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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Thanks everyone for your replies! I'm getting prepared to try this gluten free trial thing out It's certainly going to be a major lifestyle change, but worth it if it can help. June27...I know what you mean about the burping. Not an attractive thing for a young female! I'm a 31 year old female and I am burping like crazy. I can hide it a lot but it really makes me feel gross...I can't even drink water without burping lately. I think that is what confuses me the most and makes me wonder if it really is a gluten intolerance....if so, why would simply water make me burp? Did that happen to you? Luckily there is no acid or reflux along with it. Did you have that? I feel like ANYTHING I eat or drink results in the same thing...gluten or not. Gemini...I have heard that also about low stomach acid causing burping. I've wondered if that could be an issue as well, but then same concern, if it were low stomach acid, then why does even water make me burp like crazy? Yep, I have had the full Celiac blood panel and negative for Celiac (based on blood panel and biopsy), but after further testing is when my doc found the "celiac-permissive gluten intolerance" gene. I'm not sure how important that gene is, but he thinks I should do the trial. It's really confusing trying to figure out the cause of these symptoms! I've also heard gluten issues can cause non-digestive issues. I was wondering if anyone has heard of these things from a gluten intolerance. These are some other things I've developed in the last several months. Really bad muscle twitching, fine tremors in my hands, generally feel a little weak, mild nausea on and off and some weight loss. I'm not losing weight anymore but it's near impossible to gain any back...?
  2. Thanks for your replies! I don't really want to...but am getting ready to start a gluten free trial...should be interesting, but worth it if that proves to be a cause of symptoms. I was wondering, how long does someone need to be gluten free to notice any kind of real impact?
  3. Hey! I know this is a really old post but was wondering if you ever found out what the cause of your symptoms were? Lyme? Gluten problem? I'm getting ready to embark on a gluten free trial...I think we may have shared some common symptoms and just wanted to see if going gluten free helped you.
  4. Hi Everyone, Has anybody here experienced excessive burping/belching as a symptom of a gluten problem? This has been going on for me for months and months, seen doctors, had all the typical tests all to come back NORMAL. At this point, "normal" is the dreaded word because it doesn't help with finding answers! Based on bloodwork and biopsy I am negative for Celiac. However, my new doctor brought up gluten sensitivity and ran some new blood work. It did show I have a gene (DQ8) which he said puts me at risk for celiac-permissive gluten intolerance. I know that doesn't mean I have it, but he is suggesting a 3 month trial of gluten free. So my main questions are: - Can burping indicate a gluten sensitivity? - Do symptoms only appear directly after eating gluten? Because my symptom seem to have no direct relationship to what I'm eating or drinking...it's just ANYTHING at all that I ingest. My doctor knows this but is still exploring a gluten thing. Even if I drink water I feel full and am burping. How could this be gluten related? I do have some other strange symptoms but this has been the most distressing the last 6 months. Please help!!
  5. Thanks It's driving me crazy to not have a real diagnosis or answers. I'm going to submit a post about this odd symptom and see if I can hear if anyone else had a similar experience....so just ignore my repeat questions
  6. Hi NoGlutenCooties....thanks for your replies! I appreciate it. I'm really new to even the idea of having a gluten issue, so I know nothing. To answer your questions from earlier, yes, in the fall when I had my Celiac biopsy and blood test, yes I was consuming gluten, and it was negative for actual Celiac. Anyways, with my new doctor, I just got some new blood work back. I'm still negative for Celiac, but apparently I have a gene (DQ8?) that my doctor said makes me at risk for "celiac permissive gluten intolerance". He is suggesting that I try a 3-month trial of being gluten-free. Do you know much about these genes? I think I said before that one of my most annoying and intense symptoms is crazy belching. It's been difficult for me to understand some things about this and I wonder if you can shed some light on this for me. I keep thinking that if it were a gluten issue, I would have lots of burping while eating things with gluten. But...I have the burping ALL the time (even on empty stomach when I wake up in the morning), and it's also worse when I eat or drink anything...things even without gluten (like water). I feel like everything I put inside me is so quickly turned into gas that comes right back up. Does that really sound like it can all be caused by a sensitivity to gluten even though it doesn't seem related at all to WHAT I eat? My doctor sort of explained it but I had a hard time explaining. I guess I don't understand how drinking water can create gas that has to come up in burps. It seems so weird. I'm just really desperate to try and understand this. I wouldn't even mind if I have to give up gluten forever...I just want some answers! Anyways, again I'd love your insight! Thank you so much.
