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  1. I would probably never do it.. I just think about it sometimes because I DO miss those foods! I think it's the hardest when I go somewhere.. visiting my boyfriend at college for example.. and they have all of this amazing food that is being served that smells SO good and the gluten free section is just a fridge filled with some gluten free breads and muffins. The worry is such a pain too. I get glutened now and then because people don't really know how serious the issue is for me. It really sucks to KNOW that when you go somewhere.. or even at home because not everyone in the household is very careful.. that you're going to feel crappy afterwards. I guess I'm just wishing that I didn't have this.. but I clearly do. As far as the biopsy goes... sure.. I think about eating gluten sometimes (never would).. but I would NOT do that to myself for six weeks straight. The doctors that I have seen more recently have agreed that it isn't worth it either and to just remain gluten free. Oh well.. I can always fantasize about it lol
  2. I figured out that I probably have celiac at the beginning of the year. I am undiagnosed, my blood test came back negative (I had already been gluten free for a week.. I don't know if that's long enough to affect anything) and my doctor never sent me in for a biopsy. Since going gluten free.. nearly all of my problems have resolved. I had missed so much school (I'm 18) due to just plain feeling unwell.. stomach aches, nausea, migraines, general fatigue.. and no fever. It was the same thing every time.. as well as a whole array of other things in general. I am convinced that I have celiac disease (it runs in my family too) and will probably never go back to eating gluten. That being said... Do you ever just have ONE day where you NEED to eat that amazing looking cake? I have never deliberately eaten anything containing gluten since going gluten free. I did accidentally consume a microscopic amount at a restaurant yesterday though.. I think.. because I've been feeling sort of unwell, stomach achey, and sleepy all day. If a tiny amount of gluten does that to me.. would I be violently ill if I were to eat.. say.. a bowl of actual pasta? There is this one dessert at California Pizza Kitchen that I want to have again.. at least one more time in my life. Butter cake. Or... I would love to have Bertucci's alfredo... or hell, I'd like to be able to go out to dinner with people one night and not even think about what I'm ordering and if the kitchen is safe and if that item listed as gluten free is REALLY gluten free or not! Has anyone ever caved since going gluten free? What did you eat? How sick did you feel the next day? Was it worth it?
  3. I'm 18. On top of having celiac I also have a million other food allergies and intolerances. I am... Lactose intolerant Egg intolerant (So I'm basically a forced vegan because I'm also a vegetarian) Allergic to... All nuts, oats, pears, peaches, plums, celery, sesame, and a variety of other things. I carry an epipen.. many of these allergies are anaphylactic. I basically only eat rice, beans, and various veggies with that. I eat fruit for breakfast or a rice cereal with either rice milk or coconut milk. I may have the opportunity to do a study abroad program in France for my senior year of high school (this fall). I'm a year behind because of all of the complications of celiac disease, they caused me to miss a LOT of school before we realized what it was. I've been homeschooling for a year now... but I'm still in touch with my old friends. They all graduated and will be going off to college in the fall and, obviously, I am VERY bummed out about having to stay at home and do another year of high school. At the moment the plan is just for me to complete my high school courses at a community college that is nearby and then go to university in the fall of 2015. HOWEVER.. getting to study abroad would be compensation for not getting to go to college when all of my friends are! The idea is just awesome and something that I could totally be excited about. Obviously the issue is the food... and the language barrier. I took French 1 in 9th grade but didn't retain much and the teacher wasn't that great. Obviously I'd learn as much as I could before going.. and I could try to learn how to explain my food issues to people... But how well is that sort of thing handled in France? I believe this program covers the whole school year. I REALLY want to do it.. so how do I get around the food issues?
