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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Does anybody else feel sort of glutened after eating a large amount of food? I'm just wondering because i almost always feel this way after eating a lot of food.
  2. Symptoms But Eating gluten-free

    I am extremely sensitive to gluten. I have had to just except that i may not ever be able to eat out again, which being a 20 year old guy who was addicted to fast food, and loved eating at resturaunts. this is very hard, i started the paleo diet about a month ago, so i have been eating all of my meat completely plain, and on monday i went to eat with my parents, and i got glutened because of the cutting board they used when cutting my meat. Not saying that you have to, but i have given up all processed foods, and a never get glutened from food i cook by myself in my gluten-free kitchen area. Just realize that cross-contamination is very hard to avoid for the sensitive celiacs, and cooks at restuaraunts, will most likely not take extreme percautions to avoid this. I get glutened sometimes when im sure that i havent eaten anything that wasnt natural, but then i realize that it was probably from cross contamination. Like one time, i was with a group of friends who were drinking beer, and one of them took a drink out of my personal drink (which was gluten free), and i ended up getting glutened from that. Im sorry to hear your story, because i dont like seeing my fellow celiacs have to live through hell.
  3. Sugar Problems

    Hey, sorry it took me so long to see your reply. I was smoking an e-cig during this time, and i think that may have been the reason for me feeling how i did. i have stopped doing that since then. But, i still do have days where i am very tired, anxious and depressed... I think it is because i am still recovering from gluten. but those are pretty much my only symptoms until i get glutened, in which case i have so many different, random symptoms that it would take a while for me to list them out. The only symptoms that dont seem to go away are depression, anxiety, fatigue, and ADD symptoms, which i have had my whole life. but im hoping those will reside eventually after not getting glutened for a long period of time.
  4. Well last time it happened i was visiting my parents so they cooked it for me, but they said it was plain and everything, just mixed with veggies. but no, i didnt read the label, but it was cut on a cutting board that probably rarely gets washed cause its wooden, so maybe it was cross contamination
  5. Rarely but ocassionally, when i eat chicken or pork, and sometimes other meats, i get glutened. How is this possible?
  6. Hello everybody! I have been gluten free for about one and a half months. About a week ago i decided to cut out sugar completely from my diet, since i was still having fatigue, depression, and anxiety. Since i cut sugar out of my diet, I have been feeling MUCH better mood wise and much more energy. However, I have run into a problem: Last night before i went to bed, i ate an apple and 2 mini oranges, and i woke up this morning feeling back to how i felt before i cut sugar out of my diet. So the could natural sugar in fruit have this effect on me? Also, could it be that since my small intestine isnt healed yet from going gluten free, it is unable to digest a lot of natural sugar? Maybe i am allergic to sugar in some way? Im very confused about this because i have been eating fruit all week and have been fine up until this morning. I would really hate to have to give up fruit from my diet. Also, has anyone else experienced a similar situation? Thanks guys.
  7. I have just started the paleo diet and i was at the store looking for some natural nuts to get to put on my salad, and just eat plain. I just went to the store and had a really hard time finding any kind of nuts that follow the paleo diet guidelines and are gluten free at the same time. i know that naturally, nuts dont contain gluten but on the back of the bags that i looked at, they all said something along the lines of: "this product was made in a facility that also processes WHEAT" along with other things like dairy, soy and peanuts. I think that i am very sensitive to gluten and i dont want to eat anything made in the same facility as wheat. So does anybody know of any kind of nuts that i could get that are not made in the same facility as wheat, and are all natural also? and if so, where could i find them? Thanks.
  8. Thanks for the replys guys! I will look into that Paleo diet. I think i am going to just cut out processed foods overall, and start getting only natural foods. But what about things like milk, peanut butter and salad dressing? i really like salad but dont think i could eat it without dressing.
  9. Ok so i am 19, and have had anxiet/depression pretty much all my life (seems to get worse with age). I have tried pretty much every drug for anxiety/depression on the market. But i have done a lot of research lately and i seem to have most physical symptoms of celiac disease, along with my mental ones. On top of that, about 10 min after i eat something with gluten in it, i get anxiety attacks and my heart feels weird, and i get these weird cramps in my side. I got a blood test about 3 weeks ago and it said that i didnt have celiac disease, but i continued to feel terrible after eating gluten so i decided to just stop eating it anyway. i have been gluten free for about 2 weeks and i am feeling better some days but somedays im feeling worse. im having really bad mood swings. The physical symptoms have not gone away, but i am more worried about the psycological symptoms. so i got a bunch of gluten free foods but sometimes after i eat i still feel kind of a reaction (usually like half of the reaction i would get before going gluten free). some things ive had bad reactions to after eating: gluten free chips, gluten free waffles, pork chops, pop corn, and other things. Is this just part of the gluten withdrawal? and if i am gluten intolerant, how long do i have to wait before i will see improvements in my anxiety and mood? do you guys think this could be the answer or am i just waisting my time?