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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Yes thanks we meet with her GI doctor next month and he will tell us what we need to get tested. We also have an 11 year old daughterl but she never complains of tummy aches or any other GI issues. But I think it will be important for her to have the blood test as well. I made Betty Crocker gluten-free Choc Cupcakes last night they were delicious. The other day we went out to bkfst where they had the gluten-free menu items and my daugher had silver dollar pancakes made with almond flour and they were delicous! I am hopeful that this will get easier.I am going to check out some cookbooks.
  2. Thanks so much. Is all rice gluten-free or do I need to buy the more expensive kind in teh gluten-free aisle? I am going to try "lasagna bake" tonight.
  3. That is great. I can't wait to not hear, "my tummy hurts." Last nigth was the first night she went to sleep no problem and did not say her tummy hurts. But this morning she woke up saying it. I put her in a warm bath and now she is running around. I started a food journal and a list of local restautrants that offer gluten-free menu items.
  4. Thanks so much. How do you handle play dates and kids birthday parites? Do you tell the mom your child has celiac and you will send your own snacks? I also worry about going away on vacation? I saw Disney has a lot of gluten-free choices but how do you handle that? I am guessing just research hotels and restaurants near where we are going. Thanks so much.
  5. Thanks Cara. Please let me know of any receipes your family likes. Can you still make a pan of baked ziti or lasagna? I haven't see lasagna pasta gluten-free anywhere. Any other brands of cookies your family likes? I made gluten-free brownies for her valentines party at school. Thanks so much for the input.
  6. Thanks so much. She is still complaining of tummy ache at bedtime this week, all except one night. I guess it will take some time. Any good brands for bread? My daughter loves grilled cheese sandwiches but I haven't found a gluten-free bread that she likes everytime I give to her.
  7. We got the biopsy results back yesterday and my daughter is positive for celiac disease. We now started the 100% gluten-free diet. I am just curious how soon after doing that will her tummy feel better? Last night at bedtime she complained of tummy pain. She didn't get sick or anything. She was just a little uncomfortable until she got to sleep. My doctor gave me the name of a dietician so I have a call into her as well. Hopeing she can answer my questions and give me some recipes and local restaurants that serve gluten-free food. I am releived that we know 100% for sure that is what she has. I think if I just went with the doctors thought that she was 95%, I would have been second guessing and possibly sneaking in regular food. Def feel relief that we know now. Thanks so much for the responses on here. Theresa
  8. Thanks so much. My daugher also went right for the IV with no other prep drink before hand. I agree if you can go that way it is better. Thanks so much.
  9. Hi all, So my daugher had the endoscopy yesterday. I have to say she was so brave and did so much better than me. I felt like I was a wreck! Anyhow, she did very well with letting them put the IV in with no drink before. I think that was much better bc she had less medicine and woke up pretty good. The doctor came out and told us everything looked normal. He did not see any scaling so now we have to wait for biopsy results. He should have them tomorrow. Her blood test look like this: tTG IgA= 26 and the Endomysial Antibody IgA said Positive Abnormal. The Deamidated Gliadin Abs IgG=69. Does it still sound like she has celiac since he didn't see any scaling? Or can the biopsy still come back positive? Thanks Theresa
  10. Thank you so much for reaching out. I do appreciate hearing fromt those that had a good endoscopy experience. I just wish the test was over and we were moving along with the gluten-free diet. But a few more days to go. Ugh. My daughter is having the biospy done as well did yours? I asked if itsn't celiac will he be able to see what else it is? The nurse said he can check for reflux disease as well and lactose also. Meahwhile I have been giving her more gluten-free food just so we can get some rest at night, she is doing much better and we've had no trouble sleeping the last 3 or 4 nights. I made Betty Crocker gluten-free brownies for her Valentine party at pre school,, they were actually very good. Not sure we've found a good gluten-free roll for burgers. I found the Udi's bread to be good and she likes it but the rolls I got one night were too rice gooey. Something strange about them. I forget the brand I tried. Anyhow thanks for the response. Theresa
  11. Well we scheduled the endoscopy for next week. I am nervouse about it but I do think it woudl be best to have 100% diagnosis. The GI doctor is 95% sure based on her blood work that she does have celiac. He will also give me name of a nutritionist as well. Hopefully this is the right move. Thanks for the replies. Appreciate it. Theresa
  12. Thanks so much for the replies. I see what you are saying about needing it for school and making it easier to understand that we hve to go 100% gluten-free. I am even questioning it in my mind if it isn’t Celiac then what is it? So I know I should just go for the endo so we know exactly what we are dealing with. I just worry about the whole procedure itself. We are meeting with her GI tomorrow morning, he will go over her labs with us and go over the procedure. I was told to not go gluten-free just yet until we have the test done but we are exhausted and have to get some sleep so I have been trying to make steak or chicken for dinner with broc, cucumber and either potato or rice. Last night she wanted meatballs and pasta so I did make the gluten-free rice pasta which was delicious by the way. The whole family had it and loved it. Not that it helped. My daughter and I were still up for hours because her tummy hurt. The strange thing is that the majority of her symptoms, is that her tummy hurts but no diarrhea and she only throws up if she had regular pasta. I do notice she is a little itchy too, some dry skin. She will be in full day Kindergarten in September. Right now she is in pre school half day. So I know the right thing to do is to get the 100% diagnosis so that we can move on and do what we need to do. I am just having a hard time agreeing to the endo. How do the kids feel after that get this? I know it is a day procedure but not sure what to expect after. When you mention the school may need to order gluten-free art supplies, what do you mean by that? It is because it can also cause skin irritation? The other thing is this does not run in our families. I am Greek and my husband is Italian. I know my husband’s side has lactose intolerance or allergy not sure if that could be how my daughter may have celiac. Thanks again. Theresa
  13. My daughter complains of stomach pains, mostly at night. Sometimes she throws up and sometimes she doesn't. Celiac does not run in our family. My ped doctor ran blood work on ther for every food allergy and celiac comprehensive. Here are her numbers, Deamidated Gliadin Abs IgG= 69, tTF IGA= 26, Endomysial Antiboday IgA says Positive Abnormal. Does this mean celiac? She was negative for every ohter food allergy including wheat. My Ped GI is suggesting the endoscopy but he is 90% sure she has celiac. I am not sure I want to do the endoscopy. She has no oher symptoms other than the stomach ache which keeps us up for hours at night and sometimes she throws up. I am happy to just go straight to the gluten free diet. Any information woudl be great. Thanks Theresa