  4. I'm 18 and I was diagnosed with SOME sort of gluten issue early this year. It's probably celiac though the blood test came back negative.... my doctor didn't want to explore further and just told me to take gluten out of my diet anyway. Before I was having migraines, feeling tired all the time even though I was exercising and eating a pretty clean, healthy diet. I haven't gotten a migraine since getting gluten out of my system, I haven't been bloating as badly, etc. Here's the thing... Now there is very very little that I can eat. I'm a vegetarian by choice and I have been for 10 years. I don't really intend to go back. I am very clearly lactose intolerant.. my doctor suspects this too, I just kept missing the test due to scheduling issues.. so I'm not diagnosed but it's clear. When I have lactose I get horrible gas, bloat, all of that lovely stuff. It has gotten worse lately and I've started eating less of it but that was really my main source of protein and calcium. ADDITIONALLY.. eggs make me extremely ill. I'm not one to throw up, I haven't thrown up in exactly two years.. but eggs are what will do it. For some reason the people around me think that it's because I'm disgusted by them but I'm not.. the sunny side up egg that my dad makes in the morning looks delicious. I can eat egg as an ingredient with little to no issue.. as long as it's a very very small amount. Extremely egg based gluten free breads make me sick.. there's this one brand that tastes really good, it's called Against the Grain and they have this english muffin that is extremely egg-y and that makes me really sick to my stomach. We even have chickens! We raise them for eggs! The eggs are totally fresh and amazing but I still can't eat them. Because of all these intolerances to animal products.. I feel that it might be a good idea for me to go vegan. Not the whole lifestyle but just the eating style lol. Probably not for my whole life but for a while.. bodies change and I'm sure that these particular intolerances may not always be an issue. But wait, there's more.. Going vegan is hard enough as it is.... and even more so when you're gluten free... I also have a life threatening nut allergy. This is something that I'll have for my whole life. It isn't something that I can force myself to get over.. it's really unfortunate really. I get tested every so often and so far, there has been no improvement. Surprisingly enough.. the ONLY nut that I can SUPPOSEDLY eat are walnuts.... which I won't. I absolutely will not eat them ever because I was allergic to them in the past and they landed me in the ER. It's like being put in a small cage with a lion and being told that it's well behaved and won't hurt you.. you still don't want to be put in that situation. So nuts are out. IN ADDITION TO ALL OF THAT... I'm allergic to oats, they've sent me to the ER three times, I'm also allergic to quinoa (wahh I used to eat it all the time, loved it!), peaches, pears, celery, probably avocados, corn and every corn derivative, probably cucumber (?), and a few other seeds. I also have oral allergy syndrome to a lot of uncooked fruits and veggies... like apples.. I can eat them cooked though because the proteins change. It's sort of a nightmare and going vegan is going to be extremely difficult but the thing is that I really need to stop eating eggs and dairy for now because they're making me miserable. Here are the things that I CAN eat: Bananas, blueberries, strawberries, grapes, pineapple, mango, kiwi Oranges, clementines, etc. Tomatoes Broccoli (my favorite!) Asparagus (also my favorite!) Rice Black beans Basil, thyme, (your common spices basically) Peppers Potatoes Lettuce, spinach, kale??, most if not all leafy greens Carrots (steamed) Soy Tapioca Onions Peas Coconut Olives Things like xanthan gum or whatever are probably fine as long as they aren't nutty or anything of that nature. To be honest.. that's basically it... if you take out dairy and eggs. Can I live off of those things? I suppose rice and beans can be my go-to for protein.. they pretty much are already anyway. I don't want to be unhealthy. I like to be fit and active, in fact, I'm just getting back into working out after healing from a knee injury that I sustained during ski season. So I need a good base of food that will give me the right amount of everything I need on a daily basis. I really need to avoid processed food in general because it's bad but it's also very difficult to find anything that I can eat. What do I do? Does anyone else have issues that are this extensive?? I probably can't do the raw vegan thing because of the oral allergies but I could do just basic vegan.. obviously with serious restrictions. How do I make sure that I'm getting everything that I need to survive?
