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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. The saliva test was ordered by a functional medicine practitioner that specializes in gluten intolerance and celiac.
  2. I took my 6 year old daughter in to a pediatric gastroenterologist after having a positive saliva test. I checked her chart this morning and it shows her TtG was 10. Not much more explanation of the result so I emailed the doctor for an explanation. Her nurse wrote back and said 0-19 are in the normal range so 10 is normal. But when I looked at the mayo clinic's celiac testing chart it said 0-4 negative, 4-10 should be further tested based on EMA or AGA IgA results and anything more than 10 should go to biopsy. I asked if they ran either of those and they only ran total IgA and TtG. I emailed back asking for further explanation since the info from the mayo clinic is different. I just want to feel that they are interpreting the results correctly. Here is the info from her saliva test: Cyrex lava Array 1 Secretory IgA 5.02 Gliadin IgA+IgM > 3.40 Transglutaminase IgA+IgM >3.10 The doctor said these are some of the highest test results that he's seen. He called the lab to verify that they were correct. He said it's most likely autoimmune and to follow up with a gastroenterologist. I am so confused. Any ideas on how to interperate these results would be hugely helpful! I don't know if we just assume all is fine now and keep an eye on her?
  3. I would have done the same thing. Ha! I was wondering if I should have clarified which state we were in
  4. Thank you, unfortunately we're in Oregon so we'll be going to the children's hospital at Oregon Health Science University. I am hoping they are good. I would imagine so. It will be nice to be in knowledgable hands.
  5. I just wanted to update after out appt with Izzy's normal doctor. He knows next to nothing about Celiac. He wanted to have his see an allergist. I asked him if that is really who we should go see. Then he decided to give us a referral to a pediatric gastroenterologist at OHSU. So at least I know we'll be in good hands with people that actually know what they are doing. I feel much better.
  6. Thank you! That's what I was wondering. I know even the endoscopy can give false negatives. I'm concerned because her normal doctor said he runs the test for people all the time and my test was the first he's seen come back positive (he's family practice and I went to a functional medicine doc for my test) so I wonder if he's running the right tests. Maybe I should just ask for a referral to a gastroenterologist and go from there.
  7. I understand that the blood tests are less invasive but we already have a positive saliva test and my daughter is terrified of having her blood drawn. If the end result will be getting an ednoscopy, I would rather do that than to put her through the trama of both.
  8. I have another question. I would prefer that we go straight to an endoscopy if the doctor is ok with that. All these tests are costly and I would rather avoid blood tests if the endoscopy is where we will end up. Is there any reason why skipping blood tests would be a bad idea? I know if the endoscopy comes back negative we may need to back track and do the blood tests anyway.
  9. I don't think my ex knows enough about it to know which tests are acceptable but he does know about the endoscopy because I mentioned it to him. My daughter's symptoms are stomach aches, constipation, eczema and a little bit of behavioral issues. I mostly wanted her tested because my test was positive.
  10. I'm not sure what you would disagree with me in regards to the nurse. My point was that I would hope she would be able to look at the information on celiac and realize it is a serious issue and not claim that it is an "everything in moderation" deal.
  11. He is the type that thinks he knows better than anyone else and thinks that I am overreacting. To make matters worse, his girlfriend is a nurse so she should know better! Anyway, if the endoscopy comes back negative, I will see if they will dx her NCGS which is what I'm at myself. I opted not to do further testing on myself for celiac but I guess that won't work with my daughter. Her results were much higher than mine as well. My Transglutaminase levels were negative where hers are off the charts! I'll keep her on gluten as much as it pains me while we go through more testing.
  12. Thank you for your response. I heard more back from her father and he refuses to removed gluten from her diet until she has a clear dx. He refuses to go with me to the doctor and I said it would be better of he would participate in her health care and he would be able to ask questions as he sees fit. But anyway, I'm going to go ahead with the endoscopy. I have an appointment with her normal doctor Monday to see if either he will order the test or if he will refer us to a GI doc. Our tests were done but a chiropractor/ functional medicine specialist and he would need to refer us to a GI doc anyway. I'm just worried the endoscopy will come back negative then we'll be at a stale mate.
  13. No, she is not eating gluten at my house but has been at school and her dad's so it is still in her system.
  14. I took my daughter in to have the saliva test for gluten sensitivity and celiac after my test came back positive for gluten sensitivity. We did the Cyrex lava Array 1 Her results came back Secretory IgA 5.02 Gliadin IgA+IgM > 3.40 Transglutaminase IgA+IgM >3.10 The doctor said these are some of the highest test results that he's seen. He called the lab to verify that they were correct. He said it's most likely autoimmune and to follow up with a gastroenterologist. I have a call into one to schedule and appointment. I'm having a hard time getting my ex husband on board with this. He doesn't trust the test and won't go with me to any appointment. Do these tests come back false negetive? I doubt it's false. I have gluten sensitivity and haven't tested further for celiac but I have removed gluten from my diet and feel much better. I feel her gluten free at home and her school is fine with the change, it's just her dad that will be the struggle. Any suggestions or advice is great! I'd rather avoid an endoscopy but I'm wondering if it will be better to have for her medical records.
  15. I cut out gluten 3 1/2 weeks ago and I've had nausea and headaches off and on. The nausea is mild but it totally reminds me of morning sickness but I know I'm not pregnant. I'm hoping I'm getting close to the end of the headaches and nausea.