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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. They took 6 samples on the biopsy. Yes, I would like to take all of my labs and biopsy results to just get a second opinion.
  2. I was told my biopsy findings were not specific to celiac and to follow up with my primary doctor about the inflammation seen on my biopsy. My primary doctor didn't have any specific diagnosis and just said that maybe the lab result doesn't mean anything. I believe the range was > 10 for positive and >20 for strong positive. I got the impression from the doctors that because it wasn't >100 and my villi were intact that it wasn't specific to warrent concern.
  3. Hello, I have had fatigue, neuropathy, abdominal pain, joint pain and bloating for many years. I had giardia 1.5 years ago, it was treated but all the longstanding symptoms I had seemed to get worse after that, especially the joint pain and fatigue. I have longstanding issues with depression and anxiety and have been diagnosed with hashimotos long ago, I am not on medication, my labs have been within normal range. Earlier this year I had a work up for celiac disease, my ttg Iga was 55 and endomysial ab was negative. My biopsy showed mildly increased intraepithelial lymphocytes. mildly increased Lamin propria inflammation. I was told I didn't have celiac disease and my primary doctor didnt offer much in the way of explanation for my abnormalities. My doctor suggested I try a gluten free diet because there wasn't anything to tell me to do. I started feeling better within days and after a month felt like a different person. I didn't feel depressed anymore and stopped taking my antidepressant and have been doing great. I had been on it for well over a decade and had tried to get off it numerous times but wasn't successful. I recently had my ttg Iga rechecked because I was wondering if there was any change after 6 months on a gluten free diet. It was <2. I'm wondering what people think about this not being celiac disease. The only think I changed was my diet , now my lab result is negative and I feel a lot better. I have been thinking about making an appointment with a specialist who is an expert in celiac disease. I suppose I want to know why there is the change in labs if it's not celiac disease, if I will get better and be able to eat gluten again and also want a second opinion because it is genetic and want to know the information for my family. thanks for your feedback.
  4. I recently received the biopsy results and am waiting for the GI doctor to get back to me on interpretation, the pathologist stated clinical correlation is required. The biopsy results showed Mildly reactive duodenal mucosa, mildly increased intraepithelial lymphocytes, Lamin propria inflammation and the biopsy did say the villi were intact. I looked up what could cause the abnormalities and the most common cause was latent celiac disease but other things could cause it. My EMA was negative and TTG IgA was in the 50's (normal <20). Anyone else had an inconclusive biopsy? What was the next step?
  5. I went to the doctor close to 2 weeks ago for fatigue, tingly hands and feet, joint pain, gas, bloating and mild abdominal pain for the past few month. I thought it could possibly be celiac since the symptoms seem to have a correlation to gluten containing foods. I had labs drawn twice, the results of the TTG IgA were 50 and 54, the EMA was negative however I know this test is more subjective and the false negative rate coud be as high as 30%. I've been monitoring my symptoms and they are significantly correlated to the amount of gluten I am eating and I've had to cut back because of how sick I've been feeling, it has helped but I don't want to be too hasty about completely eliminating it until I have a confirmed diagnosis. The labs for thyroid, B12 and folate were within normal range though I take high doses of vitamin D and my result was barely within the normal range. I am waiting to hear back from the doctor as far as what the next step will be, there was confusion at the office as to which doctor would be the one to address the abnormal labs and it sounds like I should hear back in the next few days. Has anyone had elevated TTG IgA levels like mine and been diagnosed with something else? What were you diagnosed with? I am wondering what else could be causing my elevated labs and my symptoms. I have read that autoimmune liver disease or type one diabetes and I don't have any symptoms of those. Other inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn's can also cause elevated TTG, IgA but given that my symptoms are not specific to my bowel, I don't think that's the problem. I do have a history of hashimotos, do not take medication and my TSH was within normal range Thanks in advance.