  5. I really need some help here. I've been extremely stressed all week because tomorrow, I'm going out to dinner with my boyfriend and his family for his birthday. We're both 18 and have been dating for a little over a month. I've met his parents but I'm being introduced to a million other people tomorrow and if that's not stressful enough... there's the MAJOR stress surrounding food and eating out. I haven't eaten out since my diagnosis. I am not a confirmed celiac because I never had the biopsy.. my doctor isn't the greatest doctor in the world. My current diagnoses from my doctor is just gluten intolerance but it's most likely more than that. I was "diagnosed" around late January. I haven't been out to eat since then. On top of the gluten thing I am also severely allergic to nuts, celery, various beans, oats, cherries, and the list goes on. It was already stressful enough to eat out before. I've been gluten free since my diagnosis and I've been feeling a lot better.. but I've also discovered that I'm extremely sensitive to gluten.. I've been glutened multiple times from people using wooden spoons or cutting boards.. and I don't want to explain this to people THAT in depth because it's just annoying at that point. My boyfriend is very understanding about this whole thing. We have dates at Whole Foods where I can actually eat things. He was the the one to actually ask me if he should brush before kissing me and he's totally fine with it. I was surprised that he was so easy going about it and willing to leap through these hoops for me. His mother is very sweet about it too and buys me gluten free things. So... tomorrow... we're going to a restaurant.. which is something I don't do anymore. It just isn't part of my life because it isn't fun anymore.. the risk outweighs any of the fun and whole experience from start to finish and extending after that just kind of sucks. He wanted me to go to his birthday diner and I told them that I didn't want them to pick a restaurant based on me because it's his birthday. To be honest.. I've been trying to get out of going all week.. but I couldn't come up with any valid excuse. At this point it's just too late to back out, reservations have been made.. and it's happening tomorrow. We're going to a flatbread place.. his mother even went out of her way to call the place up and ask if they have gluten free options and even went as far as to ask where the dough comes from. I appreciate that so much but I still don't feel comfortable eating this food. Not only is most gluten free food unsafe for me because of nuts and oats being involved, this is a flatbread place, they use a clay oven, the pizza stones that they use are covered in flour, the oven is covered in flour.. it doesn't even matter if they clean it or not.. it isn't safe for me. I would get a salad but they probably use wooden cutting boards... if not.. again, it's a flatbread place.. there's flour flying everywhere. I'm SO stressed about this because I'm meeting a ton of people for the first time tomorrow and I want to make a good first impression. That alone is enough to scare the pants off of anyone but the food thing.. I'm just dreading this more and more as every second goes by. I literally cannot eat anything at this place. I don't want to look stuck up and snobby if I get a salad.. or nothing at all. If I don't get anything I'll just look dumb and there's really no reason for me to be there. I already have to ask about all the allergens and explain that to the waiter and then in a lot of situations the chef and/or manager comes over and talks to me and the idea of that is very unpleasant since I'll be around new people. I don't want to make a scene. I also don't want to have to EXPLAIN EVERYTHING because it's SUCH a long story and it's ridiculous and I don't want to tell people that I'm "sick". I'll also have to tell them that I have a gluten allergy because otherwise they won't take the issue seriously.. so they're going to question that and I'm going to look like a liar. I'm honestly considering just sacrificing my own health and eating something there and being sick for the next few days simply to avoid looking like an ass%$@#.. but I have a lot of things to do this upcoming week and I can't do that to myself. I can't wind up not eating anything because his mom went to all that trouble to look everything up for me. I hate this situation. I hate that my food allergies and intolerances make me come across as snobby and stuck up. I'm always VERY polite about it and even since my diagnosis.. I've given up and eaten things I shouldn't have (and payed for it dearly the following day) simply to please other people and to avoid drawing too much attention to myself. I'm sorry this is so long. I don't want to go. At this point I'll also look really bad if I back out at the last second. My boyfriend has made plans with me to do something that I actually really want to do and I'd have to back out of that as well. I'm almost on the verge of tears. What am I even supposed to do?
