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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi All Thanks for the great advice, I just thought I would update what happened just incase anyone else ends up in this situation. The warfarin was stopped 1 week before the procedures (7days) and 4 days before the procedure I started self injections of innohep. I am still on the injections post procedure, but, the warfarin re-started immediate after the procedure, when the bloods are thin enough the injections will cease. The colonoscopy and endoscopy are both clear so just waiting results of the biopsy's taken for celiac (prob another couple weeks). Again I just wanted to thank everyone who had commented and given me sound advice as I was at my wits end with what needed to happen/do. The problem in the UK is we do not have close links between doctors (gp) and consultants at the hospitals so things go a bit pear shaped. I will post the results of my biopsy when I get them. Until then I am on High Iron as the reckon if I don't have celiac then I may have IDA as a result of the many ultra marathons etc I do and a diet poor in Iron.
  2. Hi I was diagnosed with a Pulmonary Emboli on 11th Jan 14 after being treated for 3 months for a chest infection and asthma! Whilst in the hospital the consultant asked me how long I had Iron deficiency Anemia for, my HB was 9. This was news to me so they started me on 3*Ferrous Fumarate (210mg). They then also advised that the stomach scan was showing fecal load so I was constipated (again news to me), but, having since looked at the Bristol Stool Chart I probably would fall into that category and have for some time. The Doc then suggested I may be celiac, my father and two elder sisters are celiac. I now need to go in for an Endoscopy/Colonoscopy and D2 Biopsy on 20th March - not sure why both? As my clot is new I am still on warfarin and have been chasing the hospital for the best part of a week on what I need to do as I don't want to come off warfarin and risk another clot. Has anyone had this procedure whilst on warfarin? They did take bloods when I was in hospital to test for celiac but they seem to have vanished and nobody seems to have the results. My main symptoms are the Iron Deficiency Anemia, constipation, thin nails, thin breaking hair, blood clot. Thanks