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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Tinkyada is the only gluten-free pasta brand my family will eat. They even like the spinach fettacine. Friends have had it and not known it was any different than "regular" pasta. My child also likes Annie's brand gluten-free Macaroni and Cheese. Linda
  2. Internal Itching Anyone?

    Hi all, Has anyone experienced internal itching as a symptom of glutening (or other strange disease)? I have been gluten-free since November and think I probably got some gluten about 4 days ago. Yesterday I started getting some very strange internal itching sensations on the right side of my torso, basically the line of the liver and ascending colon. There is no rash or skin issues, just a need to "scratch by rubbing" the itch that is inside. There do not seem to be any sore spots involved, just itchiness. I have had years of issues with internally itchy feet and hands which has subsided for the most part since going gluten-free. This internal torso itching is not constant, but comes and goes throughout the day. It has been going on for a day and a half so far and has not increased in intensity. Anyone experienced this? Thanks, Linda Celiac, gluten-free since 11/05
  3. Quick Breakfast Ideas?

    I like Quinoa Flakes by Ancient Harvest. They are quick in the microwave, or you can just pour boiling water over them and they are ready in about a minute. I add raisins, sugar-free syrup, dried fruit, brown sugar -- whatever strikes me that day. They are a "super food" and so are very nutritious, and filling. Then there's fruit, of course. Toasted gluten-free bread with PB or butter or whatever. Gluten-free pancakes or waffles. Envirokids gluten-free cereals are enjoyed by my 5 year old (Panda Puffs - he would eat them all day if allowed). Eggs, bacon, sausage.... There's a whole lot out there -- and some of it is actually good.
  4. Itchy Skin

    Thank you for this thread and I am glad I am not just crazy! I have never had "food allergies" and yet I know I have been affected by them in the past. I just lived with it, thinking it was just "something I ate." Now after being gluten-free for 2 months, with dramatic results (hey, I didn't know it wasn't normal to have these symptoms - they were just like other family member's symptoms! ) and improved health, I am having a serious reaction to "something." I posted the thread "weird reaction" after waking up with hives at 4 a.m. in the morning. The hives continue to drive me crazy, now a day and a half later. They worsened considerably after running through an airport to catch a flight -- head to toe red itchy splotches that felt like they were burning with itchiness. After cooling down it got better, but I'm still having an itch-o-rama after arriving home. So here's my question (which Claire and others alluded to): after going gluten-free, does it make your symptoms worse when you do get gluten? Everything I have experienced seems to indicate that the answer is YES. I *never* had symptoms like I do now!! So if you eliminate the gluten and your body's auto-immune reaction to it, does it then "kick up" the reaction to other foods you might be sensitive to? My Enterolab casein sensitivity test was positive (got it just about 3 weeks ago) but have been traveling and so was waiting to go CF until coming home -- now. Do allergy tests indicate auto-immune responses to food proteins? I am guessing they are not too precise as my son tested negative for ALL foods, yet has celiac disease and also tested positive for casein sensitivity the same time I did. Therefore, how do you go about identifying the cause of things like hives if they are related to food protein response rather than a "traditionally identified" food allergy? Who is the appropriate professional to seek out? I refuse to live with these hives without actively searching for their cause -- but I do not believe that meds are the way to "fix" something that can be cured with finding the right culprit and changing your diet. Anyone have any experience to share with a successful diagnosis of the causes? I was also reading about hives in general and found several places that suggested that they may be due to yeast or bacterial overgrowth. This was interesting to me in that I have had chronic bacterial issues for years. One of the "dramatic health improvements" I have experienced since going gluten-free is that the "chronic sinus infection" that I have had on and off for 3 years has abated. I need more data to conclude that going gluten-free was the exact reason, but at this point it seems fairly obvious since I had one for 3 months when I started gluten-free and now I don't. I have not changed anything else. Sorry for the long post -- but please share if you have some advice, suggestions or experiences! Thank you all for the time you take to share information!!! I have found more information applicable to my health from you guys than I have from any doctor I've ever visited! Thanks!
  5. Weird "reaction"?

    I took some Children's Benedryl about an hour ago (I hate meds) and have had some relief. The spots are not so itchy, although still there and "tingly." Still the hands and feet are the worst. I am now going to be sitting in a car for 2 hours and flying for 6 hours tomorrow. Hopefully this won't be so bad by then! I also just had a revelation -- I'm at my in-laws right now with all the cousins, etc. My SIL just used my peanut butter with her knife on her wheat bread. She now tells me that she did that yesterday, too, eventhough my PB jar is in my own gluten-free bag of food. Oh thanks! So, there may be other culprits to blame -- but they may be from inconsiderate relatives rather than the food itself! Live and learn -- I'll keep my food in my room next time (or padlock it! ).
  6. Weird "reaction"?