  6. I'm finding that I'm having a very difficult time being firm about what is okay for me to eat. I've been gluten free for a little over a month now. I've been feeling a lot better in the recent weeks.. so it's all starting to pay off. One issue that I'm running into a lot is how to deal with people who don't understand without sounding pretentious or obnoxious or anything of the sort. The other day in class (17 and home schooled.. because I was always sick.. which turned out to be celiac this whole time).. one of the student's mothers brought up a platter of treats. I had brought my own cookies so I could have them afterwards. She had placed them on the plate with everything else.. I had to refuse them because they were touching the other food items that contained wheat. This woman didn't get it and was sort of pissed off at me after that. Another issue that falls into the same category.... how am I supposed to explain this to this guy I just started seeing without sounding like a total paranoid freak? He's really sweet and understanding and I don't expect him to get all of this right off the bat... but.. he accidentally glutened me yesterday.. though it was equally.. if not more.. my fault. He made me tea from a locally made package... and I'm sure that this person doesn't take care avoid cross contamination. I wanted to drink it anyway because I'm a people pleaser and I don't want to disappoint anyone. I only had a few sips because I'm not a tea person... but an hour later I had really bad stomach cramps.. it didn't occur to me that the tea was most likely the culprit. I DID read the back of it and there was no barely or gluten containing ingredients in the mix but I'm sure it's made on the same surface as everything else. Later that day we went out to get food.. we ate at whole foods because that's the only place I feel comfortable getting food.. at this point I honestly just don't trust the restaurants.. I know they try their best but.. I don't like risking it. He got a salad with croutons on it... and he had this drink that was good and gluten free.. he let me have a sip but it didn't even register to me that he had just eaten a crouton and drank out of the same bottle before me. I just wasn't thinking. Today I'm feeling EXTREMELY tired and foggy.. I'm about to lie down for my second nap today... I can't focus or do any school work.. I'm just hoping to regain some energy so I can function for the remainder of the day. I obviously wouldn't tell him about this! I don't want him to feel bad.. and it WAS mostly my fault. I really like him though and if I'm THIS sensitive to gluten.. what happens when it comes to things like kissing and such? I don't want to have to ask someone to wash their mouth out beforehand.. every single time ): I don't want to be a pain, I like to be easy going and I like to make people happy.. that's why I drank the tea even though I knew that it was probably going to make me sick. I don't want this to run my life. It's starting to piss other people off.. even though I handle everything very well and I explain things minimally and politely. How am I supposed to help other people understand? Is there a set wording that I could use each and every time? And what am I supposed to do when it comes to relationships? How do the rest of you handle these issues?
  7. I'm starting to get really really frustrated with what's going on with me. I feel like NO one is being proactive about this. Since I'm 17, nothing I say is valid.. my mother is completely misinformed and isn't going looking for the right things. Whenever I suggest something she just treats me as if I'm being paranoid. I've been "gluten free" for a little over a week now. The reason I'm putting quotes around that is because I've still been having butter that is not labeled as gluten free.. still using the same toaster (I have no choice) etc. I'm sure that I'm having a microscopic intake of gluten. Finding what to eat is getting even harder because I have now been diagnosed as being allergic to corn! So.. corn, tree nuts, peanuts, oats, honey, peaches, pears, barley, and about a million other things. I still don't know if I'm lactose intolerant or not but there's a chance I am. I'm barely getting any protein because the protein powder I used to use isn't gluten free.. I can't find a bean brand that is both gluten free AND not processed with nuts.. Everything is just getting so hard to cope with. These are my current symptoms: - Stomach rumbling and burping, but not to the extent that it was when I first posted. - Extreme fatigue, I need to take a nap everyday - Constipation - bloating - Brain fog, it literally feels like there's cotton stuffed in my head - Pounding heart.. now I don't understand this.. I've always been able to feel my heart pound in my chest to some extent.. I have to fidget until I fall asleep because it's such a bizarre feeling.. but now it will start POUNDING.. fast.. whenever I do something that's totally moderate.. like slightly jog up the stairs (I always do this, always have, has never caused a rise in my heart rate).. even just getting