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  1. We use Epicure.... Everything they carry is gluten free since May of 2013. They have everything from taco seasonings to salad dressings, spices, you name it. It's not in stores, it's kind of like Avon or Scentcy. But once you find a rep in your area they are an awesome brand Here's a link to their site. Not sure if they get you in touch with a rep or not... http://www.epicureselections.com/en/
  2. I agree with them. I had very similar pains every couple of months, Ended up in emergency quite often. Ultrasound always showed no gall stones. So finally had a HIDA scan, and my gall bladder was functioning at zero percent. Had it removed, and have not had an attack since. Life is so much better without that pain. It's hard enough watching everything you eat because of the Celiac, but also having to avoid all the gall bladder triggers as well was very hard. Hopefully you find out what your issue is. But if it is your gall bladder, the day it comes out will be a great day for you.