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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I've been gluten-free for a few years so I know to watch out for cross-contamination, but I recently got glutened by fresh local mozzarella! It's in a shop with bread so there must have been some flour somewhere. Does anyone else find that this is the most annoying part of going gluten-free? It's like getting cheated out of lots of foods you should be able to have.
  2. Celiac has definitely made me a little more anxious about my health. I recently was diagnosed with diverticulosis + low iron as well, so I've had to change my diet yet again because of both of those things. Sometimes I get sick of having to think about food so much! But as everyone else has said, the best thing to do is not worry. I'm trying to eat more whole foods now and do other healthy stuff like exercising, and after that if I still get sick, well...¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. I'm being glutened by something in the mornings and can't figure out what it is! Has anyone had problems with any of these: Dunkin Donuts Original Blend ground coffee Nature's Path Envirokidz cereal (the Choco Chimps and Cinnamon Jungle Munch flavors) Sundown Naturals Daily Multiple Vitamins with Iron (small tablets) I don't want it to be the coffee but I think it might be the coffee
  4. Dealing With The Fatigue And Head Fog?

    There's the obvious healthy stuff – I try to exercise as much as I feel up to it, remember to take my multi-vitamin and make sure I have healthy, filling food packed for the day. But also, lots of coffee and sugary candy! It's not great in the long-term, but iced coffee and Skittles help if I have to do focused, hard work for a few hours.
  5. No-Cooking Celiac Options?

    Seconding fruits and vegetables that don't need much prep. Bananas are very filling. Also: Sandwiches. Gluten-free bread can be expensive, but you can also use rice cakes or corn tortillas. Salads. You can buy bagged lettuce and just toss it in a bowl. String cheese Boxed or canned soup that you just have to heat up Gluten-free pasta Yogurt. You can have it plain or add gluten-free granola, fruit, etc. Gluten-free cereal I eat this way even when I'm feeling great! It saves time, especially if you work full-time in an office.
  6. Hi all. Just wondering if there are any other celiacs here who don't drink – what do you do for fun? Sometimes I feel like all I can do is go to coffee shops!
  7. Mood Swings?

    Hi kaayrah, Two things I've had trouble with that might affect mood are: secret sources of gluten, and vitamin deficiencies. As far as the secret glutening, it sucks but you really have to double-check everything you eat. There are lots of packaged and frozen foods that say "GLUTEN FREE" in big letters right on the front, and then "May contain wheat" in the fine print on the back. And I've been glutened more than once by restaurants that claim a dish is "gluten free," usually by cross-contamination – although once I was straight-up given regular bread instead of gluten-free bread! I've also been glutened by mouthwash and lip balm. If you're not sure about something, you can search the forums here or call the manufacturer. You also may not be getting enough vitamins, both because of the damage done before you were diagnosed, and because lots of gluten-free foods aren't enriched. A daily multivitamin might help. You should also get your vitamin levels checked by your doctor. And adjusting to a gluten-free social life is difficult. It helps to always have simple snacks on hand (string cheese, fruit, even potato chips) and ask people to do things that aren't food-focused. Hope some of this is helpful!
  8. Hi guys! I've felt slightly glutened for the past few weeks, and the one new thing I've been consistently using is EOS lip balm. I know it says it's gluten-free, so it seems unlikely. Has anyone else had problems? I got the Strawberry Sorbet flavor in the sphere, if that makes a difference.