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  1. Thanks - my daughter went to a paeditrician a month back because she is so tiny - she weighs 11.5kg at age 3 years 5 months and is not even on the growth curve. It is hard to evaluate since with my type 1 diabetes she was born big and dived on the growth curve after birth just like my older child did, but she still remains very very tiny. He put her on an appetite stimulant and told me to come back in 4 months time to re evaluate and then he might do further tests. He is aware that she is on a gluten free diet at the moment. I am sure she is allergic to dairy in some form - like I did as a child she coughs when given yoghurt or ice cream. But these skin reactions (in both children) seem to only show up when they have both gluten and dairy and the effects are seen about 2-3 hours after eating the food (the coughing is naturally seen immediately). My eldest has had hives, but the youngest had a full body rash that is still present now though getting less evident and it has been 2 days since she ate the gluten. There is no blistering - just a red rash. I always do send snacks and food - unfortunately some of the places they go they set out large tables of food and allow the children to take what they want. There were also too many adults there - the ones who usually watch closely allowed others to see to my daughter where the mistake came. Its hard when there are 30+ children and loads of food and I was working that day - normally I am there and obviously keep a closer eye on my child than others do. I may have to prevent her going to those groups unless I can go too. Will try and see if I can get her back to the paeditrician and possibly on from there to an allergist. Thanks for the help.
  2. I went gluten free in November last year - this was after getting information that as a type 1 diabetic I would test positive genetically for celiac (or at minimum gluten sensitivity) and also that gluten sensitivity could be causing many of the physical and emotional problems that I was having. I worked with a dietician who said she suspected I had celiac itself . Two weeks after starting the diet and feeling better I started my children on the diet too and because of links of dairy allergies with type 1 diabetes I also stopped all dairy in all of us. Sometime this year my elder daughter who is 6 got hives - when questioned she had eaten noodles at a friends house and then chocolate. She had never had hives before this even when eating these combinations of foods before stopping gluten. We explained to her that the hives were mostly likely caused by that. My husband later started feeding my children dairy but they remained gluten free and we had no problems. The again my eldest daughter ate a chocolate (again while visiting a friend) that contained wafer (gluten) and naturally dairy and she again came out in hives. We spoke to her again and since then she knows what she can and cannot have and has been good about it though she remains on some dairy (not milk, just some cheese or yoghurt). Today my youngest daughter who has been drinking protein shakes containing whey proteins and other dairy products managed to get hold of a chocolate muffin while being babysat at someone else's house. She took two or three bites of it apparently before someone took it away and when I peeled her clothes off for bath time tonight she was covered in a rash though said it was not itchy. I have out her on an anti histamine, but again that child has never had a rash in her life and before I stopped the gluten she had eaten these things. Has stopping gluten made them more sensitive to its effects? Or what is causing this and how do I find out without putting them at risk of severe itchiness and rashes what exactly it is that is causing this. Is it the combination of gluten and dairy that causes these things or is it just gluten that is allowing absorption of large proteins so that they could be affected by any food when combined with gluten? Is this a celiac reaction or is it just a general allergy and how do I find out these things - I cannot safely put my kids back on gluten it seems even to get proper testing done and I know I would never put myself back on it either.
  3. Losing Too Much Weight

    Thanks - I am almost never hungry - it is usually related to low sugar levels if I am and then I eat dextrose tablets. I have been gluten and dairy free 4 months now and have been pretty strict about it though my husband is eating gluten so the possibility of cross contamination does exist - even so I am very very careful about that too. I do also fry food a fair amount but possibly should add some coconut cream or oil to salad to increase the calories from fat. I find any carbohydrates at all are causing gassiness and bloating and digestive upsets now - even in miniscule quantities. I have eaten a little potato (like one small piece - 1cm in diameter) recently and even then I am not sure the results are quite what I would I like - that little does not affect my sugars, but I am very wary now. Thanks for the list - I probably need to get back on board with a few things (like taking vitamins and minerals more regularly - they get forgotten some days amidst all the other meds I have to take) The reactions I have to certain foods I eat now is so strong that I will not easily be tempted to go back on gluten or dairy or soy - literally within two hours of anything slipping in even in the smallest quantities I know all about it. Thanks for the encouragement. I am about to start an insulin pump in 9 days time and am hoping that will help some too though I think the dieticians are used to high carb carbohydrate counting - eating 5-10 carbs per meal means that my insulin ratios are different to what they expect because of the protein.
