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  1. I just read a post from parents of a celiac child asking whether they should get themselves diagnosed. I want to say emphatically yes because it tends to be a genetic condition and also because in many cases, the symptoms will not show up until you are well past 60 years. As the youngest of six siblings, I can tell you you do not want to be discovering in your 70's you should have avoided gluten earlier. All Six of us have had pretty rough results from the secondary effects of the condition, and it has been hard for me to watch the tragic late-in-life effects on my siblings. Most of the effects are evidently the effects of malabsorption of essential nutrients. I strongly advise at-risk persons to get their facts together while they are young enough to act on them. And to discover all the great recipes for a nutrient-rich alternate -carbohydrate lifetime of good meals. I went gluten-free in my early 60's and 15 years later unlike my remaining siblings I'm doing well (and eating well). I recommend if you are symptom free to do the Enterolab type test to get the benefit of the range of indicators. Or just go gluten free anyway.