Americans! *shudder* Fun story, evidently autoimmune disease + inflammation + c reactive protein also leads to accelerated atherosclerosis. So, another good reason to manage inflammation/follow an anti-inflammatory diet, particularly for people with autoimmune diseases. Yup, that's carb flu! I get a wonderful headache that lasts about a week as I acclimatize and, in essence, detox from grains and sugar and all the other naughty things I ate before. But once your body shifts to burning fat for fuel, I agree you feel pretty good Do you find you follow a more primal style or a paleo style? (primal allowing high fat dairy and the occasional beer [mark sisson] or paleo which is more strict [robb wolf or cordain])
  4. In terms of blogs, I really like Elana's Pantry ( http://www.elanaspantry.com ) and Gluten Free on a Shoestring ( http://glutenfreeonashoestring.com ) for recipes and inspiration. Both of these lovely ladies also have cookbooks available. I also frequent a lot of paleo/primal cooking blogs (which are popping up everywhere now) as all the recipes are gluten free.
  5. Banana Flour!

    So… dredging up this slightly old post because… well… I'm curious if people actually ended up trying it! Recently while I was perusing Kickstarter I stumbled upon a green banana flour called Wedo ( http://www.wedoglutenfree.com ). Supposedly you can substitute it directly for other gluten-free flours, however, you actually need to use less (apparently 1/2 to 3/4 cup for every 1 cup of other gluten-free flours). It will be interesting to see if in the future banana flour will become more readily available to consumers in the U.S.. Anyway! To reiterate... has anyone tried banana flour for baking/etc?
  6. Thanks for the reply/feedback I may attempt to contact them again, I didn't have much luck last time. I generally only use their lip balm… I found other products that are gluten free for hand lotion/body lotion. Also, it's a good point about not eating shaving cream… but in terms of body lotion I generally apply it with my hands, and I don't usually wash my hands after. Might just be me though.
  7. So uhm uhm… Maybe you can confirm something for me. I read somewhere that all the flavouring/syrups at Starbucks are gluten free minus the skinny/sugar free ones… is that actually true? I figure you would know... and you seem awfully nice so… my favourite thing ever is a caramel macchiato … *puppy dog eyes*
  8. So… My favourites which are certified and/or tested gluten free are Bite Beauty (a Canadian company that has opened a store in New York, but is also available on Sephora.com) and Ilia Beauty (which apparently is available in stores but no where near me, so I typically get them online as well). I've heard great things about Red Apple Lipstick, but haven't had the chance to try them yet. The biggest thing for me is gluten, however, a lot of commercial/big name brands also contain lead and other heavy metals in addition to tons of chemicals that are impossible to say 3 times fast, so, the three lipstick brands I listed above are a more 'clean' alternative.
  9. I've never had an issue with body oils. I usually use pure argan oil (i.e. Kahina Argan Oil) or a product that has a combination of pure oils (currently polishing off a sample of Vered Signature Scent Body Oil). But I've also never really had issues with gluten on my skin/had skin related issues while ingesting gluten. Perhaps it's an allergy and/or the essential oil is too potent for direct application (not sure if that's what you're doing or not). Alternatively, cross contamination. I would not trust any Aveda products to be gluten free. Even on their website they refuse to disclose a list of products that are gluten free. Apparently, when Aveda was sold to Estee Lauder it went downhill (read: at one point, more of their products may have been gluten free/more natural). The creator of Aveda, Horst Rechelbacher, actually created another line: Intelligent Nutrients. The Intelligent Nutrients line, as the company has assured me, is gluten free and manufactured in a gluten free facility. If you liked Aveda's Rosemary + Mint shampoo/conditioner, Intelligent Nutrient's Harmonic shampoo/conditioner smells almost identical
  10. Are they? After viewing their website, they only list their hand cream and lip balm as gluten free… it concerns me that they bother to list that on the hand cream and lip balm but not their body lotion or shave cream… I have heard that their products are all gluten free… but, again, the website freaks me out a bit hah.
  11. Hi there Patt So this is from advil.ca (advil = ibuprofen): Is Advil gluten-free, and is it safe for people with celiac disease to take? Advil is gluten-free and is safe for individuals with celiac disease. In terms of Tylenol, I have read that generic acetaminophen can be made with gluten. So I'd be careful of generic brands for sure. You may need to contact the company, I can't find anything online to say for sure about the name brand. I've also read that the following website: http://www.glutenfreedrugs.com is a good resource for finding drugs that are gluten free. In terms of lip balm, the biggest concern is usually the tocopherol/vitamin e (it can be sourced from wheat, soy, sunflower, nuts, etc) as well as, of course, cross contamination during manufacturing. One brand that is readily available in Canada, EOS (Evolution of Smooth), (it's these little round balls, they're kinda cute really) are gluten free, and I've read that the company actively tests for gluten in their lip balm . Another company, Hurraw! is in the process of gluten free certification, so that will be another viable option. Intelligent Nutrients also has a lip balm. I contacted the company and they assured me that all their products are gluten free and manufactured in a gluten free facility. However, they did not mention if they test for gluten or not. So, I'll leave that up to your discretion. Hope that helps!