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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Dominos Gluten Free Pizza

    Thanks for the links! It was not that great of a piece of pizza anyway and certainly not worth risking it. After reading the thoughts from people on this thread looks like I should stay away from it and that's a smart choice. Any good guaranteed frozen gluten free pizzas that you or anyone else reading my response buys at the grocery store? Thanks everyone.
  2. Hi All! I've had some good reactions to the gluten free pizza- after being very wary of cross contamination I have eaten the gluten free crust from Dominos and have had no reactions at all. Of course you have to pick the toppings wisely but all in all I think its a good find. Has anyone else tried it and been ok too? Its not exactly what I am used too- a huge big fluffy slice of pie with tons of toppings lol but it does the trick...its quite thin but made pretty well. Anyone else tried it?
  3. Yes they did ,and it was negative for Celiac. Im not anemic but if I do go through with a biopsy I will be sure they take plenty of samples... Ive read though that Celiac can evolve at any time? So even though I tested neg then I could have it now.. Did your symptoms clear up when you started a gluten free lifestyle? How soon were you feeling normal again after changing your diet?
  4. Hello: I did call my gi doc now to check to see if the whole Celiac Panel was done and the nurse said it was. She explained to me the results. The IGA/TTG result came back a 6. And my Immunoglobulin A was a 241 in the healthy range ( 91-414) was normal. She explained again the only way to be sure was to get the biopsy done. Are there any other blood tests to take? My doc ordered the Celiac Panel so I think this may be it for blood testing.......
  5. Hey Guys, If someone tolerant to Gluten comes off it- and proceeds on a gluten free diet do they experience with drawl effects from it ridding itself from your system? The same with someone who is gluten sensitive- if they start a gluten free diet -would they experience symptoms until they adjust? I may have a gluten sensitivity and since I have been gluten free feel more foggy and tired. Is this normal, frequent, anyone else experience this? Im assuming the body rights itself in time- just like coming off a medication for a long time or something. Thoughts? Thanks.
  6. Hello Everyone. This is my first post in this community and I am happy to have found such a supportive site. I do have a question about a blood panel test I recently took. I had the ttg blood test taken and scored what they call in the "grey" for Celiac D. 0-3 Neg 4-9 elevated 10 + Positive I scored a 6- and my GI Doc said I was mildly elevated. They told me I did not test either negative or positive for Celiac Disease. They only way in which they can be 100 certain is to go trough with an endoscopy/biopsy. I have had two endoscopies back in 2008-2009 and both are very hard for me to go through. I decided to go gluten free to see if my symptoms clear up a bit. I will re-test in another 6 months to see if anything has changed. The antibodies have nothing to due with gluten sensitivities either you have them or you don't. I was told certain people just have a raised level of antibodies. I would hate to under go another procedure just to find I do not have it. I do however need to know what is going on inside my system and need advice from anyone who has a better understanding of my test results or advice on what they think the results mean or I should do. I wish I either scored a Neg or a Positive.....its always like this for me. Has anyone ever had this happen and what did you do? Any advice will help out here. Thanks