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  1. New Here - Not Sure What I've Got!

    Dana... Sorry... I didn't read my original post, so I just realized I repeated myself alot. I wanted to say "ditto" on the phlem and post nasal drip (suffering from that right now, in fact.) I should add that my doctor emphasized getting my Vitamin D levels up much higher, and repopulating the gut with probiotics. This hasn't worked out so well in the past... but I've noticed this week it's a little better. I have a feeling that if the problem is indeed gluten... no other therapy will work until the gluten issue is gone. Lori
  2. New Here - Not Sure What I've Got!

    Wow, Dana! I hate to be joyful finding another person who is suffering... but how very nice to know someone out there has some similar symptoms! Please feel free to email me at lrmilas@gmail.com, and we can exchange phone numbers if you like. I also have been belching/burping continuously, all day long... and never have done this before. And I think other Celiac/Gluten Intolerant people might weigh in on this issue of whether this is common. I LIKE your doctor! I think he may be right, if we have damaged our small intestines, they just won't function right. I know that, at least for now, I have to eliminate all foods that I am allergic or senstive to. I have almost stopped the burping by eliminating dairy for the last 4 days. I know eggs are history for now (for me). And I'm going to be religious about gluten. I have heard that this could take weeks or months to really repair the damage. I am also taking prescription Creon (pancreatic enzymes) because a test showed that I am making almost no pancreatic enzymes. Here's some good news. I had a similar situation occur for me about 5 years ago. Had the endoscopy and colonoscopy, all the Celiac tests, etc... and they were all negative. I never found out really what caused it (30 pound weight loss, exhaustion etc)... but I did eventually figure out to stop gluten, eggs, etc. Eventually I put all the weight back on and got all my energy back. This feels very similar. The only thing is... I don't sit around eating loaves of bread now. I'm thinking that just the small trespasses I've made over the last months might have added up to a relapse??? (I wish other GI people would tell us if this is possible.) I'm so determined to figure this out that I am doing some unconventional testing on my own. My iron levels just drop for no reason. I cannot get my Vitamin D level above 30, even with daily tanning. Other vitamin/nutrient levels (espcially oil based) are not absorbing. I think this may have to do with the gluten and small intestines not able to absorb anymore. Let's put our heads together and figure it out! How are you doing currently? How long have you been gluten free (or are you yet?). One more thing... just a worrisome pet peeve of mine... the same "holistic" doctors who treat often go to Lyme. I'm wondering how many others on this board have been sent down the Lyme road. (I have.)
  3. Question About Weight Loss...

    Thank you so much! I guess part of the dilemma from here is that my doctors are thinking this is "depression". My question has been...ok, do depressed people lose weight even while they are eating? If so... then that may fit. No point in keeping a log of all the food I'm eating if depression causes weight loss regardless. But I am really wondering if my weight loss is due to gluten. So, I guess only time will tell... Thanks again for your thoughtful reply.
  4. I'm wondering if anyone out there has an understanding of weight loss when it comes to gluten intolerance. I'm still trying to figure out if GI or Celiac is my problem. (Or maybe it's time for me to wave the white flag and go get some antidepressants.) In the last two months I have lost 20 pounds. It's true, I've been through a big life trauma (my son passed away). But I have continued to eat, eat, eat. In fact, I've been keeping a log, just to prove to my doctors that I am, indeed, eating at least 2000-2500 calories a day. I am very constipated, and so I do NOT have diarrhea and there is no fat in my stool. So, if I'm still eating about the same amount of calories, and do not have diarrhea, then how can I be losing weight? So the question is... where does the food go, if not as weight onto my body? In other words, do Celiac's lose weight only because they have diarrhea? Can there be other ways to lose weight? I'm just baffled... I did do quite a bit of cheating on my diet in January... Thanks for any thoughts you all might have on this!
  5. New Here - Not Sure What I've Got!

    Hi... thanks for your response! The GI doc ran three tests: 1) Endomysial Antibody IgA - Negative 2) t-Transglutaminase (tTG) IgA <2 (range 0-3 = negative) 3) Immunoglobulin A, Qn, Serum 130 (range 91-414) Other than that, my MRI came back negative. I am still belching, burping, and losing weight--and feeling weak and depressed. All I can do right now is follow the Celiac diet, and avoid other known allergens... and hope it works. Any other thoughts on this are much appreciated. Lori
  6. I'm new here, and happy to be reading all the posts. I'm in the midst of a personal storm, both physical and emotional. I lost my son four months ago... and that should explain all my symptoms, especially the emotional. Except, my symptoms look more like celiac or gluten intolerance. I should mention that I am a Type 1 (insulin dependent) Diabetic. Briefly: 5 years ago I underwent a rapid weigh loss, and severe depression. I was given an endoscopy, blood tests for gluten... all were negative. Yet, the ONLY thing that helped me climb out of that mess and eventually regain my health and normal weight were eliminating gluten and dairy. (and eggs). At that time, a stool test through Genova/Metametrix did show off-the-chart sensitivity to gliadin. So, regardless of what the testing showed, I really stuck with the gluten-free diet. I've been fine since then, except if I cheat much on the gluten... I can "feel" the old symptoms coming back. But since I didn't have "celiac", I never was 1000% gluten free. Then in early January, I got a flu. I was already emotionally distraught over my son. And I do recall being more lax with avoiding gluten. (Went to several restaurants in Los Angeles on a trip, and wound up having a French Dip sandwich, some Chinese food with coated chicken, etc.) Suddenly the weight loss and fatigue are back... 20 pounds in two months. This time, huge abdominal issues, constant burping, constipation, nausea. Everyone is alarmed... and the depression is also oppressive. I just went back to a GI doc who did an MRI (looking for pancreatitis), and he also did the blood gluten testing, which was completely negative. I do NOT have fat in my stools, so this apparently rules out most major problems (including gluten intolerance?) The thing is, to prove that I am eating (and not simply depressed), I've kept a food journal. I'm eating 2500 calories or more every day, including a ton of fat and oil. WHERE does this food go, if not down the toilet, or digested onto my body? I should be big as a house. Any thoughts or advice would be SO appreciated! I haven't been able to work or function now in a month. Blessings~
  7. It was so nice to see your post because I am in exactly the same place, except that I recently had some big lapses on my gluten free diet. In the last few months I have lost 20 pounds, and feeling very shaky and weak. My GI doc also said I need pancreatic enzymes (Creon) for "pancreatic insufficiency"... but I am wondering if the pancreas will resume normally on a gluten-free diet. It appears you have been gluten free for a year. So... maybe these are not connected?