  4. Losing Too Much Weight

    The calories are too low - I think I get to 1200 with effort which is why I snack on nuts now. I had problems with a certain peanut butter I tried so have cut that out too - though cashew nut butter and other nut butters seem to be ok and I use those too at times. Rice has seemed to be a problem numerous times - not just with my sugars, but with my mood as well - white rice is absolutely out, they suggested I test brown rice, but even that seems to do "something" (hard to say exactly what it is) and it does spike my sugars so any testing I do is always less than a tablespoon of it. I am wondering if I shouldn't treat myself for intestinal parasites as I feel I should have seen more improvements based on the all the dietary changes I have made - the only other way I can go with the diet seems to be to cut out eggs and nuts (the rest of it has already been removed from my diet).otherwise something else is going on too.
  5. Losing Too Much Weight

    Yes I do eat meat and fish. Most days I eat an egg for breakfast with some left over veggies from the night before. For lunch I usually have something like a tuna salad - tuna, cucumber, possibly a bit of apple (never more than half an apple), a few nuts Supper is meat of some form with vegetables in some form. If I snack then it is on nuts usually. I test my sugars 6-10 times a day depending on the availability of testing sticks. I've been diabetic for 23 years now. I took all starch out of my diet last month and reintroduced rice (I ate 2 of those tiny rice cakes - the mini snack ones) on Saturday - I spent the night throwing up and have felt ill ever since - there was definitely no gluten or dairy involved. I didn't really eat much at all for three days and have since gone back on the strict veggies, nuts and meat diet I was on and things are slowly improving.
  6. Losing Too Much Weight

    My BMI is now 20 which is supposed to still be acceptable, but the weight loss continues and I do not want to wait til I am at an underweight BMI before I do something about it. I do know I have lost too much weight - I look in the mirror and know it myself. I was happy about 6 pounds up from where I am now but had actually intended to stop losing weight 12 pounds up from where I am now. I have suffered from constipation all my life which is possibly why no one suspected celiac - in fact the nutritionists I see in person for the diabetes tell me you cannot have constipation and celiac which I know is not true. Despite the diet I still struggle with this - maybe I have gastrintestinal transit problems and maybe that is related to the diabetes - who knows? I do know that if I get that better then my mood is better, but I have no idea how to improve it - the diet and drinking a lot of water should have helped and it hasn't. I guess the trial and error will just have to continue. Of course my monthly cycle plays havoc with everything - with the insulin needs, with the constipation, with the depression so figuring out what is caused by what can be a nightmare. I am quite stressed as my insulin is about to change to a pump and I know I am about to have people tell me that I need to change what I am doing as I do not fit the usual basal pump profile either (I am on about 70-80% basal per day when they are used to about 50%) and they will attack the diet and tell me to go back on carbohydrates that ruin my mood and my increase my insulin resistance drastically.
  7. I am a type 1 diabetic. In July of last year I was in trouble and having wildly swinging glucose levels - I weighed 169lbs and was about 22lbs overweight and was on too much insulin but a set dose - the frequent hypoglycaemia was also adding to weight gain as I had to live on carbohydrates (mostly bread and biscuits and gluten full food) to keep my sugars up. In August I changed doctors and was taught carb counting, started on a web site that advised low carb diet for type 2 diabetics and changed my diet to a lowish carb diet (about 100-150g of carbs per day, still including gluten containing products) I had lost about 15 pounds by December. In December I asked a nutritionist about how diabetes and PMDD could be related and discovered that all auto immune conditions I had including asthma and hypothyroisim could be related and that the relation is often celiac disease or gluten intolerance. I stopped gluten and then dairy and soy too and began to feel much better - the asthma went away entirely and the weight loss continued. By end January I had lost about 30 pounds and was now trying to get the weight loss to stabilise. My sugars were much better controlled, my gastrointestinal issues (I suffer from severe constipation) had improved and my mood was a bit better. Now at the end of March my weight is still coming off. I am on a starch free diet as I have had such trouble with my moods and they think I have SIBO. I also eat very little fruit. I still have severe insulin resistance around the time my period is due to start and still have PMDD. I now weigh 132lbs and this is too little - a person I work with yesterday told me straight out that I have lost too much weight and I agree with him. I never went on this diet to lose weight even though I needed to. I no longer get hungry though - I am scared of food because of some severe reactions I have had in my mood when certain foods have got into my diet. I have been told to increase nuts, avos and nut butters and olive oil and I have, but it has made no effect at all - I continue to lose weight. I am debating asking for a referral to a gastroenterologist, but I am not sure that is the right doctor. I am worried that the doctors are going to think that this is psychological - that having lost so much weight I have become anorexic - I have not - I eat three full meals a day and snacks twice a day and my husband even asks me how I can eat so much at once (it is the vegetables I think). This diet has not done for me what I had hoped - my moods are not improved as much as I want - they do think I am celiac and they cannot prove it now (by genetic studies I would be as all type 1 diabetics apparently would be since the genes are linked) and I cannot go back on gluten to have a test. So now I feel very stuck and am not sure what to do next. