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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Introduction As We Are Newly gluten-free

    Thanks everyone for the tips and the welcome. Actually things have seemed to have gotten better for her in the past day or 2. We're finding more things we can cook that she likes and she even tried some Rudi's gluten-free bread and said it was ok for toast or breakfast sandwiches. Probably gonna have to make our own at some point. She's sticking to it which is good. The bummer is that down the line when we can afford the test she'll have to gobble down the gluten and start this all over again. Hoping to learn lots here!
  2. Introduction As We Are Newly gluten-free

    I agree that a test would be best, and maybe that's what we will do but with the insurance we have we'll have to pay for the entire thing out of pocket. Definetly exploring that option and I'm giong to be checking out the University of Chicago website
  3. Introduction As We Are Newly gluten-free

    Thanks for the reply. She also doesn't like red meat so that's one reason meals are a little tougher to think of. I just went to the store and picked up a loaf of Rudi's gluten-free bread for her to try. I had some and it wasn't bad. She tried it and said it has a wierd after taste and she didn't really like it. This is very frustrating as she's hardly eaten for 2 days and money is always an issue so we can't just keep buying stuff to try. ugh. Time for more reading and research. I think I'm more anxious at this point than she is.
  4. Hello everyone, My wife is newly Gluten Free (like less than 2 weeks in) and seems she's not big on Internet Forums I thought I'd join one for help, support, and ideas. It's already getting very difficult and she wants to quick and just go back to eating wheat and feeling like crap. She's very frustrated. Here's a little background on the situation. For many many years my wife has had stomach issues. We met in 1999 and she had problems then. In 2001 she underwent an endoscopy & colonoscopy at a top New England hospital (Dartmouth) but they couldn't find any problems and chocked it up to IBS. Over the past copule years or so she's been developing other ailments that the doctors can't diagnose. Finally I was researching Gluten Intolerance and sure enough most of her symptoms were on the list. It came to a head a little over a week ago when she had a pumpernickel bagle and almost instantly turned bright red over her entire body, she said it was tingly and painful. Luckily we had some benedryl and after about 30 minutes it started going away. The next day she went gluten free and one major problem she's been having cleared up immediatly. Her feet (particularly the heels) have been killing her but as soon as she cut gluten out the pain went away. Of course now she's suffering from withdrawels both physically and mentally. She's Italian and we both grew up lower class in New England so bread and wheat were a HUGE part of our diets, especially hers. So she's having a hard time and even says things that are natually gluten free that she used to like don't taste good anymore. Most gluten free recipes and meal suggestions we find are fancy and involved instead of quick and simple. I'm hoping she can stick it out and get through the withdrawels while we try and come up with more gluten-free food she can eat and enjoy. She's already sick of chili and chicken (the two things we have the most of in our house at the moment) I'm headed to the store now to get ingredients to make gluten-free corn bread so hopefully that'll help for today. *sigh* It's definetly tough, and I suffer from anxiety and panic disorder so seeing her depressed/upset really taxes my emotions as well. Glad to have found a forum like this that seems active and full of other gluten-free people that aren't just doing it because they think it's a Fad.