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  1. Well. That's chilling, but good to know. It certainly seems possible that I have crohns. Thanks!
  2. I love your name!

  3. No anti inflammatory at this time, but now I'm considering it. But I like the food idea better. Seems like heavy meds can often just cause new problems. Not to mention mess with my moods. After spending most of my life depressed, there's really nothing I wouldn't do to avoid it now that I'm feeling better. Thanks very much!
  4. Hi, So I was diagnosed in 2003, have been extremely faithful to gluten-free diet, and along the way found that I couldn't tolerate dairy either. Two years ago I had a followup biopsy and was told my gut had "healed completely". However, I never gained any weight. My BMI is 19, just above NIH "underweight" category. Then, in December, I went to ER with fever, chills and extreme organ pain (mostly in the areas of the kidneys and liver/gall bladder). I'd been having mild organ swelling intermittently for years, and now it's suddenly become rather severe. I had blood work, CT scan, ultrasound, and everything checked out fine. No heightened IG's either. Mild anemia. Doctor is saying there's a chance I was misdiagnosed with sprue (he's owning it, he was the guy who dx'ed me the first time) and I may have Crohn's instead. He's getting me the genetic test, which I didn't have the first time (diagnosed via biopsy). I haven't been back to the ER, but I've got regular mild organ pain and sometimes have trouble swallowing or urinating. After reading a couple of other posts, I've begun to avoid citrus and alcohol, and I'm focusing on drinking plenty of water. All of *seems* to help, but it's really hard to say. My naturopath has had me on an herbal tonic, too. Has anyone else had similar problems? Anything that made it better?