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  1. Hi guys, I'm new here. =) My name is Dania, I'm 26, I have Celiac Disease, I am Vegan, have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, and "food allergies." I'm hoping that this hasn't been asked yet... So I was diagnosed with Celiac disease in 2010 and going gluten-free changed my life, all is well on controlling it(except for the occasional contamination or oversight from restaurant staff). Unfortunately, and some unknown reason, I've been developing allergies exponentially in the last few years since I "acquired" Celiac disease. And they are exponential. It started with gluten/wheat. Then from there a few years back (2012) I ate an avocado (which I don't particularly like) and it nearly killed me. I swelled up, throat closed, and went into anaphylactic shock. Since the avocado incident, I've begun to have this same reaction to a majority of vegetables and fruits. They all seem to have the same thing in common, they're all on the "latex food" list, I'm also allergic to latex, which happened in 2012, around the same time as the avocado incident. So my doc suggested that I just can everything on the latex list. Unfortunately, I'm Vegan AND gluten free. So my options are closing in on me. Recently my allergies have been sort of branching off from this latex list and I'm becoming more and more sensitive to foods NOT on the list. I'm very seriously considering the allergy test, but let's be real, who WANTS to see a list of things they *shouldn't* eat but can currently handle? Step forward to the other night when I hosted an "Allergen Free" girl's night with my other allergic friends, we, of course, started discussing allergies. One of my friends said the words "LEAKY GUT SYNDROME," a syndrome I've never heard of. Her description of this illness sounded like what could be happening to me. Perhaps I'm not allergic to these things in reality, but the underlying allergy hasn't been addressed, thus letting things that are OK get into blood stream and body says No Thanks. I've always assumed I had Mastocytosis, and my PCP is pretty happy with that idea as well, considering it goes hand-in-hand with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Is there any insight on this? What kind of doc I should see? My friends suggested a naturopthic doctor. Or am I just one of those lucky few who doesn't have a big single problem that can explain all the rest and just have a million little ones? I'll tell you one thing, if leaky gut whatever it is is for real....it would make my life much easier and much yummier with the thought that someday I'd be able to add the following foods back into my diet (maybe even gluten!?) Avocado Banana Water Chestnut Sweet Peppers Bell Peppers Jalepeños Kiwis Pineapples Melon (ALL OF THEM) Pears Passion Fruit Raw Tomato Mangos Plums Wheat Citrus And the things my world would just end with that are on the list but don't currently affect me (knocking on wood) are Potatoes (major staple of my diet) Apple (Beer & Pear Ciders are already off my list, do NOT take away my hard Apple Ciders) Carrots Broccoli Celery SOY BEANS (there goes any protein left for me) Chick peas Peanut etc... Is there hope that this could all be part of a "leaky gut" issue because I have Celiac disease? (That was a lot, sorry for the novel) -Dania