    I woke up at 4 a.m. this morning with very itchy hands and tops and sides of feet, and pubic area (not cool!). Could not initially see any rash or skin discoloration. Thought a shower would help -- not. The splotchy itching spread to my ankles and up to my knees. Started to see singular tiny blisters in the middles of the itchy areas. Now (10 hours later) my neck, face, scalp, and chest has joined in. The itchy areas are visible with a red splotchy area about 2-3 inches per splotch (about 8-10 at a time) -- and they look like they have a small mosquito bite in the middle. The itching comes in waves -- the spots disappear and reappear at random. COULD THIS BE GLUTEN?? I rechecked everything I at for dinner last night and might have one culprit -- a pizza sauce that contains unidentified "spices." I have been gluten free for 2 months now and have had dramatic results in health improvement. I've never had an allergic reaction (on my skin) before...? Anybody -- have you had a gluten reaction like this before? If so, how long does it last -- 10 hours and still spreading is driving me crazy! Thanks!
  7. My 10 year old niece who has had "gastro issues" for 5 years was the first family member to get tested. Her blood work came back "equivocal" in only one area but her (brilliant) pediatric gastoenterologist decided that was enough to do a biopsy. The biopsy confirmed, without a doubt, that she had celiac. Since her diagnosis, there have been 3 others within 3 generations who have been diagnosed. Other family members were diagnosed through the celiac panel and genetic testing, AND gluten-free diet response. Each person had completely different symptoms or "issues" and no one thought they would have it. So, because of one family member's biopsy confirmation, the rest were able to avoid that step of the diagnosis.
  8. That's exactly why I phoned them to ask. I was told to read the label and that if the "modified food starch" was from "one of the big 8 allergens" then it would be identified. So, they still did NOT tell me what kind of food starch it was. So, refresh me, is GLUTEN one of the "big 8" or is it just "wheat?"
  9. Thank you all for your replies and reassurances that I can trust labeling. It's hard enough to learn to read these complicated labels and completely overwhelming when a company rep won't tell you "yes" or "no" and makes a vague statement about it being up to you to choose! I appreciate all your experience and sharing of information! Anyone have any snappy comebacks for reps who give you the run around?
  10. Wow! I'm glad I posted because otherwise I would have just written them off completely. I still don't understand why they would tell me that it is their policy NOT to tell customers if their products are gluten-free or casein-free. If they're so up on allergens, etc, then why won't they stand behind their labeling?
  11. My child has been daytime potty-trained since he was 2. He is almost 6 and still has NO control at night. He doesn't wake up even when he and his bed are soaking wet and his alarm is going off. He wears Pull-ups and they rarely contain the flood, resulting in almost daily sheet changing and washing. We have tried all the advice given and read everything we can... nothing has worked. He was recently diagnosed with celiac, and casein sentivity as well. In reading about this I note that bedwetting can be one of the issues associated with casein. Is it associated with celiac as well? Anyone have any success stories or advice?
  12. I'm really ticked off at the moment. I phoned Kraft to ask if Miracle Whip Free is gluten-free and casein-free. They told me that if I didn't "see any of the 'big 8 allergens' on the label then it doesn't contain them." I proceeded to explain that I do not yet understand all the forms of gluten or casein or the names of things I can't identify as food and could she please just tell me if the jar with the barcode I gave her was gluten and casein free. SHE TOLD ME THAT IT IS KRAFT POLICY TO NOT SAY "YES" OR "NO." I asked if Kraft cared if customers became ill by consuming their foods and the response was: YOU MUST CHOOSE WHAT IS RIGHT FOR YOU. I CHOOSE NOT TO BUY ANY KRAFT PRODUCTS EVER AGAIN!!
  13. I have been gluten-free for 2 months after being diagnosed with celiac. I have not had any trouble adjusting to a gluten-free diet. However, I just got diagnosed with casein sensitivity, so I need to eliminate dairy. Somehow that seems daunting. Does anyone have any gluten-free/CF cookbook recommendations? Most all that I have seen focus on autism -- are there any out there that aren't all about autistic children? It's great they're finding help, but I don't want to pay for a book about autism that has only 25% of the pages with recipes that apply to me -- unless they're really tasty!
  14. We Need Bread.

    I am still new to the gluten-free diet (1 mo) and bought this bread machine. I know 5 other people who have it and all love it. My child and I especially enjoy the Gluten-Free Pantry's Favorite Sandwich Bread mix. We have made some others from scratch that haven't been so good... gluey and heavy. Still experimenting... good luck! http://www.amazon .com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00...9090308-2365565
  15. I was originally tested for Celiac because my 10 year old niece tested positive and my 5 year son has had "intestinal issues" for a couple years. I was told that in order for insurance to cover his testing costs he would have to have a first degree relative test positive. So, while I did not think I personally would test positive I did it because I wanted to get my son tested. My genetic test results came back positive for HLA DQ2 (DQA1*0501 - DQB1*0201) and my blood tests only showed "equivocal" in one area, Tissue Transglutaminase AB, IGG (although not IGA). I am scheduled for a biopsy in 2 weeks. My test results allowed testing for my son, who tested positive for HLA DQ2 but negative on the blood tests and (currently) negative on the biopsy. My niece (who was the first to be identified) was not genetic tested, blood tested equivocal in only 1 area (TTG Ab IGA), and tested absolutely positive on the biopsy. My question is this -- several other family members have tested DQ2 positive but negative on the blood tests (no others have been biopsied yet). With this family history, do you believe that a positive genetics test would constitute a positive Celiac diagnosis? Family members are scattered throughout the country (USA) and are getting conflicting information from their doctors. Most are being told that if they don't have "symptoms" then they shouldn't worry about it. Others are being told that they could try the gluten-free diet if they want to. No others are currently getting biopsied. An interesting addition -- which will hopefully be pursued -- my father has auto-immune hepatitis. He tested negative on the celiac panel but did not do the genetic testing. His test results are probably skewed due to 12 years of Prednisone. He's quite resistant to further testing although has started a gluten-free diet just to see if it affects his liver enzyme levels associated with the AI-hepatitis. How much weight do you give positive genetics testing in the absence of positive Celiac blood testing results?