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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi I have been gluten free for 3 years and done so much better . I was not tested for celiac because I had already been gluten free . I am also dairy free and have issues with nuts and citric acid foods. I chose to stay gluten free rather than go back for all the testing . so now I have a bit of a roller coaster of symptoms I will do great for a while but have found I'm low on iron alot. I also have fatige and have lost so much muscle I loose weight easily so exercise tends to take it down more I go back n forth between constipation to loose . I usually find I've gotten dairy some where but sometimes it's gluten but most timmes i cant figure it out .so both of my parents have crones my dad had a wheat allergies as a child but that's all I've been able to find . so can I have both? I just feel like I'm constantly playing this game with my stomach to keep it moving . probiotics , fruit, fiber and only drink water yet it will get stuck any way . any advise ?
  2. Gluten Free Cruising Norweign

    Thankyou both for the suggestions, we had two main dining rooms too the confusing part was that I asked if I could eat in others then they would say yes. but when I would try they would say no you have to preorder go to this place and I would go there and get sent somewhere else and in the long run end up back at the main dinning room. so it was a bit crazy . we did order room service one day and that was great but again next time preorder and was sent to a place and no not here go there ect. so I gave up and stuck to the main dining room and let hubby go find a burger : ) we did find that if we purchase a shore excursion through norwiegin that includes lunch they will accomodate my diet but if we just go exploring im on my own and in most places we stoped they searched my bag and even had dogs at one so I could not bring anything off the ship. we did invite friends on this next one but so far no luck. I am most grateful to be able to eat without worry just kinda wish for more freedom but hey it is what it is at least I can go safely : )
  3. Hello , I went on a norweign cruise this last January and it was amazing . I only am wondering if anyone can help me to handle the food thing better. basicly they were great I never got glutened. our problem was I had to eat only one resturant the whole cruise. One person would tell me I had to order in advance for the next day so I did yet I was told I could eat any resturant yet this one was the only one I could pre order in . it was confusing . then I could not take any food off the ship and so we had to plan our exploring around lunch so I could get food. I am grateful that they did so well and the food was great. I just would like to know how do I get a little more freedom My husband wanted to eat in other resturants so I dined alone several times. we are going again in January and Im hoping to get a better understanding of how their system works . any advise greatly appreciated : )
  4. Hi Im pretty new here I am self diagnosed for now I went gluten free a year ago. I acctually wasnt aware this was a symptom. I did a abunch of baking I think two or three weeks ago. I went through the stomach pain and feeling awful for a week after I did not eat anything just baked for the family. anyway now and everysince I have had burning pain in one area or another usually associated with a joint hips, knees fingers wrist even in shouder or back . I go to bed every night hurting so bad. this has happend before and I did not connect it. Also does cold make it worse because the air has been on for same amount of time and my husband likes it very cool. I feel the pain is more tollerable if I wrap in a blanket and get warm. How long does it last??
  5. Wow I am so encouraged reading your pos,t because it sounds so much like what I have been through. I was diagnosed with Chronic fatique and irrable bowel syndrom at a young age and have struggled my entire adult life with fatige body aches ect. Now I have been gluten free for a year and was told I cant test mabey I will have them do it anyway just to see. I am 43 years old I feel that I am better, but if I mess up the pain is awful then the other stuff joint pain foggy brain and sooo tired. Its a mess I just want to be able to have an answer. I have a feeling I probly have lots of damage. I have been unable to digest any dairy product for years. I dont know if it is normal but its good you got some answers.
  6. I am finally doing better. I have given my husband the news that our baked treats will be gluten free he wasn't exited but he is willing to try. I think I will get it down and who knows he might actually like it. : ) I am going to try using the dishwasher for my dishes too It probably won't be any worse than leaving them out in the dish rack on the cupboard to dry.
  7. Yes and I was hoping it would help them know more so I can be diagnosed too one way or the other.
  8. That helps me feel better I did contact them and list my allergies. I was told I would be meeting with the head person when we board for meal planning. I do feel a little more at ease so I am hoping all goes well. Thanks : )
  9. Does anyone know if it will help if a close family member is diagnosed My dad is being tested have not heard back yet. He is in his seventies and had GI issues like this for years in his late sixties he was rushed to er for sever cramping and vomiting and ct scan showed 11 inches of small intestine dead , blocked everything, so straight into surgery and then they said he had chronze disease. wel,l heard later He had a wheat allergy from when he was young so he told his dr. about me and they were very interested to test him so we will see. Both of my kids now 20 and 22 have digestive issues too so I have encouraged them to get tested while they are still on our insurance.
  10. Thanks so much for all your replies. I was really big into baking before i went gluten free and so my family misses it and I do try to but I am finding every time that I am sick its been three days now and the pain is slowly going down but wow I hate feeling this way! I think I will tell them sorry but we gotta by or you can try my stuff I picking up slowly on gluten free baking but not really good at it yet. I am exited that I could use the dishwasher though I need to keep mine off the counter I think that will help a lot to.
  11. I'm not positive I am super sensitive but it would seem that way as I get symptoms over the smallest things, even things I have bought from the store that say gluten free sometimes will bother me. I am still learning alot . I have not been officially diagnosed yet my GI Dr. is working on testing for me. I am 43 and have been struggling with these issues for years I did some research and found my dad had a wheat allergy and in his sixtys was diagnosed with cronze diseas after loosing ll inches of small intestine but he was never tested for celiac. so he is being tested now in light of my difficulties. I went gluten free a year ago I went in and talked to my dr first but never was tested so here I am stuck. I feel like my body is finally working right for the first time and now I cant get answers, so not sure what to do. so back to what you were saying its hard to deal with the kitchen but without being diagnosed they just don't take it seriously enough. I think my husband is getting it now he sees how well I do and how bad it is when I get gluten. but yeah I feel like I spend more time in there scrubbing than eating. I wondered about baking so you have answered that question apparently I really need to give that up.
  12. Hi everyone I have been gluten free for a little over a year now. My family is not so our kitchen is used for both. I always scrub everything down before I cook my meals and do ok . this weekend I baked a cake for the rest of the family and some bread. I then cleaned and made my food but of course was awake all night with terrible stomach pain did I miss something?? I also wonder if its safe to use the dishwasher if its only my dishes ( i use my own everything) so if I wash theirs and then mine seperate is it safe or am I taking a risk? right now I wash them in a dish pan with gluten free dish soap and have my own drainer and stuff I just feel like they are sitting out there right where everything else is going on and lets just say they are NOT careful that is my job
  13. This is good to know, I know I get really sick if I eat gluten I did just go through my food and found a few mistakes I had made. I have begun monitering my sugar to see if thats the issue and I am trying to do more protien it seems to help. I do find that I cant eat just fruit and candy has to be very small amounts or I feel awful. I believe Im on the right track and I do feel so much better no pain is awsome! So I will keep to it . Thanks so much for your input it helps so much to be able to talk to others who actually know what Im going through.
  14. I had not thought of that, Thanks for the tip.
  15. I too am thinking of just paying for the genetic test but with everything that I have come through I don't want to do a gluten challenge. Thanks so much for the advise I at least feel better knowing there are other self diagnosed out there. I wish I had known before I went gluten free about all the testing but I had no Idea I just wanted to feel better. I am really carful but I am gluten free my husband is not so at this point we have a split kitchen I have my dishes and cooking stuff and he has his its a little crazy but we make it work. Going out is especially rough we are in an area where gluten free is beginning to be and issue so more places are starting to understand but mostly I got to fend for myself.