out of my bed or getting out of a chair will cause my hart to begin POUNDING and pounding reasonably fast - I'm getting headaches almost daily - I'm unable to concentrate on anything.. I can't get school work done.. I can't even focus on drawing which is something that I WANT to do - My period just lasted 9 days.. It usually lasts 6 to 7.. sometimes 8. It also started off with more pain than I have ever experienced - Shortness of breath.. I just feel like I'm not getting enough air. - The keritosis pilaris is on my legs as well as my arms - Sometimes my hands will go numb and tingle when I'm just sitting around I think that some of these symptoms are due to anemia. Back when I was recovering from mono and was diagnosed with chronic fatigue.. I was also anemic.. apparently that was solved though? I just mentioned anemia to my mother and she was just like "you don't have anemia"... and that was basically that. I'm starting to feel like I have zero support. My mother doesn't want to focus on this anymore because it's hard for her to deal with... but.. it's harder for me to deal with. I'm starting to feel a little hopeless about this. I want to feel better. I want to get things done. I'm the kind of person who hates to just stagnate and not get anything done. This is driving me nuts. I feel that my doctor also isn't really compliant about further testing. The celiac blood test was negative.. so that's basically that to both my doctor and my mother. Unfortunately my mother is their contact.. so I still haven't obtained any of the actual written results from the tests.. I do know that she didn't do the gene test though. I recall the only vitamin she mentioned testing was vitamin D.. which was low. I'm just SO fed up. I just want to feel better. I just want an answer as to WHY I'm feeling this way. I feel like it's impossible to make any more progress on this when my mother is a complete barrier. She doesn't want to hear about any of this anymore because she's sick of talking about health! I'm beyond sick of talking about it.. but I just want to find the answer! I believe that my doctor is also a problem to some extent... however.. to find a new doctor would take forever.. especially because my mother will take forever to do it. I suggested finding a gastro but my mom won't do that either! The only person I could see within the next week or so is my old acupuncturist.. who does actually have the power to convince my mother to actually do something. I'm sorry this was so long. I'm just feeling so hopeless right now. Nothing is going right and I feel awful and my mother barely even believes me.
  8. I'm 17 and still undiagnosed. Lately I've been having more of what I think is a sensitivity to dairy than ever. I wasn't always like this. I always avoided milk just because it skeeved me out.. but I always eat yogurt and things of that nature. Lately it's been making my stomach gurgle A LOT. Or at leas that's what I think is making my stomach gurgle. Come to think of it.. I would always feel sick after I had a big mug of hot chocolate.. but that's the only thing that would really do it. In addition to that I believe that I have an egg intolerance. I certainly haven't had this my whole life. I can still eat egg just fine when baked into a cake (well.. now a gluten free cake or something).. It was always fine when egg is just an ingredient. However... probably around 13 years old I became unable to eat egg in scrambled, hard boiled, or mostly egg form without nearly vomiting. I was still able to eat french toast though! I have about a million other food allergies as well and just got diagnosed with more today. I was feeling frustrated with food and didn't want to make anything for myself so I just ate what my mom made for herself.... an omelette. The eggs are totally fresh, we have chickens as pets and for eggs. So it has nothing to do with bad eggs. I figured that I might as well just force myself to eat the omelette but I only got a few bites in before feeling extremely sick to my stomach. Even the smell makes me feel ill. Can celiac cause other food intolerances? Especially to egg and lactose?
  9. Extreme Brain Fog?

    I believe that my doctor only checked my vitamin D levels.. which were low. When I got my blood drawn that day last week I recall only seeing three test tubes out of the corner of my eye (I didn't look completely because it freaks me out)... Do doctors only test for one vitamin per tube? Or does one tube address all the vitamins? If it's only one vial per vitamin.. she only tested for vitamin D. This ties in with in to the frustration with my mother... If I tell her that I want my vitamin B level tested or anything else she'll just shut me up until she hears it from a doctor.. I also don't know why my doctor didn't test me for more things... She hasn't been the best in the past and we had a lot of issues with her when I had mono in 2011... we even considered finding a new GP.. but we never did. I'm sort of at the mercy of both my mother and my GP.. I don't feel like I'm getting the proper care.. and there's nothing I can do about it.
