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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   09/30/2015

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  1. Hi! I have posted here once before and it was suggested that I start a new post for some help instead of tacking on to the end of an exisitng thread. Well I'm here to try to find out as much as I can about this disease as I can, so I can get started trying to deal with it. This all started on October 21, 2005 when I recieved a phone call from my wife who told me my 6 year old daughter was just diagnosed with this disease through a blood test she was given. I understand that she is more likely to get this due to the fact she is also a Type 1 Diabetic. My problem is I still dont really understand the whole disease. I do understand that it has something to do with wheat and things made with wheat but that is about the extent of my knowledge. What confuses me is some of things I've read that if you put your food in a pan that previously had food in it that contained gluten that the gluten free food that you cook in that pan afterwards would be contaminated. Now this is where I become confused is gluten some type of micro-organism that can move around and is not killed from heat or washed away with soap and water??? I thought it was just a product that contained some type of wheat ingredient. Like I said I'm completely new to the whole thing and have yet to speak with a Doctor which I will do on November 2, I'm just trying to educate myself and my wife so we can kind of get a head start on this whole thing. We plan on what ever diet change we have to make will probably be made by the entire family whether it is needed or not. We dont think it would be fair to her if we ate all the stuff that she could not right in front of her. We also decided once we do confirm that she has this disease that both of us and our 2 other children will be tested for it as well. Speaking of which is there any recomendations of Doctors in the Michigan Tri-County Area that anybody might be aware of???? What other things do we have to be aware of I read mention of soap and make-up just to name a few. Will we be able to eat out again? If it is confirmed that she has it will it be more likely that any children she has will also have this disease?? I would appreciate any help or advice that can be provided and would like to thank those who have already responded. Thank you! Take Care and Stay Safe
  2. Hello everybody! I stumbled on to this site while looking for any help I could find that would help me begin to understand this disease. While sitting here at work today I recieved a phone call from my wife stating that my 6 year old daughter was just diognosed with this disease through a blood test reading 286 (whatever that means??). So never hearing of this disease and having the internet at my fingertips here I am. I'm just so frustrated to find out my little girl has this disease. It was just 2 years ago that I was at work and my wife called me and told me to meet her at the hospital because my little girl had just been diognosed with typ-1 diabetes, so I just cant believe this too is happening to her. Well I'm sorry about the feeling sorry for myself. In all I just hope with going through this web-site I can find some help with what to expect and what I can do for her. It is still a big question mark for as to what all to avoid because reading some of the posts on this site it seems that if something gluten free is clos enough to somethig filled with glutens that you can still be infected. So this whole thing to me is very confusing. Oh well I will just keep reading and wait for her Doctors appointment. Thank You and Take Care.