  7. Hi there Lori! I'm sorry for everything you are going through. I wanted to talk to you because some of your unexplained symptoms really hit home for me. I seem to be having VERY similar unexplained issues. Maybe we can compare things and figure something out I started losing a lot of weight about 6 months ago. I'm not losing anymore, but cannot gain anything. I've seen lots of doctors and had every bad cause ruled out. The weirdest thing that started for me about 6 months ago as well, was one day out of nowhere i had really bad nausea and BURPING/BELCHING. The nausea comes and goes, but I am burping on and off all day every single day. This is so strange for me and seems unexplainable. I burp on an empty stomach, but it is significantly worse with eating or drinking ANYTHING. I'm not kidding you...just drinking water makes me belch. I cannot understand it. My test (blood test and biopsy) was negative for actual Celiac. I finally found a new doctor who suggested I may have a gluten intolerance. He did some blood work and found I have a gene that puts me "at risk" for "celiac permissive gluten intolerance" and he is suggesting we try a 3 month trial of being gluten free. So...what is your burping like (I know that sounds stupid)...I'm just trying to see if we have any similar patterns? I never knew if that could be a symptom of a gluten issue. I told my doctor "if it's gluten I don't understand why water and non-gluten foods result in all of this instant gas/belching" and he said it could be that because of a gluten intolerance, ingesting ANYTHING into an irritated space can cause this. I'm still trying to understand. Anyways, reply back when you get a chance and maybe we can compare notes. Do you have any other symtpoms? I have muscle twitching, TONS of phlegm (or post nasal drip) and just a general overall feeling of weakness. And on and off nausea, and also increasingly blurry vision. Talk to you soon I hope! Dana
  8. Hi! Thanks for replying. My dr ran some gluten blood tests last week and it was more than the standard Celiac panel. I can't remember exactly what it was though, I wonder why he ran it...can you detect possible issues through blood work even if it's not full blown Celiac? Can symptoms of a gluten sensitivity just seem to appear overnight? And does the belching make sense to you? I told my dr what didn't make sense to me is that if the belching is from a gluten problem, why do I have to burp no matter what I eat or drink (including plain water)? And it's literally every time I ingest anything within a minute. It's really disturbing. Could gluten problems really do that? Sorry...very new to all of this and would really appreciate your expertise!
  9. Hello....I'm new here and wondering if anyone could give me some input. Over the last 6 months I've had some really strange symptoms develop. All previous doctors have dismissed me because all tests come back normal, but I finally saw a new functional MD who is looking into a gluten sensitivity. I know I don't have full blown Celiac because my endoscopy biopsies and Celiac basic blood test were negative. Do any of these symptoms sound like possibly a gluten issue? -Frequent, excessive burping/belching (but no heartburn or reflux, just burping) This is my worst symtpom. 6 months ago out of nowhere I became nauseas and started burping. It got to be 100 tims a day. Decrease a little. I burp on an empty stomach also, and with ANYTHING I eat or drink (even water). Other doctors say I am swallowing air (I'M NOT). I wouldn't wake up one day and start doing that after 31 years of not! What I don't understand, even if it is a gluten issue, is why WATER would make me burp. -Weight loss, can't gain -Very bad muscle twitching -Blurry vision -Lack of energy -Feel foggy -Slight hand tremor -One and off mild nausea (but no vomiting). I have had TONS of medical testing done (endoscopy, ultrasound, ct scan, h.pylori testing, blood work, barium swallow....) all normal. Does this sound like anything gluten related??