  10. Extreme Brain Fog?

    I'm actually getting really frustrated because my doctors don't seem compliant with administering more tests. As much as an endoscopy seems horrible and I've feared the 'cameras-inside-body' thing... I honestly want one done because this could be the reason why I've been SO sick for so many years. I want to ski competitively next year and I need clarity for that. In fact.. I believe that I could be a pretty phenomenal skier if I could just lose the fog. The blood test didn't convince me. My mom is also sick of hearing me talk about it. How can I push to look into everything further? Additionally.. my mother is a HUGE issue. She's getting sick of me talking about it and shuts me up every time I try. She doesn't believe the whole brain fog thing and says that I have to be driving again as of tomorrow. I can't. I don't like driving in general but when I drive when I feel foggy it gets really dangerous. I'll suddenly wind up five minutes down the road and not even remember what happened in the five minutes before. The fog is why I fell skiing and tore my meniscus and fractured my tibia. It's absolutely real and my mother doesn't get it. She's also basically forcing me to eat what she thinks is gluten free. She keeps using the same cutting boards.. and I don't have any other options if I'm cooking on my own because it's all we've got. We can't get a new toaster either until we "know the answer".. but we won't know the answer unless I'm actually eating gluten so I can get tested! I've been "gluten free" for a little over a week. She's also basically got her fingers in her ears when I try to tell her this stuff because she won't believe it until she hears it from a doctor.. but then the doctor told her the same thing that I told her today and I WAS RIGHT. I understand that it can be hard for my mother to deal with all of my health issues.. but it's even harder for ME to deal with my health issues. She tries.. but it's hard when she completely shuts me down when I try to explain something. (by the way.. I'm sorry, I think I put this in the wrong category.. I believe that the coping category would be more appropriate for this thread)
  11. I couldn't decide what seemed like that best category was.. even though I'm technically pre-diagnosis.. I'm already in the steps to recovering because gluten is clearly an issue for me. I'm on a gluten free diet per doctor's suggestion. I'm 17, I suspect that I have celiac or at least gluten intolerance. I began homeschooling two years ago due to being so sickly. We didn't know why I had such a wide array of symptoms. My blood test for celiac came back negative and we have yet to hear about the intolerance. I'm still not convinced that I don't have celiac though. Right now I absolutely cannot think. I've been on a gluten free diet for less than a week because my doctor suggested that I try it. I'm certainly not 100% gluten free due because I still use the same toaster as the rest of my family and things like that. There's a chance that I may have eaten a microscopic amount of gluten because I was eating raisins and some other things that were not specifically labeled as gluten free this morning. I have school work to do, I have to write an english paper, I have to do my math work and my tutor is coming later. I'm SO exhausted. I can't even bring myself to think. I just sat there staring at a blank document forever with my head spinning. Now, I'm lying down for a nap until my tutor gets here in an hour.. my mother is mad at me because I haven't gotten ANY work done in the past four weeks because I've been feeling so unwell. My stomach issues have begun to resolve since starting to eat gluten free.. and the brain fog has even lifted... This morning though, I must have had something I shouldn't have. I'm getting a headache and I feel like I'm in a complete fog. How am I supposed to handle this. It's not my fault that I feel this way, I TRIED to work but I can't. I can't even focus on the things that I actually want to do like drawing or playing the guitar. How am I supposed to resolve this before my tutor gets here? How am I supposed to make my mother understand? I'm not being lazy. Does anyone else here ever get a brain fog so bad that they simply cannot work/do school/etc.?
  12. Should I? I've been starting to feel a little better not eating it... I was getting so sick it was to the point where I basically missed a month of school. I'm actually home schooled... (I think I stated that above?) because of all of this... because of all my health issues... so it isn't a HUGE issue that I missed that much school but its still a problem. Should I really be eating a gluten saturated diet? My doctor was the one who said to continue what I'm doing... so does that mean she doesn't really know what she's doing? Should I seek a different doctor? Additionally.. the phone number that the office has is my mother's, which is frustrating because 1. It's my health and I'd like to be the one to hear about it first and 2. she doesn't know to do things like request electronic documents. Is it too late to ask?