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Thanks for the reply. My BMI is 20.5 - which sounds great actually, but I know I should weigh more than I do. I am monitoring my blood sugar 6-12 times a day - I have had trouble with night monitoring recently though as I am incredibly exhausted (night testing I find for me needs to be done at least 4 times a month and means waking every 2 hours - I think 1 hour is recommended, but then they presume your basals do not change as much as mine seem to) and since my basal rates change constantly (they really do - though it is said they should not - most of this is caused by my menstrual cycle - I also have PMDD and that is supposed to make things worse as far as sugar level control goes). It is also the initial reason I went on the gluten free diet. I was told to switch to 100% fruit juice for treating lows rather than the dextrose tablets I had been taking - this was to try to get rid of all processed foods and specifically colorants and flavorants - I know there are naturally flavored glucose tablets available in America, but I live elsewhere and they are incredibly hard to get hold of - I have asked the supplier to order some and it is clearly a problem as even the ones with flavoring and coloring have not made it into this country recently - no idea why, but they are out of stock of all of them now. The calories is an issue - I have never checked how many calories I am eating - the nutritionist suspects I am around 1000-1200 per day which is too little - I know they advise avocados and also nut butters to increase calories - I seem not to tolerate peanut butter so have switched to other butters and I cannot handle avocados and land up nauseous soon after eating any (this has been since I was a child). A few days back I did switch back to just meat/fish/eggs and vegetables with almost no fruit (just pieces of fresh apple - never a whole apple as it is too many carbs) and my sugars did improve greatly and my mood and ability to concentrate has also improved - but again, this is a terribly restrictive diet to remain on long term. So for anyone on a very restrictive diet like this: how do you cope with it - do you constantly look up new recipes, or cook the same old things (I made stew and ate it breakfast, lunch and supper yesterday) I am also preparing food for my children who need a gluten free dairy free diet but without any other restrictions (and they do need carbs) and my husband who is vegetarian and is not restricted in any other way (so eats gluten and dairy and soy) which means by the time I get to prepare my food I am sick of food and do not want to make any more.
  9. I started a low carbohydrate diet in August 2013 - I am a type 1 diabetic who had been on far too much insulin for a long time having frequent hypoglycaemia. When I finally managed to get referred to someone who could help, I was put on carb counting and immediately dropped to low carbs to try to loose all the extra weight I had put on on the set insulin. The weight came off and then stabilised around November 2013 and my sugar levels looked a lot better, though still reasonably far from what would be considered normal. I was still suffering from asthma, hypothyroidism, depression and PMDD and started doing some research regarding how these can all be connected. I found a site that linked many auto immune conditions to PMDD and suggested a diet to help. I got help with this as the diet would not have worked with the diabetes and the low carb diet I was following and was told to go gluten free and dairy free - a month in and I also had to go soy free. Two months in I was eating mostly vegetables and meat and doing much better - no asthma at all, better moods, but was still losing weight and was now below my ideal body weight (6 pounds below where I had planned to stop losing weight). They suspect I am outright celiac though have not ever had a biopsy. It was then suggested that I had SIBO and that the solution for that is usually to go on almost no carbs - no fruit, no sugars and few starches. I could not do that as with the diabetes I was still having frequent hypoglycaemia even on tiny doses of insulin and in order to function I had to eat dextrose or some form of very high GI food - I did try to switch to fruit juice to treat these lows. However in month 3 now of this diet my mood is all over the place. I am waking with chest pains every morning despite tests that say my potassium and magnesium in my blood are normal, I still had an increased PR wave on my ECG - I have had a number of ECGs in my life and they have never shown abnormalities at all. My sugars are also all over the place worse than they have been for a while. It seems I respond in anger and depression, feeling overwhelmed and battling to concentrate to a LOT of foods - it has been advised that I stop rice and corn and dates and most fruit. Even quinoa is suspect. However at the same time I cannot afford to lose any more weight and I do not know how to eat properly when I cannot eat so many things (even avocados and bananas and tomatoes are suspect). I am now 9 pounds below the weight I should have stopped losing at. Does anyone know of a diet that can help with this - I am getting desperate - I need to be able to function and also get all the nutrients I need. I am on a multivitamin, omega 3, calcium, magnesium and zinc supplements also.