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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. I don't know if he ran a complete antibody panel. He had to look up one of the tests, HLA something, and he was talking to me about....some other letters, but i didn't understand what he was saying, really. I had been gluten-free for 6 days, from wednesday of week (march 5) before last, until monday (march 10) night. i had the test done yesterday. will eating gluten actually influence a dna test? if i get a negative result, i'll remind him that i did go gluten-free for a few days. i wonder why docs tend to dismiss the idea, when it's something that can not only affect a patient negatively in so many ways, while also making THEIR jobs harder in cases when there are multiple dxes going on, but it seems like a simple testing procedure. the practice of medicine confuses me so often, still, and i've had health issues since i was pretty young.
  2. I told him how long I went gluten-free and when I went back on gluten and he said it's fine. I am super lucky w/ this doctor. A couple years ago, I dubbed him my team leader, and he decided he'd rather be called my coach, so that's what I call him. I think he is happy that I trust him as the keeper of all the stuff, but at the same time, there is just wayy too much going on. Is it hard to get docs to do the test, normally? Mine is basically like, whatever, I'll do whatever tests that make sense, and this one makes sense, so let's do it. From the symptoms list I've read for celiac disease, I'm guessing that most people with it understand how hard it can be to try to narrow down/focus on/figure out anything, with so many different things that can go on. Thanks, Lisa!
  3. Oh, I forgot to say, he told me that the criteria for diagnosis has changed, and that if the two tests come back positive, that's 3/4 and good enough for a dx, and that he won't be doing an endoscopy.
  4. I got tested today, 2 tests, 1 was the dna test. He said he had just given a presentation somewhere about celiac disease recently, so that's cool. He's supposed to call with the results next week. He's super frustrated with my health (I asked him how he thinks I feel lol), and just basically said that he thinks the rheumy is wrong, and is setting me up with another, but he's also hoping that I have celiac disease and that a lot of the symptoms I've been chasing around will all or mostly fall under that umbrella. So am I, brother, so am I.
  5. That's so cool. How's it feel to have one of the most important jobs in the world?
  6. ping Kareng. So, do you build robots? Is there a word for people who build robots? Who all watched and loved Cosmos last night?? I figured I'd bring this convo over here instead of going so OT over in the pre-diagnosis forum.
  7. Thanks; you rock! (love your sig, btw)
  8. Thank you so much! That makes sense. Do you think this would apply to someone who's been gluten-free for less than a week? " In fact, should you wish to be tested it’s best to resume a normal diet for at least 12 weeks to ensure accurate blood test results."
  9. Sorry if this has been asked. Please feel free to point me to another thread if there is a helpful one. Here's the deal: Dx'd w/ RA 25 yrs ago. Did not pursue aggressive treatment because I was told I was too young to worry about it. So, I didn't, and lucky for me, it has not caused damaged, except some in my knees (that I know of). Have tried mtx in the past couple of years, pills and injections, but when the pills stopped working, he just took me off, and then when the next doc saw that injections wouldn't work at all, he un-dx'd me. So this leaves me wondering what is attacking my body if it isn't RA? I have gone gluten-free when I was in college, after reading about celiac disease, but back then, there was no internet, and certainly no labeling and such, so who knows if I nailed it or not? So, I'm revisiting this to see if I may have just been misdx'd all these years after all. That would be so awesome I can't even say. My question is in the title. I've been gluten-free since Wednesday, but I'm wondering if I should go ahead and get back on gluten and get tested, since it seems like once you go gluten-free and heal, it's harder to get back on gluten and get tested. I also wonder if it's better to get tested first in case I am somehow getting glutened by accident, since I'm new at this. I guess if all of my symptoms go away, then I'll know, and probably not care at all about a test, but if they don't, that doesn't mean I don't have celiac disease, either. I guess I should just call my gp tomorrow and leave a msg and ask him, but I'm curious if others have had a similar experience and what happened. I won't lie, though: part of me wants to have one last pizza hut or chinese buffet, and that may be why I'm wiggling about the diet lol. Thanks!