  13. I know that there are a million posts like this, I hope it's okay that I'm adding yet another post of this nature. I detailed my history in a different post.. I'll just sort of summarize here. First of all, I'm 17. I had perfect health until I came down with an extremely bad case of mono in the spring of 2011. I believe this is what triggered whatever it is that's wrong with me. I was in poor condition for a while. The worst ailment was horrible migraines nearly on a daily basis. I took medication and received acupuncture for them and the eventually resolved.. which made me feel a lot better and I began to life a healthier lifestyle because a felt well enough to. This involved eating a lot healthier which subsequently meant that I ate less wheat. Me symptoms resided greatly and I no longer had migraines. I attributed it to the acupuncture but now that I think about it.. it was probably due to my change in diet. I started eating less healthy around christmas (still healthy for most people) and never resumed eating as healthy as I did. In the past month I've been eating a LOT more wheat than I had before.. I started feeling awful. These were my symptoms, they began gradually: + Migraines - Every day or two + Extreme stomach gurgling accompanied by constant burping + Fatigue + Brain fog + Unable to focus + Slight nausea + Constipation + EXTREMELY painful period. I've always had periods from hell but this was on a whole new level. I literally lay on my bed screaming and writhing and nothing cold relieve the absolute agony. + Hair loss - all over + Keratosis Pilaris - Now, I've had this my whole life, on the backs of my arms, but now it has spread down to my forearms. + Slight nausea but no vomiting, I barely ever vomit though.. I haven't in 2 years + Hives - I have many other food allergies but I wasn't eating any known allergen.. They were just random. SO.. I went to my doctor on Monday. She tested for vitamin D levels, thyroid, celiac, and gluten intolerance. Thyroid came back fine, apparently my vitamin D levels are really low because she told me to take some pretty strong vitamin D caplets... I don't know the levels for any of these, my mother took the phone call. Now, the celiac test came back today.. negative. I'm honestly very surprised... The gluten intolerance test won't come back until next week.. so there's still that.. But I'm not convinced that I don't have celiac yet. My mother is convinced though because she doesn't know anything about any of this. I've done all the research. She has an aversion to researching medical issues online because her brother has a crazy hypochondriac girlfriend who does nothing but that all day long. This really frustrates me though because I've had to explain extensive amounts of things to her and she still doesn't get most of it. I don't know if my doctor will order an endoscopy or not.. I won't know until next week when the final test comes back.. but if she doesn't.. I want more testing, especially if the gluten intolerance test comes back negative... What will wind up happening though is my mother will treat my like a hypochondriac and probably refuse to let me have the tests done.. and I wouldn't be surprised if my doctor made it difficult too because she honestly isn't that great.. we've thought about finding me a different doctor multiple times. I stopped eating gluten two days before I had my blood drawn.. to see if that would relieve my symptoms. It began to. I asked if it was bad that I hadn't eaten any gluten before these tests and my doctor said no. It was only two days. She told me to stay on a gluten free diet to see if it helped anything.. it's starting to. Slowly but surely I'm feeling a bit better. But could that have affected the test results? Don't a lot of people get negative blood test results but positive biopsy results? I seriously think that this is the answer. All the pieces fall together and it makes total sense. I always used to get sick and be down for a few days at a time.. It was always stomach pain/nausea, fatigue, and brain fog. How on earth am I supposed to get my mother to understand where I'm coming from with this? I don't want to seem obsessed and obnoxious about this. I'm not. I'm just pretty sure that I've found the answer as to why I've been sick for SO long. My mom doesn't understand anything, she thinks that a blood test means something is written in stone and something is completely plain as day. She doesn't understand that a test can give a false negative or positive. I want her to be on the same page as me but this is one thing that's hard to get her to actually look into herself. However, I also don't want to be demanding a bunch of tests and have them come up negative... I'm just at a real loss here. Again, the intolerance test hasn't come back yet.. so... I'm just kind of lost and frustrated though. There's obviously SOMETHING up with me and it's just getting ridiculous. I want answers. Where am I supposed to go from here? How can I get my mom to understand that tests can be incorrect? How can I get my mom to even help try to figure out what's wrong with me? I'm sick of feeling this way.. plus I want to be able to go to college! I'm already a year behind because of all these health issues.
  14. When I look at my profile it shows all my information; full name, phone number, and address. Is that available fore everyone to see!? I went to look at my profile settings and I couldn't find any way to hide it... So is it not visible to people who visit my page? Only me? I wish there was a "how others see your profile" option! Could someone answer quickly? I'm kind of worried about this! Thanks!