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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi Cara, Thank you for your reply - appreciate your comments. This is not the first time I have heard that "there is no such thing as a weak positive". In he situation where you are consulting a reputable specialist - you just assume that what he is saying is correct. I have been gluten-free for 1 week now, since last Wednesday. I can't believe the change in how I feel and the resolution of my digestive symptoms. I wouldn't say I'm 100%, but I'm on the road to getting there and I feel great. I used to have 1 good day, then 4-5 bad ones. I've now had 7 good days in a row. I am going to stay gluten-free for 6 months and then I would be keen to challenge it for a few days, just to see if the symptoms return. But overall, this is me now, gluten free. I will consult my Gp next month to fill her in on my current status and see what she thinks. My only annoyance with not having an official diagnosis is the lack of after care and monitoring. Hopefully my Gp will continue to do this for me irrespective of a diagnosis.
  2. Thank you all for taking the time to reply. I will definitely let my GP know - I am hoping that she will support my choice and take my results seriously - i don't know if she would be willing to "diagnose" based on this - i felt it was important to be diagnosed for family and friends to take all of this seriously. I know i may never get a "diagnosis" as such. I know many others struggle with this but I find people more understanding and compliant with dietary needs if you have the "label" of being a coeliac. Thanks GottaSki - following my bloods - i did a lot of reading up on the condition and I did feel that my GI's approach was a little "old school". His approach was very black and white and I was shocked that a diagnosis was ruled out given what has now been revealed about patchy damage and the unreliable nature of the biopsy. The new way of doing things seems to be to have a more pragmatic approach - considering all the factors. The fact that he discounted all of mine based on the biopsy floored me. I feel exactly the same about the possibility of further miscarriage and infertility. Coeliac was not thought to be the culprit for my previous M/C - it was felt that maybe the thyroiditis was and this is how that issue was identified. I am not medicated for my thyroid. My gp monitors the function and antibodies every 6 months or so, but its not severely failing so we have left it for the time being. My next review is in April - in anticipation for getting pregnant. My digestive/fatigue symptoms did not deteriorate prior to my positive bloods - I can't say that i noticed a difference between the negative and positive tests. Things have just been all round not good for a while now. Thank you for providing that report Nvsmom. I was lead to believe by my GI that if I had a negative biopsy - the bloods were a false positive. I am feeling like less of a fraud now - I think this is just something I need to get my head around and accept - not having a formal diagnosis. Thank you again for your comments and support - much appreciated.
  3. Hi moose, thankyou for your reply. I am not sure how many biopsies were taken - throughout the entire process, I wasn't comfortable with my GI - I found him to be really dismissive ( just my opinion) and when I received the phone call, I did not feel comfortable asking him. I will however consult my go and talk through the report with her. I assume she would have received a copy with the GI's report. I was definitely ingesting gluten at he time of the testing. I was consuming it prior to my bloods and increased my consumption when I found out I was referred to the GI. Prior to my mum's diagnosis, I cut down on a lot of gluten - mostly bread and pasta. I wasn't hopping on board with the fad - I didn't even know what coeliac a was - but I noticed that I felt better when I wasn't eating it. I started back on it when mum was diagnosed, knowing that I would need to be tested at some point. From my point of view - I was pursuing a diagnosis not only to feel better, but also for the future of my health - I'm well aware of the implications of untreated coeliacs and I wanted to be in top health to get pregnant - I guess a previous miscarriage rattles you a bit and I wanted to remove any risk. I had a two rounds of negative bloods following mum's diagnosis and it was a relief - for myself, my mum and my gp that it had finally shown up. Does anyone know if my results are weak positive? They didn't supply the ranges - only that >15 was an elevation or abnormality.
  4. Sorry - it doesn't appear that my whole post posted. Maybe cause I'm new. Dgp iga 14 (>15) Dgp igg 55* (>15) Ttg iga 22* (>15) Ttg igg 11 (>15) Endomysial not detected My GP was of the opinion that it was very likely, with my family history and predisposition that I had coeliacs. She said you'll goo get your biopsy, go gluten free and hopefully feel better. I went to the GI and he said I only had a weak positive, he didn't think my constipation and bloating was coeliac and because I was not privately insured, if I wanted the biopsy I would need to pay upfront. It was at this point that I asked whether the biopsy was warranted at this time - should we wait and see what my numbers do. He said no, with my factors I should have the test. It would tell me once and for all, it's definitive and gold standard etc. Long story short, it was negative - I received a phone call to advise. Gluten is not he cause for my symptoms. And whilst he isn't abandoning my case - case closed. I don't have coeliac. I'm frustrated, I'm unwell, I'm bloated, and out of pocket $1200. I guess what I want to know is what you think I should do - what do you think my numbers mean. We are planning on starting a family in the next 12 months - which my GI said I would need yo put off if I had coeliac. Sorry - I did post all this in the first post but it didn't come up. Hope this makes a bit more sense.
  5. Hello, First time posting - hoping for help/opinions/support I have a long standing history of digestive issues, namely constipation and bloating, a family history of coeliac (my mother was diagnosed in 2012), positive gene test, vit d &b12 deficiencies and past hx of thyroiditis and miscarriage. In December 2013, during routine bloods done by my doctor, I received the following results: Deamidated gliadin iga - 14 (